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MAY 14, 1968



That a vertical addition to Archer High which would increase its
capacity to 2,000 students be placed on a bond issue by Spring, 1968.

No bond issue has been scheduled. However, the School Department
has planned for the improvements to Archer High out of other funds
which are being made available. These improvements will be ready
in ample to serve the community including the proposed Browntown
housing development when it is completed in about two years,

That an elementary school site be included for any new housing
projects approaching 300 units or more in size,

The developers of the Browntown site are willing to provide space
for the elementary school, This is being coordinated with the
Housing Authority and Board of Education, The School Board
presently lacks funds fer construction of an elementary school

at this location,

That planning be started now for the construction of a new high school
in the area as population increase demands it,

No plans are in progress,
That plans be started now for the construction of a junior high school
on the already acquired site located west of James Jackson Parkway

as population increase demands it,

No plans are in progress,

Parks and Recreation:


That a request for a neighborhood park for Lincoln Homes be placed
on the next bond issue,

This request is on file and a neighborhood park is planned for Lincoln
Homes in the comprehensive park development plan which will be
proposed in the next bond issue,

Browntown Status Report
Page Two

2. That the City find a means of paying all of the personnel costs
needed to maintain recreational services in Perry Homes,

A comprehensive summer recreation program is being planned for
the Perry Homes area, The policy question on the City assuming
costs of recreation programs in Perry Homes has not been resolved
to date,

3. That plans be started for securing funds to build a community club
house and fully equip Gun Club Park as a community park,

The swimming pool and bath house are scheduled to be completed
this summer, They should be completed within a very few days.

4, That plans be started for the development of a community park to
the west of James Jackson Parkway as population increase demands

Plans for the development of this community park have been started

as part of the comprehensive parks plan for the city.

5. That plans be started for the development of at least one more
neighborhood park in addition to the two already proposed for the

These plans have also been started as part of the comprehensive
plan. ,

6, That the Parks Department be prepared to expand and improve upon
existing parks and recreational facilities as population increase
demands it,

The Parks Department and the Planning Department have developed
a master plan for park improvement for the entire city. The
Northwest area is included in this parks plan,


1, That the Sandy Creek Improvements Project be initiated as soon as

Browntown Status Report
Page Three


possible in order to bring about the major solution to most of the
sewage and flooding problems in the area,

The Construction Department is making efforts to implement this

That until the Sandy Creek Improvements Project is initiated
whatever temporary solutions are feasible be implemented to
alleviate sewage conditions before large new housing projects
are constructed,

Two projects have been funded for this year; expansion of the
Hollywood Road Lift Station and the Bellwood Sanitary Relief Sewer,
The Lift Station is under construction,

That a plan of action be developed to identify and aid the owners of
those homes which are too poorly situated near Proctor Creek for
anything economically feasible to be done about their sewage and
flooding problems,

No progress has been made on this problem, However, Emory
University legal aid people are preparing a suit to be filed in order
to clarify responsibility.

Other Facilities:

That a public transportation study be made to specify problems faced
by residents in terms of access to library, health, and employment
facilities and to recommend feasible alternatives for resolving the

The Planning Department, Perry Homes Center, Atlanta Transit
System have been working on bus improvements, The Metropolitan
Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) will purchase several new
buses for use by the Transit Company primarily to serve low-
income areas,

Browntown Status Report
Page Four

That the City make a concentrated effort to upgrade street and
traffic facilities in the area, including the erection of traffic
facilities at needed intersections, the construction of street lights
in unlighted residential areas, and the general maintenance of
clean and well paved streets.

The City is making an effort to upgrade street and traffic facilities
in the area. A survey is being made now to determine the priority
of the Johnson Road, Hollywood Road and Sumlin intersection,
City Services Coordinators at Northwest Perry Homes and West
Central Neighborhood Service Centers are working to improve
street lighting and general maintenance of streets,

3. That efforts be made to attract to nearby industrial areas firms
that would generate employment opportunities for local residents.
No definite program,

4, That the City require that developers of any public housing projects
in the area hire local residents first in recruiting workers,
This is not possible. However, developers will be encouraged to
do so,


1, That local community groups establish the necessary organizational

machinery to direct their complaints and requests to the appropriate
public agencies and to follow through and see that their complaints
and requests are acted upon,

A City Services Coordinator from the Mayor's Office has been placed
in the Northwest Perry Homes and the West Central EOA Centers,
Neighborhood Action Task Forces have been established, Police
Community Service Officers have been employed from each of these
areas and the Community Relations Commission will set up a series
of grievance-response hearings to help facilitate communications
between the community and City Hall,

Browntown Status Report
Page Five


That the public service agencies act upon complaints and requests
from local community groups and give the groups a clear explanation
if they are unable to meet a requested service.

The City departments are showing much greater willingness to
communicate with community neighborhood groups and the machinery
being established for the summer will help lead to permanent full-
time communications chanels,

That every effort be made to develop a healthier mixture of low and
middle income housing types throughout the city so that public housing
does not become further overconcentrated in the Northwest Browntown


Efforts are being made by many groups. An Open Housing Conference
will be held on May 29 and the Mayor's Housing Resources Committee
is pushing for dispersal of low and moderate income housing through-
out all areas of the city.

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