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Barricade at City I-Iall
Th rrbu ·e 1\[;i~·or h ·;m Allen rlelivc rcd lo

\lla nra alrlcrmen in his " .s:t atc of the city" .i ddre.s:s 11·a.s: mild in comparison with what

he might h.w e s;i id.
"Xnt ;i sing! majo r ro rrrcf ive or crc.ili vc
prog r:im h:is conH' 011! of Cif y !fall wit h wh ic h
to cop wit h ihr prohlrms of slum s and trc1nspnrta thln ." the 111:iyor rlrcl:irrd .
Bui it"s rn' n wnrsc than that. Jn the right

,gains! slum blight. thr ;i!clerm 
:rnic boa rd

actu;i lly h:is been a hindrn nce.
which dese rves se ri ous co nsideration i:; se lect.ion or mult iple sites sca ttered 1.hroughr)llt
I he city's four qu adra nts for low-cos t. housin g. These sites would be submitted [or zoning approv;il as a package to avoid accusal ions that any one srction is be:iring more
than it s reasonab le share of housin g for the
B ui. until the ::ilderm rn ge t some back bone

rnd show somr initia tive , the mayor 's worthy

program 1.o find decent housing for all Atlanta 's citizens will falter.
Th:it point w;is m;ide abundantly clea r
in anothe r mild-spo?·en re port- one delivered
l:i st month by the Housing Res0urces Committee, a group of civic le;i ders ;ippoin ted
b.' tl:e m:iyM Lo e.·prdi :e his low-cost ho usi ng
The HJlC observed that almost all urban
renewal land on which low-cost housing might
be built already has been committed. Most
other sites zoned for rnull.i-family use already are be ing used fo r that pu rpose or are
prohibitively expensive .
And yet there is reasonably priced vacant
land in the city. It 1s zoned for other purposes, howeve r.
This ," said HRC's annu al report, "that the bulk of remaining land needed
for the program will have lo depend on rezoning of appropriate tracts for this purpose."

And there's the nib. Aldermen have been
notably reluctant to rezone for housing for the
poor-unless the site were in someone else's
In its repor t, the Housing Resources Commi ttee out! ined a broad-spectrum attack on
sl ums, utilizing "turnkey," 22l and other privately developed projects; vigorous rehabilitation programs, leasing of privately owned
bu tld ings by the Atlanta Housing Authority,
add itional urban renewal, and close intergovernmental cooperation.
A key and controversial recommendation

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