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Box 5, Folder 11, Document 28

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PHONE 522- 4463
From Malcolm D. Jones,
Housing Coordinator
May 10, 1968
Mr. Dan Sweat
The attached report of Peter Labrie is not as
conclusive as it might be. For instance 3
under R e comme nd a tion s - Schools, item (1),
he is correct, of course, in stating there was
no spring bond issue ; however 3 Dr. Womack
of the School Department has informed me that
the improvement to Archer High is being done
anyway from othe r funds and that it will b e
r eady and a mple to s e rve the proposed Brow ntown Road project when developed •

The r e also appe ar r to b e some other items in
somewh a t sim ila r c a t e gory 3 w h erei n the com ple t e
s itua tion is n ot amply expla ine d i n a po s itive
manne r. For example : Johnny Rob ins on
informs me that the transit system study looks
e ncoura gin g f or b e tte r cross - area s e rvice.
FORM 25- 15

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