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December i, 1967

Te: Meyor Ivan Allen, Jr.

From: Malcolm D. Jones

Please note attached revised Sumunary of Rezoning for low-income
housing, particularly the two sites (Browatown Road and Hollywood
Road) checked in red on page 3, both of which are to come up for
the second time December 7, before the Zoning Committee.

Collier Gladin informs me that the «chool situation appears satisfactory
now, but that he has been unsuaceseful in getting the Parks Department

te state definitely when they expect to build a ewimming pool in the

Gun Club Road Park site; and the Water Pcllution Control Division

of the Conktraction Department to state when they expect te have

the ProctoriCreek Lift Station installed for the sewer disposal system;
that without definite dates set for these two installations, the neighborhood
opposition will continue to oppose and he predicts that both projects

will go down the drain.

Suggest you do what you can before December 7 to get definite dates
established for theze two installations.

Respectfully ,

Malcolm BD. Jones

Enclosure: Summary of Rezoning

ee: My. Dan Sweat —~
Mr. Cecil Alexander

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