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To: Property Owner and/or Agent

From: Department of Buildings, Housing Division


In connection with improving your property to meet requirements

of the Housing Code, we suggest that you get several estimates
from reputable contractors or home improvement firms before sign-
ing a contract for the work to be done. Free estimates can be
obtained from the majority of contractors and home improvement
firms without obligation on your part. Ask your lawyer to explain
any contract BEFORE you sign it. If you cannot afford a lawyer,
free legal advice can be obtained from

501 Fulton County Courthouse
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Telephone - 524-5811


Any owner or occupant receiving written notice to correct defi-
ciencies, or receiving written notice that property has been pla-
carded, may within thirty (30) days following the date of such
notice enter an appeal in writing to the Housing Appeals Board and
appear before the Housing Appeals Board at a specified time and
place to show cause why he should not comply with said notice or
why the property should not remain placarded. No appeal filed later
than thirty (30) days after the date of such notice shall be acted
upon by the Housing Appeals Board unless the Enforcement Official
shall consent thereto.

The Housing Appeals Board shall normally hold hearings on appeals
within thirty (30) days after they are filed and shall render its
decision on each appeal in writing to the appellant and to the en-
forcement Officer.

Appeals should be addressed to: Housing Appeals Board
1402 City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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