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TO: The Housing Resources Committee of Atlanta

FROM: Sub-Committee on Public Housing

During the last year the Sub-Committee on Public
Housing held numberless meetings with many community leaders
and visited a great many acceptable sites for projects.

After days and nights of discussions and tireless blending
of opinions, plans for action were unaminously agreed.

The only logical conclusion was reached that (1) sub-
sidized housing must be fairly distributed throughout the city
and, (2) that the only politically feasible way to do this was
by a "package deal" simultaneously presented to Council by the
Mayor and Atlanta Housing Authority with overwhelming community

Our full Committee, the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the
Mayor's Citizens Advisory Committee, church organizations and
many others approved and endorsed such procedure.

But when submitted to the Housing Authority the Authority
stated it hadn't studied the plan, failed to approve or dis-
approve, but instead proceeded with the single shot approach which
had failed before.

The result was continuing turn downs of rezoning by the
Aldermanic zoning powers.

It is the opinion of the Sub-Committee on Public Housing
that it is not too late to resubmit those rejected zoning
applications through the "package plan" on a simultaneous basis
to meet the city's needs for subsidized housing and that the
Mayor, the Board of Alderman and the Atlanta Housing Authority
should proceed to do so forthwith.

If the same energy, zeal and leadership of our "power
structure” and city officials that was mobilized to build our
dazzling stadium, luxury apartments and magnificent hotels and
office buildings in our urban redevelopment areas had been
applied with equal energy, zeal and leadership to providing
subsidized housing for those who were bulldozed out of slums
to make room for these majestic structures, the goal of public
housing our Mayor publicly proclaimed so long ago would now be
nearly reached.

We have done wonders for the rich. Now, let us do
wonders for the poor:

Therefore, as Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Public
Housing and on its behalf, I move that our full Committee
does now reaffirm its position on “package rezoning", and
calls upon its fellow organizations of the city and those
responsible for its implementation to cooperate to put it
into effect.


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Gaia, Clarence Coleman

Vice- -Chairman, Charles F. Palmer

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Henher, William Bohn

December 12, 1968

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