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July 6, 1967

The Executive Group of the dousin: Resources Committee inet at 10:CO am,
July 6, 1957, in Comuiitce Room #2, City Hal. ‘The following members were present:

Mr. Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman, Housing Resources Conmittce

Mr», Butler Henderson, representing Dr. Benjamin ways, CoeChairman, Housing
Resources Committee

Mr. Charles L. ‘'eltner, Acting Chairman, Legal Panel

li, Robert “‘inn, representin., Dr. :.c\vin Harrison and “r,. :ioreland Smith,
Chairman & Vice-Chairman of the Construction and Yesign Panel

Mr. lee Burge, Chairman, Finance & NonrProfit-Funds Panel

Mr. AeB.e Pad eti, member, Finance & Non-Profit Funds Panel

Mr. John ‘Jilson, member, Finance ¢: ‘ion-Profit Funds Panel

tir. Charles If. Palmer, representin; iir, Clarence Colesan, Actin; Chairman,
Public Housing Panel

Mre "iallace Le. Lee, tember, Land Acquisition Panel

Dean William S. Jackson, Chairman, Social Problems Panel

Mr. Lewis Cenker, member, Social Problems Panel

Mre idward L. Simon, representing Mr. Viril liilton, Chairman, Business
Participation Panel

tir. Dale Clar’:, Chairman, Public Information Panel

i. VW. W. Cates, Consultant

Mr. Halcolm 2. Jones, Jirector

present at th. meetin were:

Mr. Henry Hill, treasurer, ‘tetail Credit Company

ite ‘illiam Dassett, Assistant Chicf of Planning Departwent
Mr. “William Howland, uxecutive Director of CACUR

Mir. Reginald Carter, Commnity Relations Comission
Representatives of the Press

Mire Cecil A. Alexander presided. ‘le opened tne meeting by asking for Panel
reports. lir. ‘‘eltner was called on to give a report on the Le al Panela

ir, Charles L, ‘’eltner, .cting Chairman, Le al Panel, reported that they
did not have a chairman as yet. He also statcd that they have met trice and that
Malcolm Jones has given them copies of the Jousing Code,

Mr. Alexander stated that Im. ‘Jillian Slayton, !xecutive Vice-President of
Urban America, su., ested that the iiayor write a letter recoimendin that a very
close look be taken into the current provisions of Section 115 for Federal $1,500

reiabilivation . reai.teg Section 312 for 3/5 loaas for property owners in Urban
Neneral anc Code Inforcement projects who imst mate repairs under the -iousing
Code; tnaat some way be found to either modify this to incluce any areas in the
City or be:in sone legislation on tais,

Mr. Weltner explained that he nad discussed that with frenk ‘illiams., ie
also stated that if tue Comittee felt it would nelp, he wouls draft a letter on
this for the liayor's signature,

irs Alexander said ne thought this would be good and agreed to provide Mre
“eliner with a couy of the letier he nad prepared for the iiayor on this matter.

ir. Ldward L. Simon, representing ir, Vir il Milton, stated ti:at he wished
some lesislation could be introduced vo correct the sit ation in Urban Renewal areas
in which houses exist which are both fire hazards and health hazards.

Mr. feltner stated that ‘ov. ‘addox had vetoed such a bill not long a‘o.

i”. Malcolm Jones, Directory saic. that he .ner of the house in cuestion and
that when last inspected it was structurally sound, so that it did not warrent
denolition; tiat thercfereit cannot dc Jeolished under the "In Rein" ordinance.
this ordinance galls for the omner to maxe repairs on such property,

Mr. Simon said that someona.. needs to re-inspeci the house in cuestion
because it is not sound now,

lire Jones stated that it has been some tixe since the house had been inspected,
and that perhaps now tue City coulda take action to cemolisn it under the "Tn Rem!

site Alexander asked tir. Jones to esplain tne "In em" ordinance.

i. Jones e: plained that it was adopted by the City, after action taxen by
the 1906 Le islature which gave the City, with tne autnority placed in the
Builain, Official, the ri ht to inspect builcings which were dilapidated, and
wo call upon toe orner to ma’se repairs or demolish, If the building is more than
50% cila;idated, tien the Building Department calls on the owner to demolish and
if the o-vner fails to co so after 90 cays, then the building may be demolished
by the City and a lien placed against the property for the cost of demolishing;
thet the City coes not have the right to repair.

ilies Alexander then called on the Finance ~ ‘Yon=Profit Funds Panel for its

Mir. Lee Burje, Chairman, Finance ’: Non-Profit Funds Panel stated tiat they
were workin;. on trying to get a local non-profit Yousing Development Corporation
formed to assist in the housing pro rame

i. Alezancer ten asxcd for the Public Housing Panel's report.

lr. Charles f. Pelmer, representing ir. Clarence Coleman, stated that one
proble.. with which his panel is corcerned is tne UD policy (of discouraging
public housiny) in racially identifiable areas. He statcd chat they felt this
was a very unrcalistic pelicy anc thai this Committee should tae this un.

im. Alexander agrecu that this e.cluced both ali-‘hite areas anc all-‘'c: ro

tir, Palmer also stated that Atlanta's greatest need is more Public Housin:,.
iir. Alexander statea that housing is also neeced on the east side of Atlanta.

i. Robert ‘inn, representing Dr. darrison, asxed if we could tity to get
some cooperation from Fulton anc! Detalb counties on locations for low-cost housing?

lr, Jones said that this was discusscd recently anc that he felt some type
of cooperation coulda be efiectca on a purely voluntary basis.

if. Alexancer tvnen called for the Land Acquisition and as there
was none ne next calied for tie »:0cial Problems Panel rcport.

Dean ‘illiai 5, Jackson, Chairman, Social Probleus Pancl, stated that he wisned
to point out vie late Charles 0. simerich's part on his Panel. ‘Ie asked if the
Comittee would approve a motion to ac:mowledge his service with a letter to
his famliy?

Mr. Palmer seconded tie inmotion ana it was carrica unani. ously.

Jean Jacisson said that his Panel felt it needed more representation from
the coumunity, anc. wo adaitional inembers, or, hrwin stevens and ir. Lewis Cenker,
had been acveds; tnat his Panel also decicec to wor: on a stavement of purpose for
this Commttce, ie said that tie Atlanta Housin. Authority was also Giscussed .
Iv was ielt the fousin ‘uthoriiy necded some sort of social for people
moving into nouwsing developrienis; thai this siould be a separate ayency by iiself
so the needs of tae people could be -ict,

Mr. Alerander as.ed if wise Committee wanted to invite a wember of the Housin;,
Authority to spea': on this mavter at the next meting? Also if a copy of the
vocial Problems Panel's report should ve rcferrcd the Coiirunity Relations
Conmiss on, anc a copy proviced the Jousing jut iority?

The Committee agreed to both,

Mir, Alexander then asked tae Public Information Panel for its report.

ir. Dale Clark, Chairian, Public ‘nformation Panel, reportec that they had
a neeting to brag the members up to cate on events anc. to ciscuss the Com.dttoe's
"hite Paper". ‘Je stavecd vwiac he hac founa thav tae Atlanta Chamber or Connserce
nad given us high priority on their agenda.

fir. Alexander then asked .r. Jones to explain the reports listed on the

hr. Jones stctec that the first was a periodic inventory report of low and
mcciuin cost nousing in Atlanta which was revised June 20, 1907. de explained
tie weaning of the abbreviations anc that sowe unius ire not as firm as the;
li ht ve. He then cxplained tne Summary and the Notes at tne end of the invcntory;
also the related paper entitled "Problem Areas". (Sce covy of Summary abiached
to taese minutes.)

ir, Alexander at tnis point states that he had neglected to as’: if the
Business Participation Panel had anytain to report and ther dic not.

Mir. Jones tien statec that not lon; ago, as a result of request by the Land
Acquisition Panel, he har. askec the Planning Departwent to provide hin with
information concerning vacani land in ‘Atlanta which was zonec for apartrentse
je reportec that he ha. recently received a zoning map *ith orange colored
ares superimposcd over the map, incics.... the vacant land. je stateca that
the exact size of these percels vas not mown (estimated only) anc that he had
gone over the entire map and com, iled a list of the vacant land shown zoned for
apertments. ‘le tuen explained whe siiia’ anu reported ivs findin s and conclusions.
(see cover sheet, Prelim nar7 fnalysis, attacaec)

hr. “‘eltner us:ed tee number of vacant acres noi. zoned for apcrtients? Tne
figbvre was not available.

hire BDurye asx... scout vie cuantity of other vacant Land, zoned Industrial
or otherwise. ‘The fi vres were not available.

lire Alesancer statew that tne Land fcequisition Panel was now going to get
to review the Land Use Study. He asked if there was any otner business before
adjournin, ?

lire Jones asied that tae Committee give him some idea as to action to take
about the above wentionea study on land zoned for apartwents.

ire Ale.tancer stated that he felt there were two steps which could be taen:

1. ‘hat tne figures itir. cltner and wr. rur ¢€ requested be obtained from
the Planning Department,

That this Committee vo to [UD with this study and related figures and
snow them what we are up against.

fhe only owner thin which this Comiivtee could act upon noi is to urge the Plannin:,
Departient vo get more zon:ng enanged in both tne Fulton and JeXalb portions of

ir. ‘e€ltner asec what avout the tent Suyplement item on the agenda?

Mr, Jones staicd that the House of Representatives rejectiea it this year; the
nayor has bcen callec upon to go to ‘'ashnington to sive iestinony next vee’. before
the Senate Appropri.aticns Committee in gapsort of trying to get the propran
reinstated; that he, . y+, Jones, has been called upon by Jm Sveat in the iayor's
office to prepare several stacchents in su,jort of the pro:ram.

iy. Alexander asied if it would scneiit the ayor if this Commitee prepared
a report or statement also supportin,, the ‘ent Supplement program.

mre cliner nove vhat this Co :nivicc prepaie a mesiorial to that eficcr.
lr. Jackson seconaea the motion and it was carried unaninuously.
As there was no further business,, tne adjourned at 11:5 a.m.

Respectiully submitted,

Vs ecihe cd. >
valeolm D, Jones
Supervisor of “hspection services

incls: Summary of Lowecost Housing *nventory Yeport
Prelii inar, ‘nalysis cover sheet,

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