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| Office of the Mayer

PHONE 522- 4463

December 5, 1968 |.

From Malcolm D. Jones,
Housing Coordinato

To: Dn. LZ: Siiecd

Enclosed is complete revision, as of
November 15, 1968, of Status Report on the
Low-income Housing, in three sections:
Summary, Inventory and Index, The Summary
shows comparison with previous report of
August 15, 1968. The Index is provided for
convenience in locating specific projects
in the Inventory.

The Summary only is for release to the
Public, The Inventory and Index are considered
confidential and are not for release to the
Public. rrr

This report shows progress made during
the first two years through the efforts of the
Housing Resources Committee and the current
status of the Low and Medium Income Housing

Encls: Status Report in three Sections on
Low-income Housing Program

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