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B THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, Friday, December 18, 1968.


Allen’s Klousing Goal Seems Sure;

Panel Pushes Zone ‘Package Plan’


Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.’s five-
year low-cost housing goals ap-
pear sure of being met, the
mayor’s Housing Resources
Committee heard Thursday.

And the committee voted
unanimously at its second an-
nual meeting to push again the
so-called “package plan,’’ which
means zoning for low-cost hous-
ing throughout all sections of
the city simultaneously,

Two aldermanic committees
asked the City Planning depart-
ment to study the matter last
August, but indirectly seemed to
hope the matter would be for-
gotten. Planning department’
director Collier Gladin Thursday:
reported no substantial progress:
had been made on the matter
since August. =

Col. Malcolm Jones, stiff!
man for the HRC, said 3,217)
units have been completed, 6.278 -
are under construction ajid 7,337 ,
are in the planning stage—a)
total of 16,382 since November, f

Allen at that time had se! a
goal of 16,800 replacement units
by 1971. '

Jones said that some of the
7,837 in planning stages may fall
by the wayside, but 6,215 units
being considered wlll more thin
compensate for any losses.

Jones said that the program is
4,100 behind in the public hous-
ing category, but 4,068 in the

slighily more costly 221(d) (3)

Although Jones’ report was
the most optimistic news by far
relating to the goals, attorney
Archer D. Smith Ill issued a
pessimistic warning.

“We're deluding ourselves,”
he said, “if we take these fig-
ures and quit working... We've
got to be realistic and get be-
hind the package zoning plan.”

Harlier in the meeting, Ald.
George Cotsakis took exception

to remarks made at this week’s
annual Chamber of Commerce
meeting that the city’s building
codes are antiquated.

Cotsakis, chairman of the
Building Committee, asked that
the HRC and the chamber show
him specifically where changes
would help the low-cost housing
program without jeopardizing
health and = safety. If such
changes are shown, Cotsakis
said, “I assure you you'll get.
100 per cent cooperation.”

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