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De c ember 28 , 196 6
Hono rable Charles L . Weltner
Member of Congress
House of Representatives
Old Post Offic e Building
Atlanta , Georgia 30303
Dear Congress-man Weltner :
A Housing Resou;rces Committee is being established in Atlanta
to work closely with and as an adjunct to the Mayor ' s Office in a
special effort to provide through private enterpdse, non-profit
organizations and public housing sufficient housing units for all
those in low and medium income brackets in Atlanta to be housed
in decent , safe and sanitary housing and to eliminate existing
slums in our city.
Sub.-eommittees of the Housing Resources Committee will soon
be appointed in various fields of endeavor to serve on the
Committee for accomplishing this momentous objective .
You have been nominated to serve with evel'al others on the
Legal Sub-Committee . It is anticipated th tat tts first meeting
each Sub-Committee will elect its own Chairman, who will also be
the Sub-Committee's representative on the Executive Group
of the Housing Resources C ommitte a a whole .
It i also expected th t each Sub-Committee , in addition to
supplying 11 know how" in its particular field, will also be
influential at all level . to gain acceptance for nd promotion
of the program nd would select at least two young men from
firms which can afford to devote part of their time for intensive
work with the S ub. Committee.
�Congressman Weltner
Page Two
December 28, 1966
It would also be helpful if each Sub- Committee could form an
advisory panel of people active in the field of housing, who would
remain free to pursue their active business without conflict of
interests .
W e hope that you will be able to serve on this S ub - Commi ttee .
P lease advise Col . M alcolm Jones (telephone 522 - 4463, Ext. 432
or 437) .
Cordi lly,
Ivan All n , Jr.
M ayor
Cecil A . Alex nder, Chairman
Housing R e s ourc s Com.mitte
S anford S . A twood, Co-Chairman
Hou ing R e ources Committee

B enj m in E . M ys, Co- Chai rman
Housing Resource s Committ e

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