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"Covers Dixie Like the Dew"
Since 1883
Jack Tarver, President
· low-Cost Housing Gap
THE HOUSING Resources Committee heard
Thursday that Mayor Ivan Allen's fiveyear, lo,v-cost housing goal of 16,800 replace. ment units by 1971 was . sure of being met.
This is encouraging.
· But the goal, unfortunately, falls far be--
low the mammoth commitment needed if city
leaders are determined to wipe out the terrible slum conditions that breed violence and
· volatile r esentment.
Noting this, the HRC voted unanimously
at its second annual meeting to endorse and
push for appr oval of the zoning "package
plan" designed to pave the way for low-cost
. housing throughout all sections of the city .
Is this too much to expect?
The answer appar ently has been yesjudging by the silent reception the plan h_as
r eceived from the alderm anic Pl anning and ·
Development Committee and the Zoning Committee since it was r eceived for study last
Both comm Htces were to seek inform ation
from the Planni ng Depar tment. Now, more
than four months later , Pl an ning Department
Director Colli er Gl adin has r epor ted no substantial progress has been mad e to implement
the package plan.
HRC Cha irman Cecil Alexander put the
· need for the package plan in proper perspec- ·
. tive las t August. " It's like this, " he told the
a ldermen, '.'eithe r we house the poor or we
have within ou r midst, if not in this · generation, then cer tainly in the nex t, an alien ated
· people r eady to gras p by fo rce what -we would
. not pro·vide when there was ye t time. "
The true indication of the meager success
In providi ng adequate low-cost housing units
so far in Atlanta comes from a statement
r ele·a sed by the Atlanta Housing Authority
Wednesday. F or the first time in Atlanta
urban renewal histor=y, said the AHA, housing
construction in 1968 exceeded the number of
uni ts de molished.
In other words , AtlcJ nta has virtually been
staniling still, if not going backwards , in at-·
tacking its low-cost problem in r ecent years.
Therefore, it is not surprising to count the
number of r esponsible community orga nizations supporting the package plan. They
include the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce,
the Community Council of the Atla nta Area
Inc., Central Atlanta Progress Inc. , the Wori1en's C_hambe~ of Commerce, the League of
Jack Spalding, Editor
DECEMBER 14, 1968
Women Voters, the Christian Council of--Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc., and the Metropolitan
Atlanta Conference on Housing.
It is time that the conscience of the community be heard .

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