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(Commenced Nov. 15, 1966)

59% 13% 30%
1967-8 Goal (5 yr. Goal 16,800) 9,800 (5586) (127h) (290) (0)
Status No. Units P.H. & TK. FHA 221 Pvt. Devip.(Conv.) Elderly & N.H.
Jan 15 Nov 15 Jan 15 Nov 15 Jan 15 Nov 15 dan 15 Nov 15 Jan 15 Nov 15
Completed (new const.) 1312 1,266 er aig (400) (373) (912) (893) = ern
Under Construction %3701 3, 544 (790) (790) (565) (419) (2346) (2335) a “=
In Planning 6582 6,614 (2220) (21,60) (3868) (3810) (48) (48) (46) (296)
Total In Sight *11,595 #11, h2h ¥#(3010) (3250) (4833) (4602) (3306) (3276) _ (46) (296)
Increase~Deficit 41,795 +162) =2576 =2336 +3559 +3328 +366 +336 +6 +296
Being Considered (all categories) 481 4,950 Of which (1,695) are doubtful.
Did Not Vaterialize See Note Ae
#Most of these, should be available by end of 1968.
**Includes 1,10 units of P.H. being developed by the Housing Authority + 1,120 units on } sites In Planning
under Turnkey for P.H.3 also Browntown Rd. and Butler St. YMCA sites. In addition, 281 units
have been leased for P.H. and leasing of 19 additional units for P.H. is being negotiated.
In addition 10,157 units have been rehabilitated through the Housing Code Division, 27 units by the H.A. in
the West End U.R. Project and 30 units voluntarily by private enterprise. FHA has received applications for
rehabilitation of 167 housing units.
Note: Includes only units financed under Federal assisted low and medium income housing


programs; and units constructed under conventional financing as follows:


Multi-family units costing not more than $10,000, exclusive of tans

Duplex units " “ ” "$12 ,0C0, " "

Single family units " " . " $15,000, " " "

Summary of Public Housing in Atlanta Respectfully Submitted,
Notes , fe LA
Inventory of Projects and Living Units (Private & Public) (with office copies only) FPrake dl re®

Malcolm D. Joneg
Housing Coordinator

Enel. #1



Existing Units in operation - filled.
Units in Development stage, as follows:

Units under construction off McDaniel St., in Rawson-Washington U.R. Project (scheduled for
completion in '68)

(28) Early 168

(402) Late Summer '68

Units under construction in Perry Homes Extension - South of Procter Creek.
(78) 3 Bedroom

(46) Bedroom Bids opened March 7, 1967. Permit issued May '67.
(16) 5 Bedroom Const. on schedule for completion by Nov.'68.

Units planned for Thomasville U. R. Project
(40) 1 Bedroom (16 for elderly) In hands of architect. 2-3 months additional
(120) 2 Bedroom before construction can start. 12 months, at
(80) 3 Bedroom least, additional for construction. Will try to
(80) Bedroom have part delivered before final. Call for bids -
(30) 5 Bedroom probably Feb. '68.

Units reserved
(Allocations made by HUD to dates; Hollywood Rd., 250; Gilbert Rd., 220; Honor Farm #1, );50; and
Bankhead Hwy., 500)

(500 ts of this reservation are approved for allocation to the leasing program, to be replaced

Units allocated for leasing program; can only be turned over for Public Housing occupancy as become

Units under lease
(65 units, Murphy Apts.; 48 units, Tennessean Commons; 31 units, Sims Maddox's Apts. at Capitol
and Vinara, require rehabilitation; 18 units on Dargan Place; 119 units, Amanda Gardens, being

Negotiations under way for leasing 19 additional units.

° Total Potential


8,266 units proposed did not materialize, of which 7,166 were shown in the previous report of Nov. 15, '67 and 1,100 additional units are listed in
saenent report, as Lost. (The majority of these losses were due to disapprovals of sites and proposed ragonings)

Proposed locations for low-cost housing are being coordinated with the Planning Dept., for adequacy of Community Facilities, existing or proposed.
Proposals are also reviewed periodically with the School Dept. for adequacy of school facilities.

A team from Savannah composed of Mr. Leon J. Meyer, Architect, A.I.A. and Mr. John 0. McNamara, Jr., Consulting Engineer, has recently made a
presentation in Atlanta of a "patent. applied for" low-cost housing method of construction with flexible design, which they claim can be constructed
quickly on site, employing mostly untrained labor and at a savings of 10%-15% under conventional construction. This team is scheduled to make another
presentation to the Construction and Design Panel, Housing Resources Committee, for evaluation of the merits of the pronosal.

The Travelers Insurance Company has agreed to finance 70 or more new single family low-cost houses in the Thomasville, Urban Renewal Project area under
the FHA 221 d (2) insured mortgage program.

In view of difficulties encountered in zoning and getting other approvals on sites proposed for large multi-family developments, it is apparent that
the Low-income Housing Program will have to lean heavily on Developers and Builders providing a substantial portion of the requirements on small
scattered sites. Thus far, 597 single family sales houses and 2,85) rental units in duplexes and relatively small apartment developments, in this
category and mostly under conventional financing, have been and are being developed.

No proposal had yet been made for construction of units (even efficiency or 1 bedroom) to rent or sell for as low as $50.00 per month, although the
London Towne Houses, a 221 d (3) co-op development now under construction, is pushing this close with its one bedroom unit selling for {59.00 per month.
The City's greatest need is in the $30.00 - $50.00 per month rental-purchase range.

Attorney Blackwell in Decatur has proposed a concrete 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1, 000 sq. ft. house which he claims can sell for $6,000, plus land costs, incl.
heating and air conditioning equipment.

National Homes Corp. of Lafayette, Ind. placed on the market Feb. 1, 1967, a 800 - 900 S.F. (0.S. dimensions) 3 bedroom, prefabricated, preassembled
panel, single family house plus a 96 S.F. (I.S. dimensions) storage building manufactured by Arrow Metal Products Corp., to sell under FHA 221 da (2).
Price includes plumbing, electrical, heating units, stove & refrigerator. House can be completely assembled in 85 man hours; 72 of these (with con-
ventional plumbing) are being erected (pre-sold) in the Thomasville Urban Renewal Area. Approx. 800 sq. ft. house is priced at $11,200; 900 sq. fte
house is priced at $11,600. Adrian Homes Corp. has proposed a prefab to retail for about $7,500 plus land, foundation, closing and pousible tapping
fees. Other prefab distributors and conventional builders have interesting potential houses to offer but are not producing single family houses in
Atlanta to sell in the $10,000-$12,500 range for which there is a strong demand and market in Atlanta. Perhaps the greatest difficulty is availa-
bility of suitably priced land within the City Limits. Economics for this price range sales housing require land which will not cost the developer
more than $1500.00 per unit.

Saul Gray is one of five partners in a Corporation which owns 280 new units off Bankhead at Elbridge St., which he wants to sell, + a potential
development on the site for several hundred additional units. Area is already zoned A-l.

Ralph L. Dickey of Atlanta has proposed a non-profit revolving fund enterprise to acquire substandard housing, renovate it and resell, primarily
through private enterprise. CACUR recently formed a non-profit corporation to rehabilitate existing units under 221 (h). Morris Brown College
is another such sponsor. North West Community Forum has also filed applications for projects under 221 (h).

Information is welcomed as to corrections, additions or deletions of material contained in this report. (Call 522-63, xt. 30.)
Encl. #2

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