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October 18, 1968

To: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.

The attached document, LPA Letter No. 454, provides ample means for
rapid clearance of slum pockets in Atlanta and eens of the sites
for so-called Low-cost Public Housing.

I consider this document worthy of your attention and careful
reading in its entirety. Some of the pertinent portions have been
marked for your convenience. I urgently recommend that the procedures
authorized in this document be executed during the City’s first
year’s application under the Neighbor Development Program. It is the
most practical and feasible means of clearing the bad slum pockets and

converting those areas to much needed and more profitable use (standard

The key to accomplishment however is re-use of the land. To qualify,
the designated re-use of the land in several instances may have to be «
changed from its current zoning to Residential. It is likely that in
the areas involved, there will be little or no public objection or protests
to such zoning changes. This will accomplish a three-fold purpose:

1. Clear the City of most of its worst slum pockets.

2. Provide sites for much needed Public Housing, which are
very hard to come by; and

3. Put the land involved to a much more practical and
profitable use than has thus far been obtainable under
existing zoning, or than is likely to occur in the
foreseeable future, under the existing zoning.

Many other cities in the South-East are taking advantage of this
program and are doing just what is proposed above.

In formulating, the City’s first year's application under the Neighbor-
hood Development Program, I strongly feel that the following features

should be insisted upon by you; and I recommend their inclusion in the

1. In addition to Bedford-Pine, Model Cities, and certain
specific changes in existing Urban Renewal projects, that
Fiseue stews, the worst portions of Lightening, Vine City,

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Page Two
October 18, 1968

East Atlanta and all of Clarendale be included in the first year's program.
The latter has substantial white support in the neighborhood and because
of its location is important to the program far beyond its size.

In the project application for the portion of Plunkettown within the City
limits of Atlanta, and similar portions of other areas, that documentation
in the application include provision that if and when Urban Renewal

' project plans for any of the areasare adopted and approved that acquisition
may then start promptly in such area(s) (during the first year's program)
in hardship cases,

That the entire Model Cities area be included in the first year's NDP
application, in order that applicable home owners in the entire area may

qualify for and benefit from Federal Rehabilitation Assistante in the form

of 3% direct Federal Loans and $3,000 Federal Grants. This will not be
possible unless the entire Model Cities area (it qualifies) is included in the NDP.

That rehabilitation in the Model Cities area be accomplished by the City,
rather than by the Housing Authority, utilizing both the City and Housing
Authority Inspectors. This is believed to be the most feasible procedure

in view of the extent of current trained staffs available and should produce

the fastest results. (The Housing Authority was originally given responsibility
for rehabilitation in Urban Renewal projects, when the City had only 5 Housing
Code Inspectors and the Federal Government would contribute 2/3 of the cost
of the Inspectors in Urban Renewal areas, but not in the rest of the city.
However, the Housing Authority has no authority for enforcement and must
call upon the City to exercise its Police Power in enforcing difficult
rehabilitation cases).

That the Housing Code standards be recommended for use as the Rehabili-
tation Standards in the Model Cities area. This will save much time and
effort required in adopting separate rehabilitation standards for the Model
Cities area. :

That the first year's application for the NDP consist of a program balanced
between planning and execution, with primary emphasis on execution during

the first year, in such areas and to such extent as is possible and practical

of accomplishment. (Emphasis on planning only during the first year in some
areas may result in too much execution during the second year, for accomplish-
ment with staff and finances available. )

Respectfully submitted,

LPA Letter No, 454 Maleolm D. Jones
: Housing Coordinator

-Mr, Dan E. Sweat, Jr,

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