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May 16, 1968

Mr. Dan Sweat
Office of the Mayor
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Sweat:

As I indicated to you in our telephone conversation this afternoon, our team will
be in Atlanta on Friday and Saturday of next week (May 24 and 25) to gather
detailed information on the needs, problems and ideas relevant to low-cost urban
public housing in your City. As you already know, our current project is the
production of a study recommending experiments in housing to be conducted,
during the next two years, in approximately twenty model cities.

There are a great many people with whom we would like to speak, of whom the
most important are those in the city government. Since it is not necessary that
our entire team talk to each of them, we can probably cover more ground than
during our first visit; and, in fact, we found the first visit so profitable that our
task for the second visit is considerably simplified.

We would be very appreciative if you could arrange for us to meet with the people
I have listed below during the day on May 24. Ihave arranged them into groups
so that one of our team members can work with a group which can provide him
with the information needed to fulfill his own requirements.

1) Mr. Collier Gladden 2) Mr. Malcolm Jones
Mr. William Wofford Mr. M. B. Satterfield
Mr. Lester A. Percells
Mr. Cecil Alexander
Mr. J. J. Johnson

You will note that the above listing includes the people we talked to during our
first visit. We do wish to talk to them again since we have more specific informa-
tion needs on this trip.

We would, in addition, appreciate the opportunity to talk with any members of

the Board of Aldermen who are concerned with housing problems, particularly,
Mr. Rodney Cook and Mr, Q. N. Williamson. We would be happy to talk with

them at their convenience during the two days or, if necessary, on Monday the

We would, of course, appreciate the opportunity to talk with you and the Mayor
at some stage if it is convenient to do so, It would probably be better to do that
later in the visit rather than earlier. Finally, if you have any suggestions for
people in the city government or in the community with whom we might profitably
establish contact we would appreciate your advice,

Mr. Dan Sweat
Office of the Mayor
Atlanta, Georgia

If there are any questions or problems which arise, I hope you will feel free to
contact me here (Area Code 617 876-4663 - Collect). If Iam not available,
please feel free to contact Mr. Richard Rosen or Mr. Marc Roberts of our
senior staff. And, in any event, after the team leaves here at the first of the
week, the office will know how to reach us.

We will arrive in Atlanta on the evening of May 23, and will check by your office
first thing in the morning of the 24th. Iwill let you know as soon as I find out

where we will be staying in Atlanta.

Thank you for your help and cooperation. We look forward to our visit to Atlanta.

bilo Uy

Allan W. Cameron
Atlanta Study Team

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