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J uly 0, 1968
The r egu lar monthly mee tin g of the Housing Resourc es Execut ive
Committ ee and the Low - inc ome Ho u sing Coordinating Gr ou p was held
in Committee Room 2 , C i ty :-i!all, J ul y 9 , 19()8 , at 10 : 00 a .m.

Nine ( 9 ) membe r s o f the HouGing Res ourc es Executive Committ ee

Group, ten (10) members of the Low-income Housing Coordinating
Group, four ( 4 ) othe r invited guests and memb e rs of the Press attend ed the meeting . Li s t of those invi ted, with attendance ind i cated,
is attached to the file copy of t hese minutes. Also attached
to the file copy o f these minutes are copies of the invitational
noti ces sent out for the meeting, agenda, and reference documents~
Chairma n Cec il A. Al exande r pres id ed.
Mr . Alexander opened the meeting by stating that the Ad Hoc
Committee is still worki ng with the Pl anning Department o n specific
sites for low-income hous ing . The Ad Hoc Committee and the Planning
Department have already had · two ·meetings since the Committee was
Mr . Alexander anno unc ed the August 2 meeti ng with the Zoning
Committee and Planning and Development Committee o f the Board o f
Alderme n to present the "package zoning" pr oposal and empha s i zed
the importance of the meet ing .
Mr . Moreland Smith stated that
on the location of specific sites .
the Committee about the location of
that there was property that needed
more time is needed to work
He asked f or suggestions fr om
specific sites. He s aid
to be discussed for specific
Mr. Alexander added Jim E . Land t o the Ad Hoc ~ites Selection
Committee. He :3!lso stated that more land is needed for ·the multifamily housing program. He said that the Housing Authority could
build multi-family housing itself and obtain the land.
Mr. Alexander had previously asked Mr. George Kennedy to
serve as Acting Chairman of the ltd Hoc Committee to support
Package Zoning. He also asked Mr. Kennedy if he had a meeting
of the committee Co-Chairmen? He alS> as ked if Mr . Kennedy had
gotten a run down on the different organizations for their
resolutions on support of the "package zoning 91 and mentioned that
follow up with the organizations which have not submitted their
Resolutions is an important function of the Ad Hoc Committee.
Mr . Alexander referr e d to an item in "!lous e and Urban Affa irs
Daily" ( June 28, 1963) which announced that t h e House Ba n king and
Currency Comm ittee has f ol l owe d the recommendations o f its
Hous i ng sub comm ittee , h ea d e d by Congressman Wright Patman o f Texas
as Chairm~n , appr ov ing an increas e fr om $1,500 t o $3,000 maximum
grant for l o w-inc ome home ow ners , comp ared to the increase to
$2 ,500 as pr o p osed by the Administrati on and approved b y the
Senate. The Commi ttee also o k a yed t wo related amendments which
would pr ov i de rehabilitation loans and grants to home owners
in areas o f substantial blight outs ide Urban Renewal and Code
Enf orcement areas and wou ld aut h o rize r eha bilitation as sistance
und er pr oposed riot insurance legisl a tion.
Mr . Alexander
suggested that the Ho using Res o urce s Committ ee should follow up.
A motion was made by Mr . Wat k ins , s econded , and unamiously
ado p ted that the Committ ee should send mes s ages t o Congressman
Wright Patman and F l etcher Thomp son urging their support o f the
above indicated p ortions o f the Bous• Banking 2nd Currency
Committee Report on the Housing Act of 196C .
Mr . ? e rsel ls suggested that the motion include recommendati o n that the Act not on ly
be approved but also funded .
The Committee agreed.
Mr . Alexander pr oposed that in the meeting o f August 2 , the
should al so ask t o have the Building Co de amended t o permit
the use of new materials and techniques; that Mr . Wofford is in
favor of perf o rmance stand~rd s. Mr . Al exander stated that in New
York the Building Code has recently been amended .
Mr . Moreland
Smith agree d that the Committee should stress the p o int o f the
Building Code at the meeting of August 2 .
Mr . Da le Cla r k said
that any amendments to the Bu ilding Code should make it more
flex ibl e tet h e r than increase it .
Mr. Jone s read an extract fr om the House and Ur ban hffairs
Daily of J une 27 , 1 968 , on Comput erized Low-Cost Housing ¥I an
sponsored by United States Gy p sum Co . and John Ha ncock Mutual
Life Insurance Co . These two co~pan ie s are p lanning to build ur
to about 30 pr o jec t s a year t o provide an annual volume of some
10 , 000 units o f housing which would be available mainly for l ow income h o me ownershi p . They are putting up b oth work capit al and
risk c apital for the undertaking by the Allied Mortgage and
Develop ment Co ., o f Memphis , Tenn ., a publ icly held corp oration .
Pa~t of the process will inv olve u s e of a Swedis h made drafti ng
m~chine which wor k s off e computer and draws up the plans from
basic des igns which are competed b y selec ted s pecifica tio ns .
pric e range of this type h ousi ng is g ene rally fro m $12,500 to
$17 , 500 .
Within two months , wor k wi l l begin in East St . Louis
a nd in Knoxville .
With this type o f housing actual construction
will involve a large degree of on-site prefabrication which will
be done by contrac tors of the ghetto areas , utilizing unemployed
residents who will be trained as they work.
Mr. Alexander commented on the tour with CACUR in the slum
areas. He said that they rode buses and then walked on through
the areas. He stated that he still wanted Mr. Jones and Mr . Parham
to plan their trip to the different slum area$.•
Mr. Alexa nder stated that the Zoning Manu al, as it r e lates
to the Building Code, needs to be changed to permit struc tura l
changes in r e sidential b uildings c l as s ified as non-confor mi n g
use, in order tha t such d wellings may be improved to meet full
req uirement s o f the Housing Code. At p resent , improvements
requiring structural c h anges are not permitted on resident i a l
buildings wh i ch are non-confor ming. Mr. flexander said t h ~
Cammi ttee should try to get t h e Board of Alder men to change t b:·

Mr . Archer Smith was as k e d b y t h e Chairman to t alk to
Collier Gladin to find o u t what the P l anning Department has
already done toward accompl i s hi ng t his.
Mr . J o hnny J ohnson, Di r e ctor o f Mode l Cities, gave a repo~t
on Model Cities . He repo r ted t hat t h e new Model Ci t i es o ffi c e
b roke g r o u nd t od ay o n t h e corner o f Georg i a Avenue a nd Ca pita l
Avenue. The Warren Comp any is build i ng the new Model Ci t i es
offic e .
Mr . Cary S . Hooks commented o n compa rioon of c a rry i ng
c ha r g es f o r co- op houses and r e n ta l h ous i ng under the 22 1 d ( 3 }
progr am. Mr . Hooks st a ted that the max imum ter m mort g age f o r
Co- o p a nd r ental h o us i ng i s 40 y e ars and that below ma r! ~st r at f'
loa ns are avai l ab le f o r both types.
(Carrying Charge rates a r ~
the same for b oth t ypes.)
Mr . Archer Smit h o f the Legal Pa nel h a s talked to the Sc~c~
Department r e l easing schoo l f a c i li t ies which might be c o ns t r~~,
b y develo per s w~ile c onstructing h o us ing .
Mr . Smi th re porte~
t h e Sc h o ol Bo a rd rec e ntly p assed Re s o l utions favor i ng s uc h act i and req u es ted ~r . Pete Lat t imer to draw up the neces s a ry
legislatio n . The Cha i rma n. mad e a c omment o n the New Yor 1~ ' · A· ··Sc h ools , stat ing tha t the s choo ls were b e ing b u ilt undergrouLd
b enea th t all busine ss a nd a pa rtment bu ilding s .
Mr . William How l and st ated t hat f ive houses to be rehabi 1
b y CACUR under t h e 221 ( h) pro gram are b ehind Og l e t horpe
Un iversi ty in De Kalb Count y .
Mr . Alexande r r efe rred to t he need fo r a c l e rical parson t ~
help out on keeping and p reparing the Low-inc ome Hous ing
Inv entory and Summary Reports . l'!Ir . Alexander suggested c:.
Committee to consider setting up a budget for the HRC .
Mr . Jones comment ed on a site in Cobb County recent ly
proposed for 1 0 -.. ·income housir.:-.3 . Mr . Jones stated that the site
in Cobb County is½ mile south of Ba nkhead Highway, about 1 mil e
west of the River ; that it is on a paved road , lays well and~~ water; sewer will soon be avail~ble and the price of land is
reasona ble . The owners propos e that this land t , used for
Turnkey program; 152 units on 17 acresn The land is already
zoned for a pa rtments.
Mr. Persells stated that the City of Atlanta's low-income
housing program calls for 16,800 housing units and that it is
contended by some that more people are coming in from rural
areas, rather than the people already in Atlanta using the
housing and that thus, we are not taking care of our own people
in the slum areas; that priority should go to the people of
Atlanta first. Mr. Persells stated that the number of people
who come to Atlanta f or low-income housing is very low; that
of those applications rejected since November 1967 1 141 did
not meet the residential requirements; that the time of
application applies to priority for public housing; that it is
on a first come first served basis (other considerations permitting).
Mr. Jones commented that ~lthough the percentage of
rejections may be low f or those who do not meet residential
requirements, however, that 141 rejections since November 1967,
that did not meet residential requirements, is significant
and should be made known to the Aldermen.
Mr. Jim Parhm said that the Committee should start buildi~g
up the area outside the City Limits in the big Metropolitan Area
to meet this problem of people coming fr om the rural areas who
need to live in low-income housing.
As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned
at 11:05 a .m.
Respectfully submitted,
rJi ..~
.-... ....~ _ . . ,
Malcolm D. Joney
Housing Coordinator
As stated (with file copy only)

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