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August 7, 1968

TO: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.

Several years ago (around 1960) when much of the 7th Ward was
rezoned from R-5 to R-4, apparently to keep out 221 single family
low-cost housing developments, most of LL 64 and about half of LL 44,
14th District (FF9 were left R-5, as previously zoned, expressly for
the purpose of permitting development of low-cost housing. However,
such development did not occur because of the lack then of adequate
sanitary sewer.

Most of the land is now again on the market, at competitive prices,
for low-income housing development. However, the sewer problem which
requires a joint effort on the part of both the City and Fulton County
is essentially the same now as then, as evidence by the attached

It appears from the attached letters that both the City and Fulton
County now have the financial capacity for the necessary development,
but which is dependent on formulation of a formal agfeement between
the City and the County relative to cost participation in this project.

Accomplishment of this project could open up several hundred acres
of useable land to low-income housing development which is badly needed.

Recommend that the Construction Department of the City and the
Public Works Department of the County be requested to get together soon
in an effort fo formalize an agreement and commence construction on
this important out-fall sanitary sever line as soon as possible.


Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator

cc:Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr.
Mr. Cecil Alexander

Bncls; Copy letter from Sharp-Boylston Co., dated July 19, 1968
Copy letter from Deputy Director, Public Works Department,
dated July 24, 1968

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