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June 16,. 196
Honorable Jack Summers ~ Chairman
Public Wo r ks Committee N tunbe r 1
Board of Aldermen
C ity of Atlanta.
C ity Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
De r Alde 1"man Swnm.e r s :
Th U. S ~ Bureau of Public Roads has re ques te d that the Mayor
and Bo rd oi Alde rmen concur in the State H ighway Department
of Georgia recommended location of Inte r s tate Route 485 (1· 485 ),
Line ' 'B" .
You re well aw re of all the rgurnents in support of and in
oppo ition to the location of this road along th route recommended
well as other routes which were thoroughly invostlg t d nd
consid red.
I am confid nt the Highw y Department concern d its lf not only
with the engineering requisites, but with all th other £ ctors
to minimi~e re idential di loc tion
d conununity di org i z tion.
The C Lty of Atl t cannot afford furth e r dcl y i n seeing thi project
started. Be ide the critical need of 1-485 for the relief 0£ northlde Atlanta traffic cong stion, th approv 1 of sev ral oth r
major highway projects for th benefit of Atl nta motorist ls
contingent upon th con truction of 1-485.
The construction of th t portion of F-0S6 from
ol I-485 n ar M rian Ro d to th junction of th
D v lopm.ent Hi hw y t the Circumfer ntial
dir ctly dep nd nt upon th
pprov 1 ol I-485.
th north rn limits
App lachi n
Route (1-285) is
If approv l i not
�Alderman Summers
Page Two
June 16, 1966
gained on the above numbered project, this section would probably
lose Federal Participation a n d revert to the local goverrunental
bodies to complete . There would be some question as to whether
F-056 south of 1-485 would ever be constructed, particularly the
section within the Circumferential Route (I-285 ), if I - 485 is not
The improvement of the Northeast Freeway (I-85) which consists of
widening to six lanes from the interchange with I-485 near Cheshire
Bridge Road to the C i rcumferential Route (I-285) would be long
delayed if not stoppt ;- : entirely if I-485 is not approved.
The possibility 0£ F-120, the ea terly extension of Lakewood
A venue, becoming a traveling reality is dependent upon the
approval of l-485 .
I, therefore, recommend that the Board of Aldermen adopt the
attached resolution concurring in Line 11 B 11 of I,..485 and that
we urge the State Highway Department to give top priority to it
S i11cerely,
Ivan Allen, Jr.
M yor

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