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Box 5, Folder 11, Document 106

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A source close to the House Committee said that members who
attacked the measure viewed it as a frill in light of proposed
Federal spending cutbacks of $6 billion. He ~lso cited the difficulty
of defining "new communities," as opposed to housing and commercial
On other items, the Committee followed the recommendations
of its housing sub-committee. It tentatively approved an increase
from $1,500 to $3,000 in the maximum renabilitation grant for lowincome home owners, compared with an increase to $2,500 as proposed
by the Administration and approved by the Senate.
And the Committee okayed ' 2 related amendments which would
provide rehabilitation loans and grants to home owners in areas
of substantial blight outside urban renewal and code enforcement
areas a~d would authorize rehabilitation assistance to home owners in
deteriorated neighborhoods whosq,roperties are uninsurable under
proposed riot insurance legislation .

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