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: 673 Capitol Avenue, S.W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30315
Ivan Allen Jr., Mayor
J. C. Johnson, Director
TO: Mr. Dan Sweat
Director of ae, Bene Liaison
FROM: James L. Wright, ox.
Director of ght, oe.) tA ment
SUBJECT : Atlanta Housing Authority and Housing Code Division

Activities in the Model Neighborhood Area

Attached hereto, is a revised copy of the policy regarding AHA
and Atlanta Housing Code Division in the Model Neighborhood
Area. The addendum to the original policy which was developed
in February of 1969, refers to properties which have, in recent
years, been brought up to City Housing Code standards. This

policy is outlined in paragraph 2 under the heading Rehabilitation
Policy - Model Neighborhood Area.

The Atlanta Housing Authority will obtain a list of structures
which have met Code Enforcement standards of the City of
Atlanta Building Department in recent years. Owners whose
properties currently meet these standards will have the

option of either taking advantage of possible grants or loans
under the Atlanta Housing Authority rehabilitation program

to meet project standards or continuing to maintain structures
in compliance with the City Housing Code.

As you know, it was formulated by Messrs. Lester Persells, Executive
Director of Atlanta Housing Authority; C. M. Smith, Architectural
Engineer; James Smith, Chief Housing Code Inspector; Malcolm Jones,
Chairman of Housing Resources Committee; and myself, representing
the CDA. This agreement was reached during the meeting with you

in your office on May 26. The purpose is to provide the most
equitable arrangement to benefit property owners in the rehabilita-
tion program.

cc: Mr. William Wofford
Mr. Lester Persells
Mr. C. M. Smith
Mr. Malcolm Jones

Mr. James Smith
Mr. Johnny Johnson

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