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Another aspect of this situation is that various city and county service
agencies very rarely plan projects 5-10 years ahead. Of course, it would be
ideal if they were involved in long-range planning so that they could antici-
pate problems rather than respond to them as they occur, But due primarily to
limited funds, the agencies are more or less compelled to respond pragmatically
to community problems.

The value of this report then is that it tends to make up for the lack of
long-range planning for various city services. Through its assessment of
community needs and its recommendations, it can be of invaluable assistance to
public officials by pointing out what needs to be done to meet existing prob-

lems and foreseeing future needs in the Browntown Area,


In order to eliminate existing deficiencies and bring about orderly
growth in the N. W. Browntown Area, it is recommended:

(1) That a vertical addition to Archer High which would increase its
capacity to 2000 students be placed on a bond issue by Spring, 1968,

(2) That an elementary school site be included for any new housing projects
approaching 300 units or more in size,

(3) That planning be started now for the construction of a new high school
in the area as population increase demands it,

(4) That plans be started now for the construction of a junior high school
on the already acquired site located west of James Jackson Parkway as
population increase demands it. ‘

Parks and Recreation

(1) That a’ request for a neighborhood park for Lincoln Homes be placed on
the next bond issue.

(2) \That the City find a means of paying all of the personnel costs needed
yj ‘to maintain recreational services in Perry Homes.





That plans be started for securing funds to build a community club house
and fully equip Gun Club Park as a community park,

That plans be started for the development of a community park to the
west of James Jackson Parkway as population increase demands it,

That plans be started for the development of at least one more neighbor-
hood park in addition to the two already proposed for the area.

That the Parks Department be prepared to expand and improve upon existing
parks and recreational facilities as population increase demands it.





That the Sandy Creek Improvements Project be initiated as soon as
possible in order to bring about the major solution to most of the sewage
and flooding problems in the area,

That until the Sandy Creek Improvements Project is initiated whatever
temporary solutions are feasible be implemented to alleviate sewage
conditions before large new housing projects are constructed,

That a plan of action be developed to identify and aid the owners of
those homes which are too poorly situated near Proctor Creek for anything
economically feasible to be done about their sewage and flooding problems,

Other Facilities




That a public transportation study be made to specify problems faced by
residents in terms of access to library, health, and employment facilities
and to recommend feasible alternatives for resolving the situation.

That the City make a concentrated effort to upgrade street and traffic
facilities in the area, including the erection of traffic facilities at
needed intersections, the construction of street lights in unlighted
residential areas, and the general maintenance of clean and well paved -

That efforts be made to attract to nearby industrial areas firms that
would generate employment opportunities for local residents.

That the City require that developers of any public housing projects in
in the area hire local residents first in recruiting workers.



That local community groups establish the necessary organizational
machinery to direct their complaints and requests to the appropriate
public agencies and to follow through and see that their complaints and
requests are acted upon.


(2) That the public service agencies act upon complaints and requests from
local community groups and give the groups a clear explanation if they
are unable to meet a requested service,

(3) That every effort be made to develop a healthier mixture of low and
middle income housing types throughout the City so that public housing d
does not become further overconcentrated in the Northwest Browntown.

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