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Functions of Secretary to Housing Coordinator’

Acts as secretary to Housing Coordinator, Office of the Mayor, City of Atlanta;
and the Housing Reeouxess Committee. The Housing Resources Committee has a member-
ship of approximately 55 members organized into 8 Panels, each with its own specific
functions. The members of the Committee are very prominent businessmen and educators
in the City of Atlanta.

Secretary sends out dpriitetians monthly to the Housing Resources Executive Group
meetinzs; Low-income Housing Coordinating cues meetings and called meetings of the
entire HRC and its various Panels, held in City Hall. Takes and transcribes official
minutes of these meetings and makes distribution to all concerned. Arranges for use
of Conference Room at City Hall and confirms by phone whether or not couereeee mamas
plan to attend each meeting. Notifies all concerned of changes in time or place of
scheduled meetings.

In addition to taking and transcribing official minutes for Housing Resources
Committee meetings, takes and transcribes complex reports, such as the HRC Annual
Report, Analysis of Low-income Housing Program and Proposed Plan for Low-income
Housing sites; and suggested speeches for the Mayor i.e. speech for Mayor in Thomas-
ville Urban Renewal area recently, in connection with financing low-income single
family homes by the Insurance industry.

Takes dictation and transcribes correspondence prepared. for signature of the
Mayor, Chairman of the Housing Resources Committee and Housing Coordinator, which
requires considerable knowledz2 of business English and spelling and appropriate
paragraphing and punctuation.

Secretary helps compile information for the quite involved periodic Inventory
Report of Low and Medium Income Housing in Atlanta. Types in final form this complex
tabular report consisting of approximately 33 pazes. Gets the report reproduced and
makes distribution. This report is the only means of showing and keeping up with the
status and progress of the Low-income Housing Program.

Secretary must work independantly making own work decisions th -ntindnen super-
‘vision, as supervisor is frequently busy attending meetinss, having senresancen with
developers, and checking out land sites for low-income housing. This position requires
general office experience and knowledge and a general concept of city orzanization and
responsibility for functions.

Receives telephone calls and personal callers; answers their questions or directs

them to the responsible party. Refers those to the Housing Coordinator which, in her


Si ae

opinion require his personal attention. Schedules appointments for Housing
Coordinator according to knowledge and importance of his schedule. Keeps records
of his scheduled appointments. -
Searches and accumulates data from files for specific correspondence, studies
or projects undertaken by superior.
Maintains active and inactive files.
Maintains up to date lists of all members of the Housing Resources Conmid stees
to include correct mailing addresses and telephone numbers.
Maintains current list of developers interested in building low-income housing.
Types and keeps up to date list of proposed sites offered for low-income housing
which includes location, amount of land in.each tract and who controls the sits.
Takes dictation from, and types documents of a technical nature for, the Consultant
to the Housing Resources Committee, who devotes one day each week to seen in the Housing

Resources Committee office pertaining to technical details of the Low-income Housing


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