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Mr. Earl Landers advised on May 8, 1969 that he had received information
indicating a Housing Code inspector had purchased r~uidential property
from a Hrs. Akins under circumstances indicating a possible wrong doing
on the part of the inspector.
Mr . Landers atated that Mr. James A. Smith,
Chief Housing Code Inspector and Mr. R.
had details of the matter.
Tipton of the same department .
Further, Mr. J. H. Robinson, Comimunity
Development Coordinator ~lso had received information in the same mstter.
Mr. Landers stated he had reques ted Mr . Smith, Mr. Tipton and Mr. Robinson
to contact me on the sarce date.
Mr. John H. Robinson, Community Development Coordinator, Second Floor, City
Hall advised on May 8, 1969 that about a week ago a Mrs. Geo~gia Jackson,
tenant, 1153 Third Street, N.
Atlanta, telephonically advi~ed that a
Mrs. Akins is the owner of that property.
According to Mrs. Jackson, an
inspection was made of the property and the estimated cost of repairs came
to a large sum.
Further, the repairs were never made and Mrs. Akins sub-
sequently sold the property to a City inspector representing some type of
The new owner increased the rent from $50.00 to $90.00 per mont h.
Mrs. Jackson advised she could be r eached through phones 284-4747 and 7920239.
�Page 2
Mr. James a Smith, Chief Inspector, Housing Code DivisionJ~ Enforcement ,
Dt?partment 0£ Buildings, and Mr. R.
Tipton, Supervisor in the same
division made avsil&ble records of their offices on May 8, 1969 which
reveal the following information:
F.mployees in the Housing Code Division who are allegedly involved in
the purchase of the property from Mrs. Akins are inspectoro Charles T.
Latham, and Robert D. Pattillo.
Housing Inspection Notice No. CA69-l0023 dated February 18, 1969 reveals
that residentia l property located at 1153 Third Street, N.
At l a nta,
Georgia is owned by a Mrs. Jean Harris Akins, 1009 Euclid Avenue , N. E.,
and occupied by one Georgia Jackson.
The building on the pr operty is of
frame construction, one story, and has a total of one unit.
The inspection
was conducted by Housing Code Inspector, M. L. Tolbert, and cost of
rehabilitating the property was estimated at $1,500.00.
official notice of violation was mailed to Mrs. Akins at 1009 Euclid
Avenue, N. E., Atlanta, Georgia on or about February 19, 1969 with in0
structions to correct on or before Hay 19, 1969.
This notice was sent via
certified mail, however the receipt was never returned.
�Page 3
A second official notice of violation wss sailed to Mrs . Akins a t 2583
Ashford Road, , N. E., Atlanta, Georgi& on or &bout Ma rch 28, 1969 with
same correction da te.
by Jean
A 1<1n1 ~(t
The certified mail receipt was retur ned as signed
He~a.../ ln the event the original records in this ma tt e r are
needed a request should be made to Mr. J~mes A. Smith.
Mr. Tipton advised that he had talked personally with Mrs. Akins who
advised him in sub$tance that she was the former owner of the proper t y
located at 1153 Third Street, N.
Atlanta. Georgis; that she had
rented this property to Georgia Jackson for a number of years and tha t
she formerly resided at 1009 Euclid Avenue, N. E., but had recently
moved to 2583 Aahford Road, N. E., Atlanta, Georgia. tele phone 633-5343.
She also advised that the first she knew of the inspection of her property
on Third Street was when Mrs. Jackson told her of it.
Mrs. A~ins
subsequently conferred with a Mr. Charles Latham about the repair of the
property and in view of the expense involved she decided to sell the
Shortly thereafter Mr. Latham and a Mr. Pattillo came to Mrs.
Akins home and she sold the property to Mr. Pattillo for $800.00.
It was determined through reliable sources that Robert D. Pattillo was
born ~ l l i - ~ 1927 and that his wife's name is lc6Q~ne A. Pattillo.
�Page 4
It is reported that the Pattillo's have resided at 404 Puckett Street,
Forest Park, Georgia and at 1272 Park Avenue,
Geor gia.
E., Apt. A, Atlanta,
Further that Mr. Pattillo was former ly employed as an agent or
salesman with Georgia Insurance Service and with United Insurance.
Mrs. Pattillo is reportedly an employee or former employee of Colonial
The same sources revealed that Charles T. Latham was reportedly born in
January, 1936 &nd bis wife's name is Charlotte G. Lathem.
The Lathsm's
have resided at 1896 Ward Circle, East Point, Georgia and 4030 Grant Drive,
s. w.,
Atlanta, Georgia.
Mr. Latham was fo rmerly employed as an agent
for Florida State Life Insurance Company.
was employed by E - Z Food Stores.
Mrs. Latham reportedly is or
Mr. Latham filed a petition -in bank-
ruptcy in March, 1961 listing debts in the amount of $12,729.00 and asse ts
of $110.00.
He was discharged in June, 1961.
e1TY or 4TLAN1'4
~••••1• the following lnfol'llitton:
By way of back'9nu-.l,
)It .
educatiOll and 3 yeaw•
Latbaft\ wes hon J~ry 4• 1936.
a radio-TV
wife ' , name ia Charlotte Ann.
M h111 • l,tah •choo1
iJehool in Waahtngton,.
They ha.a fe>ut cbild.-ea.
Hr'• Ut~' •
Hts eocUl MC11rit7 nuaber
ta 259• 50• 1436.
&obert David Pattillo was employed • , • hou1lng cocle tn•pecto1r on J-.u,y 23. 1967 •
. b r 8• 1928.
year of colleg••
Mt . fat~lU,o btJI a acbool educatl ·
hu wif• ' • name ts Icei-.. !bey two cht,14.r . •
aad on
Mr. Pattillo ' •
social security nmnber is 253-30• 1845.
Uh u


p. ()d-~
. j-
I Z s-f]
~ / J j_<!L~R(
J/-lfl . m"
~ ~ tt- t I er ,. r ,
�*'· Je84 25 3 Aehfor4 load, N.
633..5343 funtalled tb• followi
Mre. Aklos •41111 ·
w. ,
• 11 /ttlbt•• GeOtgla. 1'•1-,hoae -
that eh. wa
· er of propeirty at
Atlanta, Georaf.a. 'lhat thi pro,ert
'fbird- St~eet,
as 1 -f t to her by htt CDO.tbet and
that ahe baa NAted di. prop rty to · _· tat& Jack1oa and he~ 1tx cht14
. for •
numb w of ,ear .• She t•ted th4t th b~ wee in excellent frtor to th
time that Mrs. Jackao and her family ~Cllpied it.
HowavH',, they b,:v• been very
d siruct lve t oanta.
Mrs. Akins fo · . ly resided At 1009 lwilid Avettue. HOW-.r, •
th re 10 her pi- oni •ddrea• on Januay 14, 1969. At that tiaeit lb left a
forw•rilng adchr••• with the poat offi¢••
Mrs . Aklna
aot nu
that her lbf.rd Street property had ben t.•pected
time iu lat Kat"ch, 1969 wtum Geol' la Jack.eon told htt' tha.t the
houae inap cton bid been out tber .
Therea, .t er,
her that there
Akins call d City Hall ad talked to Mr. Lathaanlltio told
w•• a •'wbol
She advised Mr. 1'1t"- h
fu11° c;f thlns• to
had rec•lved oo · tice and told hi.Ill tti.t • - ·_. bad ree.ently
_ y for plumbin - ftatur
In coon tio with the res,air1
done to the boua •
•ct. on
and: oth-.r repair•.
the bouee, Mr1. Aid.QI baa an
of 3• 17•69 ft - · Staaco, Inc •• .-1c1enctns plumbing work f.~1udtll8
a new 30• gal1on w•ter heater at 1153 Third Street. If.
$252. SO. She ha.• •noth r tnvolce dat
$20. SS to
w. in
the -• BUUIQ
April 4. 1969, 1reveaUna th•t
Bl ctl"tc Compafty fo~ electrlcal vork on her ptopet,t y.
,-. ,a n1ult of MN . Akins ' telepb . te conve-n atlon with
they •greed to .AQd did meet • day 01:
eo tat•r
Stre t . Mr. 'Lathan,., alOQe •t tho tl• .
•t Nr•.

Akins propetty •
Be pointed ovt to
Mr•. Akl.u all that
need d to be clone M4 told hel' tt would cnt •bOllt $1,SOO. Sh told bia if it
would coat that ~ch •he might eell th frat.en:,. Durtl)g th• cour•e o-f th• dt••
Quaeton, Mr. IAtba8' told h•r that the bouN would have to , ... luptiet$.cm each year
�and would prolwably coat that much eaaly ar to conform. Mrs. Aklna is not sure
whether .she act:uaUy initiated the propo itiou of selling the pr
Latham or whether he initi ted the propoi,ltion.
At any rate, Ml'. Lat-hp, told
her he would try to help her sell the property as he knew some
that type of property,.
He said
rty to Mr.
who bought
he would have one of these men call h r.
2 or 3 daya •ft r the meeting at the Third Str et property, a
Mrs. Akins 411d identified himself as Mr. Pattillo.
He told her th
11 d
b had
been r £erred by Mr. Lath&II\ and that he was calling concerning her property
on Third Stree and made her an offer of
$,,oo . for
maintained that th property was worth
r at which time Mr. Pattillo b came
the propertr. Mra. Akins
very ~urt and said h doubted if anyon elee would make any offer for the
Mra . Akins told Mr. Pattillo she would think the matter
call him as to her decision.
According to Mrs . Akina, she reached the deci•
aion that to keep the property would b a continuing cost and bother to her.
She also realized that the property was worth more than $800.00 but stated
that since she is a widow woman and 70 years of age it just wasn't worth it
to maintain the property and keep ith tenant in it.
Accordingly, 1he recontacted Mr. Fattillo and told him she would take
$800. 90 for the pro, rty.
A few lays later, Mr. Pattillo and Mr. Lath
to her residence on Ashford Road .
She is positive
She believe• some time before noon.
•f was during ordinary buain ss hours because Mr. Latham
at one point made the conaent that he hid to get back to the office.
She is
also positive that the date was April 15, 1969 which was on a Tu 1day.
They advised her there would be no closing coat or for that matter
any cost to her and that Mr. Lathem would close the deal as h wu a
They had a document with them, undoubtedly a warranty deed, which
Mrs . Akins signed.
Sh admits that ah did not read the document carefully
and does not know for sure who the Grantee or Grantees were but ce~tanly was
of the opinion that she was 1elling the property to Mr. Pattillo. She does
wecall j he gave her a check in the amount of $800.00 and it wa1 a p1:iated
check in his and his wife ' s name.
However, she does not recall the name of
the wife.
She deposited the check in her •ccount at the First National Bank
on April 18, 1969.
_7 -
�Mra . Akin$ advl••d that •h• would t••tify ln Court conceratag thia utter
t.f . eucb .bec..-e ab9ao1vtaly nec.eeaary.
However. abe pJ:efened not to ,become
lnvolv~ .
Recoid Book No. ,5052, pag-, 158 1 &'ev•ala that a warranty de-4, dat.S
4-15-69 tranaf r~ecl die property at 1153 Third Street, N.
Georgla 1 from the Crtntor; Mi's . Jean Hettie Akin(t), to th Gr _ t
, le lane
Alexander and Charlo~t - Gamer, ford\er that Ch&\"les T. Lathamwu • wttneee
and nota.-y.
The property at 1153 Third Street, N.
w•. waa
inapect don Nay 20 1 1969,
by Janes A. Smlth, Chief Housing Code la• ector and myself at which tl e each
item on Mi:. Tolb rt•a Housing lnepectlon Notice was checked to det mine if
there had be• compU.*1Ce therewith .

tt waa determined that of s

_ 25 iteu
that the only b u t ~ compliancef that hed been made wee pcinttag o
lt 1, to be not d that Georgia Jacuon presently occupiee thi• property
and has b en inltt'QOt 4 te • y. rent to Homestead Aaaoci_a tea, P.
Atlanta, Georgl, 30331. This is in c~Ordl!lce with a lett r to
Box 41222,

Jackson dated May 1, 1969 from lcelene Alounder.
The ho~alng code i'ecords on this prop rty are in tact and
ar av•Uable.
�Housing Inspection Notice Number CB68•21SO reveal• that th houatn at
2285 and 2295 BliOOka A.venue, N.
April 4, 1968, by c. t. Latham.
Atlanta, Georgia wa• inspected on
The notice
with inatructiona to comply by July 9, 1968.
was $1 , 050 .
w•• mailed April
9, 1968, and
The estimated co1t of r ·
Thi• property coneists of a church and two units in brick and
frame type construction one atory with a total of three unit•, the owner being
Anderson, Adminittrator for the eatate of G. H. Anderaon, 1135 H*rletta
Boul evard, N.
w., Atlanta,
Record Book Ho. 4966, page 239 reveals that there is a warruty deed,
dated October 4, 1968. Ttanaferred pJ.'Operty •t 2285-95 Brooks Avenue, N. W.,
Atlanta, Georgia, from 6
T. Latham, Grantees.
Anclereon, Grantor to Robert D. Pattillo and Charle•
There i8 •lao a deed to secure debJ per record book 4967
page 271 to Atlanta Federal Saving• and Loan from Lathan and Pattillo in the
amount of $7,500 1 on the sane property.
Mr. A. Raymond Anderaon. 1335 •rletta Boulevard , N.
Atlanta, Georgia,
advised Kr. Barl Landers that as aclm1ohtrator for the estate of Mr.
Anderson, he handled the ••le of the property a 2285-95 Brooks Avenu ~• N.
According to Mr. Allderson, there are thne old houses or unit• at thi• address
and after being inspected by Mr. Latham, Mr. Anderaon waa preaented with a
long list of items to be repaired. Mt. Anderson had a contractor of hi~ choice
check the houees and waa told by the contractor that it would coat approximately
$2, 500 to comply with the inspection list.
Soon thereafter, Mr. Anderson told
Latham that he would aell the house ucl they eventually agreed u4 Mr. Anderson
did sell the three units to Latham and Pattillo for $7,500.
Mr. Andereon, Ml!'. Pattillo, and Mr. Latham went to11ther to Atlanta
Federal Savings and t,oan to arrange for financing the house. Atl&Qta Federal
took a deed to secure debt in the amount of $7,500 .
However• Mr . Anderaon had
to pledge a $2,000 account that he had with Atlanta Federal a security.
On May
20, 1969, J•e• A. Smith, Chief Housing Code Inspector and myself
inapectedtthe property at 22Y•9S Broo
Avenue, N. V., Atlant•, GeoJr la.
(It should be nited this property •lao la or has been designated as 2•4 Brooks
�HGu iug Inep otto
on April 2, 196 • iup ct d property at 1263 81c:l Hollywood lo •
The not1
of thi• prop rty was
May a. 1968 with the
to comply by 8- -6 • Th · etimated co•t of rel) . tr• b. lng .$ 2, 750.
of the property w. • ••· D lphnq,. Groov r, 2935 Arden ~ -ti;, N.
Georgia,, 3Q30S.
t tbi
two uni.ta.
residential fr
· ddre, · •• deacrib _
t _ •01ne 32 iteJr<.a e>f "epatr.
1 28,
Recoi-d Book 4904, page 188 r -ve 1 tut• warrenty de d, 4-ted
· - CL (l, ~
1968. This pr,_p .rty , aa transferr d by Hrs. Dalphn• Groover to •
Travi• Lath
aild Rob
D. Pattillo.
It should h, not•d that the warraaty de•d would appear not only to
-Q.i io tncbacl .
,•• pieces of property] o _ of which
two entlre
1a de•cd,bed •• b ilig
This piece 1
- as 1263 Old Hollywood Road, N.
perty which
Bolton Road,
as b ilig 100• • 100' x

x 100• .
x 450' x 160'
600' •.
w., and 1• that pi,o•


1!te111111P hereiu above. The
iuspact~ by Mr. Wad4' 11
()thei, i,lecet of p~pet-ty is on Welt ,..,
u....32S •

111 •
•nd Pirat Str et, N.
• , d scribed
Thl pt<,p rty is now known s 1250 Fir t
('rht . pt ·ce of prop rty so far•
ne r
could b . deta1.Ujl_;....
wpacted by the bou tQS code in1pect I' . )
Record Boo · 4906 pege 102 ro
th t Lath
and PattUlo
~Groov ·~ a deed ·t o aecur debt on 5-28-68 for $7,000 1
Further, r~or book 4886,
p gt1
59$ r · ala that
11... 20-68 conv 1 . th proporty fra.n

warr ty
and Icelene Aluandet.
Jemea A. 8mit:h, Chief Houatng Cod · lnsp. ctor,flnd l ins ct d th
at 1263 Old Hollywood load on 5•20-69 nd found that baa1c Uy n ··
~•patr• as ttst don IU'. 14ddell's in
of the
The oc.cupmatSof 1263 and 1265 Old Roll:,vood, Botd pay their r
t t
J. T.
IAtb~, Boa 41222 .&tl..._. Georgia, 30331.
A cu-reory i•pectton of the ptopeny of 1265 Old lloUywood
that it ia b•dly
A-•-4 of repair and th
.- r
ti it would not be in co . U.
e v:lth
�-------- -------
Th housing coder
complete. ( The follow u
the last date t.he p
c;::=:===-------------======--==----=-==--------- -
-- - --
�Inspection Notice No. 0168-4112 reveal
that c . T. IA.them on May 29, 1968,
inspected pi-c,pel'ty at 2657 Rosemary Str•et, N.
Atlanta, Geor ia.
Thls property ,. residential frmae com truction, one story, on• unit,
and is owned by Mr.
a . Dooley who , at that time, alleg•dly resided at
RBute 1, Whitesburg, Georgia.
There were four itema of repair that bad an
estimated repair coet of $600 .00
Housing Inspection Notice C168-SS7 reveals that
T. Latham on
8-8-68 inspected the property at 2661 llosemary Street, N.
This le a fr - e house, one story, one unit 'and ls owned b7 Mr.
Dooley of White,buwg.- Georgi a .
There were some five items of repalr vtth an
stiut·ed coat of r pair of $800. 00 .
Record Book 4980 page 17 reveals that a warranty deed, dated 11•4--68,
conveye·d property
2651 ·aoaemary Str t, N. W., Atlanta, Georgia fro
Dooley to Charle• ·T. Latham and Robert D. 1attillo.
Record Book 4989 page 29 reveals that a deed to secure debt dated U ·- 4-68
on property 26S7 Roeemary Street, N.
w. ,
from Latham and Pattillo to
Dooley for $2 ,060 .
Record Book SOS! page 150 reveal• that warranty deed dated 4•14-69 on
property at 2657 aoaemary Street, N.
w. ,
from latham and Patt611o to H rman H.
and Mary Lou Maloy.
Record Book 4980 page 16 reveals that warranty deed dated 11•4•68 con-
veyed the property of 2661 Rosemary Str t, N.
R. Dooley to Charles
T. Latham and Robert D. Pattillo.
Record Book 4986 page 594 reveals warranty deed dated 11•16-65 conveyed
property at 2661 Rosemary Street , N.
Pattillo tow.
w. ,
from Charles T. Latham ind Robert D.
On May 20 1 1969, 1 telephonically contacted Wayman Ralph Dooley, Box 114,
Mansfield, Georgia, Telephone Covington Exchange, 706-6033. Mr. Dooley advised
that he was in the coaatruction businea and that he foi-merlly owned tbe pro•
perty at 2657 and 2661 Rosemary Street, N.
w. 1
Atlanta, Georgia. HI at•ted that
.-Cb of these propertl•• were inspected by Mr. Latham.
&~ i
He, Mr.. Dooley, had them
repa~CHQpliance with the code. At that time, he decided to
property and
4{ aeU the property to Mr.
t!III Mr. Dooley h•
"'7 11-.y stated
Pattillo and Mr. Lath
11 the
that he was s tiafied with the trana
�and that no preaaur whatsoever waa plf.ced upon him in the course of the eell•
i ns .
He atated that the
~ actually went through on the property at 2657
Bawever. Mr . and Mra . 1'11111• a . Ray had alr ady applied for
Rosemary Street.
loo on the propetty at 2661 Rosemary Street and when the loan e ·
it was necesaar7 for him to cancel out on th
sale of the
operty to Latham
and Pattillol
Both of the prop rties on Rosemary Street were inspected by
Smith , Chtef HoueiQg Code Inspect or and ayeelf,_Mll found that the houeea had
been repair~end that they appeared to b . tn compliance with the houin code .
�Inspection Notice
ber Wll•SOSS reveals that Kr. A.
inapected property at 2 (1724) Ridgew•y Avenue, N.
and determined th re were eome 11 iteiu of repair.
Waddell on 3•9•66
(right) 6tlanta, Georgia
Thia houa vaa owned by
Mr. and Mrs . Burkhart, Route 1, Mabl ton, Georgia, and at the time w s occupied
by J . P. Warr • The house was co
R cord Book 4957 page 206
vey d propert; {
Mrs. Alonzo
lied on 9•20-66.
reveal th t
ay A nue f~
1,, dg
9•17•68 con•
Carl Burkhart and Agne• Burkhart to
Record book 496S page 199 cuiDrijH de

arranty deed da
L•. tathana.
,i,- Ridgeway Avenu ,
to secure debt, dat
from Mrs. Alonzo L. Lathan· to Carl and Agnea Burkhart ·
\Y~r , · aoute 1, Monttcello for $4,soo loan.
Record Book 4986 pag 591 reveal
11b Ridgeway Avenue, N.
arraaty deed dated 11• 22•68 convey*" ("
from Mra . Alom:a L. Latham to Bradon M. Qualls and
lcelene Alexandr.
Record book 5044 page 65 reveals arranty deed of 3-28-69
"'1/' Ridgeway Av nu , N.
and sarah
from Brandon M. Qualls and Ic len Ale.-nder to Henry
Weav r .
view of th
fact that thi
hou e
purchas d by Mra . Latham and~
ub eq
as compl ied prior to the tilll8 it vaa
n sold, no curr nt
as made.
The Hou in Cod r cord on this l
e of property are intact.
�1ca.cord Book 4937 page 26 r~veal• warranty deed, dated 7•26•68 conveying prope1ty at 2250 Siak Str , et, N.
w. ,
Atl•nta, Ceorg1a from Flo••i Daniel Ru••ll
to Charle, T. Latham and iobert D. Pattillo.
Record Book 4935 page 412 reveal• deed to aecure debt elated 7•2 68 on
p~op rty at 2250 Sisk Street , N.
w. ,
from Latham and Pattillo to r101al .Daniel
Ruse 11 for loin of $1,900 .
Record Book 4986 page 596 reveal
arranty de d dated 11• 20•68 conveying
prop rty at 2250 Siak Street, N.
Quall and Icel ne Alex.nder ~
search of the records of the hou,tu code
frcm Latham and Pattillo to•~
division f il d tor veal th4t there waa ever a cue on the property t 2250
Sisk Street .
ln v:lev of the f
far on thi• property no further
vest:lgation was conducted p nding further developmem:s .


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