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iy Sweat

Jamary 22, 1968 / a
To: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Prom: Malcolm D. Jones

Re: Low-eost single family housing develepment in Thomasville U.R. Project

Mr. George Kemmedy, Chairman of the Housing and Redevelopment Comittee of
the Atlanta Chamber of Comuerce, has just informed me that the Travelers Insurance
Company has agreed to finance 70 new single family low cost houses in the Thomas=~
ville U. R. Project under the FHA 221 d (2) insured mortgage prograns and possibly
about 70 more (the remainder of the rougher undeveloped single family lots in
Thomasville) if National Homes and the Housing Authority can get together on the
price and FHA will insure the loans. This should practically complete development
of the 157 single family lots in Thomasville which have been vacant so long.

Mr. Kennedy has proposed that we attexpt to get some favorable publicity out
ef this to the mutual benefit of the Low-income Houging Program, Travelers Insurance
Company, Chamber of Commerce, and National Homes.

Mr. Kennedy says that Denver Gray of his Committee has done considerable work
on this and that James R. Price, President of National Homes, Lafayette, Indiana,

He suggests that a brief cerenony be arranged in the Thomasville U. R. Project
aves the wack of Fotouary 5 (provatly Fetraary 7) with you partleipering.

/ Pan sre aod ase both in accord with thie Aden

Recommend a meeting be scheduled in the Thomasville area, Wednesday, Feb. 7,
at 11:00 o'eleck, te make the formal announcement, with the following peewee to

ary ae Allen, Jr. ~ Me Ce

_Secrge W. Kennedy, Chamber of Commerce
~— Denver Gray, Chamber of Commerce

eet] A. Alexander

Representatives of Travelers Insurance Co.

James Re Price, President, National Homes

Joe Mlliott, National Homes Construction Corporation
Johm A. Thigpen, Dir. FHA

M, B. Satterfield, ixec. ‘irs, Housin, Authority
Robert L. Sommerville, Chairman, CACUR

Willies S. Howland, ‘xec, Dir., CACUR

Den Sweat

Maleolm Jones


ee: Den Servant

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