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December 23, 1968

To: Col. Malcolm Jones
From: Dan Sweat

Subject: Remarks at Annual Meeting of HRC

I pointed out that the statistics released by Col. Jones and the
Committee were certainly impressive and that the influence of the

. Committee's success was not confined to Atlanta's housing program
but has also been felt at the national level and that housing experts
from over the country have commented on the Atlanta approach and
on the excellent program of the Housing Resources Committee.

It is my feeling that the story behind the statistics is where the real
meaning of this Committee and the housing program is to be found,

I said that the work of the Committee has made all the city aware

of the desperate need for decent housing for the less fortunate, less
affluent citizens of Atlanta. It has helped bridge the gap of credibility
between the City - the institution - the power structure (call it what
you will) and a very large and important segment of our community,
and, most importantly, this program started the City out on a new
direction so long needed.

The Aldermen understood this need when they refused to pass Urban
Renewal Survey and Planning applications until the housing relocation
needs were met. The Mayor realized the need when he called the
Housing Conference and established this committee and it was obvious
that the private business leadership recognized it when you, the
members of the Housing Resources Committee, responded as you have

I pointed out that the resultant changes are reflected in a report
given by Howard Openshaw at the last CACUR meeting. Mr. Openshaw

Col. Jones
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December 23, 1968

pointed out that of the 10, 033 units begun in urban renewal projects

in 1968, 884 have been completed which is 21 times the number of
housing units in urban renewal areas completed the previous year.
During the same period, only 484 units were demolished in urban
renewal areas. So, for the first time in the history of Atlanta's
urban renewal program, more housing units were completed in urban
renewal areas than were demolished. We have finally turned the
corner in our urban redevelopment program and are headed in a

new direction so long sought.

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