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May 29, 1969
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673 Capitol Avenue, S.W.
Atlanta, Ga . 30315
Ivan Allen Jr., Mayor
J. C. Johnson, Director
Policy Regarding Atlanta Housing Authority and
Atlanta Housing Code Division Activity in the
Model Neighborhood Area
Rehabilitation Policy - Model Neighborhood Area
The Atlanta Housing Authority will obtain a list of structures
which have met Code Enforcement standards of the City o f Atl a nta
Building De p a rtment in r e c e nt ye a rs. Owners who se p rope rti e s
currently meet these standards w~ll have the option o f either
taking advant age of possible grants or loans under the Atlanta
Housing Authority reh ab ilitation program to meet project
standards or continuing to maintain structures in compliance
with the City Housing Code.
In rehabilitation areas other th a n thos e of current ye ar action
areas; the City Building Department will participate on a
complaint investigation basis only. New enforcement cases will
be undertaken in ac cordanc e with De partment personnel capability
and on a f ull code complianc e basis.
Demolition Po l icy - Mode l Ne ighborhood Area
The Atlanta Housing Authority is fully responsible for demolition
activities in NDP current year clearance action ar eas. When
emergency situations occur necessitating prompt action on particular
structures in the cl ear a nc e a r eas , the City Building De partment
will become involved f or e n f o rc ement effort s.
In d emolition areas other than those o f current year a c t ion areas~
the Buildi ng Department will become involved only on a compliant
b asis t o effect full c o de compliance with the exception that
generally no inst a llation o f additiona l equipment will be required.
A pos sibl e except ion wi ll aris e if i t is d e termi n e d tha t the fa i lure ·
to install addi t iona l equipme nt may res ult in j e opa rdy to the health,
safety on g eneral welfare o f a structures inhab ita nts.

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