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August 9, 1967


. Memorandum To: Members, Executive Group, Housing Resources Committee

Subject: Report on Vacant Land in Atlanta

The attached report (Encl. 1) has been provided by the Planning Department
upon request of HRC (July 6 Executive Group Meeting) for total acerage zoned
joartuante, Commercial, Industrial and Residential. (Tabulation of vacant acerages
by Land Lot and District which accompanied the report has not been reproduced.)

Totals for each of the above zoning categories have been tabulated in
pencil on first page of the report to facilitate overall comparison.

The report shows the amount of vacant Industrial land to be approximately
3 times the vacant land zoned for mlti-family and 6 times the vacant land zoned’
Commerciale. This appears to be excessive in view of current immediate needs of
the City, particularly for low income multi-family development.

The report also Aneioates that vacant land zoned Rl-); is approximately
3 times that zoned R5-9, The latter category only is applicable to low income
families, which apparently constitute the majority of families in Atlanta.

For detailed comparison between the HRC July 5 Analysis of vacant land
zoned for apartments (tabulated from Zoning Map previously prevaden by the
Planning Departasent) and the Appendix which accompanied the attached Planning

Department report, see Encl. 2, attached.

Enclst 1. Memorandum from Planning Department dated July 21

2. Comparative Tabulations

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