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March 11, 1968


Tos Mr. R. Zarl Landers
Administrative Assistant

Fromt Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator

Recommend that my Secretary's position be reclassified from Stenographer
Clerk, Selary Range 35 ($355 = 438 per month) to Senior Stenographer, Salary
Range 36 ($03 = 497 per month).

Justification for this request is contained in the attached job description.
The need for this change is intensified at this time because my present Secretary,
Mrs. Ruby Countryman, has recently taken the test for Senior Stenographer, passed
it, has been placed on Personnel's eligible list for a position in that classifica-
tion and is looking for such position, for the increase in pay which she needs.

Furthermore, Mrs. Countryman is the third and by far the most capable and
experienced Secretary I have had in this office (within a period of less than 10
months), The other two were both just out of High School with no previous
experience. Although they could type reasonably well, neither was really capable
of taking dictation and the last one simply could not begin to take and transcribe
minutes of normal Housing Resources Committee meetings.

Because of the delicate nature and high level of the work in this office, an
adequately qualified experienced Secretary ia highly desirable.

From the record to date, it is apparent that in order to obtain and keep a
competent and experienced Secretary in this office, an increase in classification
of the position will be necessary. The minimum requirements of one year's experience
ed a Senior Stenographer, would ingure a qualified pergon in this office for the

Mrs. Countryman is within the top three on Personnel's eligible list for Senior
Stenographer and is being referred by Personnel for interviews for that classification.

Enel: Functions of Secretary to Housing Coordinator

ect Mr. Dan BE. Sweat, Jr.

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