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ATLANTA, GA. 30303
Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404
COLLI E R B . GL A DI N , Di r ec tor
July 22, 1968
Mr. Dan Sweat
Director of Governmental Liaison
Mayor's Office
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Dan:
We have reviewed Section 413 11 Low and Moderate Income Housing in
Residential Urban Renewal Areas" as it appears in the Report of the House
Banking and Currency Committee on the 11 Housing and Urban Development Act
Of 1968, II
It is our understanding that the Atlanta Housing Authority has also reviewed
these materials and expressed concern about restraints which said section might
impose, namely, an economic diversification of housing units and possible
conflicts between local and national goals impeding achievement of the highest
and best use of land. In that we share these same feelings we shall not reiterate
them here .
Instead we would like to offer some suggestions which we feel might strengthen
this section, while at the same time offering some alternatives to those cities
to be affected by it. The suggestions are :
(I ) Let the 20% provision as currently written in the law remain
as it is, but add the requirement of a locally developed low
to moderate income housing program outside of u rba n renewal
are a s . Such a loc a lly developed program could be sub jected
to rev iew as necessary by the Secretary of HUD in much the same
way a s th e Wo rka ble Program for Communi ty Improveme nt (WPFCI ) .
�Mr. Dan Sweat
July 22, 1968
(2) Use the 50% requirement, but state it somewhat differently.
It should be restated to the effect that, if possible, 50%
or more low to moderate income housing units should be
developed in predominantly residential reuse projects to rehouse
those families and individuals originally displaced. If this
requirement is found to be in conflict with local goals, the City
shal I then create or cause to be created in other areas of the
city that percentage of units not attained within the urban renewal
project area, or
(3) Use the 50% or more requirement, but enhance its use. Congress
might give thought to creating inducements or incentives to
cities applying themselves towards the end of creating low to
moderate income housing units. For example, in those urban renewal
projects (predominantly residential) wherein 50% or more of the
units are designed for low to moderate income housing, it would be
desirable to accomplish economic diversity, and a cohesive"planned
community" (including but not limited to commercial areas,
community centers, schools, parks and other residential amenities).
The proposals should be imaginative and innovative, but practical
and economically feasible, They would be subjected to the normal
review by the Secretary of HUD, but upon acceptance wou Id be
eligible for 80/20 or 90/10 financing in lieu of the standard I/3rd 2/3rds arrangement .
Thank you for the oppostunity of commenting on these materials.
Sincerely yours,
Collier B. Gladin
Planning Director
C BG/ jp

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