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68 Mitchell Street SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303 - Telephone 522-4463

Executive Department

Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor

Sam V. Massell, Jr., Vice Mayor

Col. Malcolm D. Jones, Housing Coordinator

Dan E, Sweat, Jr., Director of Governmental Liaison

Department of Buildings

W. F. Wofford, Chief Building Inspector

E. F. Wise, Chief Electrical Inspector

W. H. Goodwin, Assistant Chief Electrical Inspector
Wylie W, Mitchell, Chief Plumbing Inspector

Department of Planning

Collier B. Gladin, Director

Building Committee

George Cotsakis, Chairman
150 Otley Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia = 874-4768

Housing Resources Committee

Cecil A, Alexander, Chairman
44 Broad Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 - 688-3313

Col. Malcolm D, Jones (also shown under Executive Department).


Rodney M, Cook, Chairman, Aldermanic Housing Committee
34 ~ 10th Street NE

Atlanta, Georgia

‘Tel.: 892-1561

E. Gregory Griggs (Committee member, Model City Program)
2710 Apple Valley Road NE

Atlanta, Georgia

Tel,: 233-4162

G. Everett Millican (Committee member, Model City Program)
500 Bishop Street NW
Atlanta, Georgia

Tel.: 351-5074

Aldermen (continued)

Q. V. Williamson (member, Aldermanic Housing Committee)
855 Hunter Street NW

Atlanta, Georgia

Tel.: 522-5895

Model City Program
673 Capitol Avenue SW

Atlanta, Georgia 30315
Telephone: 524-8876

J. G, Johnson, Director

James L. Wright, Jr., Physical Planning Coordinator

E. Gregory Griggs, Committee member (also shown under Aldermen)
G, Everett Millican, Committee member (also shown under Aldermen)

Atlanta Housing Authority
Suite 824 - Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel.: 523-6024

M. B. Satterfield, Executive Director
Lester H, Persells, Associate Executive Director
Gilbert H, Boggs, Director of Housing
Howard Openshaw, Director of Redevelopment
Edwin L. Sterme, Chairman
639 Trust Company of Georgia Building, Atlanta, Ga, 30303 « 525-5591


Chamber of Commerce:

Housing & Redevelopment Committee

George W. Kennedy, Chairman
P, O, Box 4655

Atlanta, Georgia 30302
Tel.: 588-7231

Denver D, Gray, Vice Chairman
702 Peachtree Center Building, Atlanta, Ga. 30303 - 521-1805

Fulton County Commissioners
165 Central Avenue SW
Atlanta, Georgia - 30303
Tel,: 572-2791

James H, Aldredge
Charlie Brown
Walter M, Mitchell

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