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Box 5, Folder 8, Document 29

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July 24, 1968
Sharp-·Eoyls ton Company
Realtors, Insurers
10 Auburn Avenue, }i .e.;
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
A'.l.'TN: Mr . William R. Cason
Dear Mr. Cs.son:
Your letter of July 19, 1963 re 3arding the proposed joint Fulton
County .and City of Atlanta County Line Road sewer outfall has been
It appears that you were !!dsinforme<l regarding this
I have this date conta cted Hr. A. T. ~-icDonald, Public Works Dire ctor
for Fulton County , aud he has advi5e-tl that the County lack s the
necessary funds f or this project at this t .
As a matter of inf o rmation, this ·p roj e ct comprises the installation
of apprmdmatcly 16,500 ft. of sanitary out[all sewe r thr ough s:i.x
land lots at a cont o f approitimately $200~000. While the City of
Atl anta now has t he capab ili ty of finai1cin g i t s share of this project,
the :noney is not i m:nediately available. Tbere a re sevarial ti~c con-
s uming but necessary s t e ps wh ich mus t be accomplished in ordor to l et
a contra ct fo r a proj e ct of this magnitu<la .
A formal a greeraent rnust be obtained be tween t he City and the County
rela tive to the cost participation in this proj ~ct. This i s requ ired
bef ore the City • 3 Cor,1p t r oller will authorize any f und expenditures
f or t he p:roje.ct. These funds mus t then be iippropriated into the
Pub lic i-lorks Department budge t which is submitted each Sep t ember and
approved e;:ic~ J anuary . Once t he f unds are app ro priated into the
budget , easc1neut acquisitioa begins . On l G, 50 1) ft. of se~'1er , the
time required for obtaining the::;e easenents is quite l engthy .
�Paie 2.
Sharp-Boylston Coopany
July 24, 1963
contracts can ba awarded t however, until title to ;-,11 eagements has
been obtained. As you can see, a cons iderab 11~ ti me lapse would be
requireu after fu!lds have been m3.da avuj_la1.le by both Fulton County
ang the City of Atlanta.
~ s vc cy truly,
R. W. Respes
Deputy DJ.r~ctor
Public Horks Department
cc1 Mr. Malcolm Jones
Housing Coordinator
City of Atlanta

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