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Georgia 30303 - Telephone 522-4463

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Executive Department

Ivan Alien, J
Sam V. Masseil,

Colonel Malco
i +

e@ Mayor and President of board of Aldermen
Housing Coordinator
or of Governmental Liaison


Department of Buildings

W. F. Wofford, Building Official

F, Wise, Chief Electrical Inspector
. Goodwin, Assistant Chief Electrica
Wylie W. Mitchell, Chief Plumbing Inspec


E L inspector

Department of Planning

Collier B. Gladin, Planning Director

City Hall Reporters (Press Room, City Halil) --
Alexander Coffin, The Atlanta Constitution

Raleigh Bryans, The Atlanta Journal

Housing Resources Committee

Cecil A. Alexander, Chaixman
44 Broad Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 - Tel: 688-3313
Col. Malcolm D. Jones (also shown under Executive Department)

Rodney M. Cook (Chairman, P1
34 - 10th Street NE, Ati

George Cotsakis (Chairman, B3uilcing Committee)
150 Ottley Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30324 - Tel: 874-4768

E. Gregory Griggs (Member, Model Cities Executive Board)

So* 2
2710 Apple Valley Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30319 - Tel: 233-4162


G. Everett Millican (Vice Chairman, Model Cities Executive Boarc)
< 500 Bishop Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318 - Tel: 351-5074

Q..V. Williaason (Member, Planning & Development Committee)
655 unter Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30314 - Tel: 522-5895

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J. C.. Johnson, Director
James L. Wright, Jc., Physical Planning Coordinator


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BRousine Author City of Atlanta
Suite S24 - sui Lak
Atlanta, Georvia 30303

M. OB. viield, Executive Director
Lester H. Perselis, Associate Executive Direct. :
Li i Director of Housing
Director of Redevelopnen
Edwin L. Sterne, Chairman of the Board, Housing Authority of the City of Atl
639 Trust Company of Georgia Building, nta, Georgia 30303 - Tel: 5
J. B. Blayton, Sr. (Member of Board, Housing Auchority of the City of Atlant
205 Auburn Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 - Tel: 523-8282

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Housing & Redevelopment Committee

dy, Chairman
655, Atlanta, Georgia 30302 - Tel: 588-7231

ered, ce Chairman ;
722 Peachtree Center Building, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 - Tel: 521-1805

Fulton County Commissioners
165 Central Avenue SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Telephone: 572-2791

rlie Brown, Chairman
s H. Aldredge
er M. Mitchell

Trust Company of Georsia

z, Vice President /
ct NW, Atlanta, Georgia 303053 - Tel: 588-7841

Federal Housing Administration
300 Peachtree Center Building
230 Peachtree Street NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Cary S. Hooks, State Dir
William A. Hartman, Depu
Ralph L. Johnston, Chief Gade mmutter


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