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CO!'fSTITIJTION, Friday, December 13, 1968
.,- ,,.
Allen's IIousurng Goal Seems Siure;Panel Pn1shes Zo:n_e ~Pacliage ~Ian'
slightly more costly 22i(d) (3)
Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.'s five- thous-ing.
year low-cost housing goals ap- Although Jones' report was
, pear sure of being met, the the most optimistic news by far
mayor's Housing Resources rnlating to the goals, attorney
Committee he-a-rd Thursday.
Archer D. Smi-th III issued a
And the committee voted pessi'rnistic warning.
unanimously at its second an- "We're deluding ourselves,"
nual meeting to push again the he sa;id, "if we take these figso-called "package plan," which ui-es and quit working. , . We've
/ means zoning for low-cost hous- got to be realistic and get befo1g throughout all sections of hind the package zoning plan."
the city simultaneously.
Ba,rlier in the meeting, Ald.
' Two -aldermanic committees George Cots-akis took exception
asked the City Planning depart- ment to study the matter last
August, but indirectly seemed to
hope the matter would be forgotten. Planning department:
di.rector Collier Gladin Thursday '
reported no substantial progress
had been made on the matter ·
since August.

Col. Malcolm Jones, sfaff 1
ma,n for the HRC, said 3,2171·
,-units have been completed, 6.278 ' ·
t. are under construction clj:d 7,337;
•-are in the planning stage-a
totar of 16,382 since November,
Allen at that time had set a
of 16,800 replacement units
by 1971.
Jones said that some of lhe
7,337 in planning stages may fall
by the wayside, but 6,215 uni ts
being considered wlll more th;in
compensate for -any losses.
Jones said that the program is
4,100 behind in the public housing cate,go-ry, but 4,068 in tlie
t.o rema•rks made at this week's
a nnual Chamber of Commerce
meeting ~hat the city's bui,lding
codes are antiquated.
Cotsakis, cha:irman of the
Building Committee, asked that
bhe HRC and the chamber show
him specifically where changes
would the:lp the low-cost hous,ing
program without jeopardizing ·
health and safety. H such :
ohanges aQ·e shown, Cotsakis
said, "I assure you you'll get ,
100 pe,r cent cooperation."

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