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DRAFT - Minutes - Housing Resources Executive Committee Meeting - May 4, 1967

Members of the Housing Resources Committee Executive Group met on
Thursday, May 4, 1967, at 10:00 a.m. in City Hall, The following members were

Mr. Dale Clark, Public Information Panel

Dean William S. Jackson, Social Problems Panel

Mr. J. E. Land, Land Acquisition Panel

Mr. Archer D. Smith, II, Legal Panel

Mr. Edwin L. Sterne, Public Housing Panel

Mr. Hall Ware, Finance and Non-Profit Funds Panel

Mr. John C. Wilson, Finance and Non-Profit Funds Panel

Mr. Robert Winn, Construction and Design Panel

The Business Participation Panel was not represented at the meeting.

Col. Malcolm Jones presided in the Chairman's absence. Col. Jones
explained that this was the second in a series of monthly meetings designed to
bring the Committee members up to date on the progress of the program. He
then asked @ach of the panel representatives to make a report on the action taken
by their respective panels.

Finance and Non-Profit Funds Panel - Mr. Wilson and Mr. Ware
explained that the Committee is actively engaged in developing a local funding
group to provide ''seed'' money to promote low cost housing. Preliminary discussions

have been held and material from other such organizations is being reviewed.

Social Problems Panel - This panel has met to organize their group

and has discussed some of the broad areas to be encompassed by the panel. Two

main decisions came out of this meeting:

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(1) The panel should have representation from the community itself
and, therefore, two new members have been added.

(2) The panel felt it would be helpful to develop some guidelines as to
what is anticipated as foals for adequate living. .

Dean J ackson added that one os his clas ses is presently conducting a
survey of the attitudes of families living in the area just north of Bedford-Pine
to be completed by the end of this month. If anything helpful comes out of the
study it will be shared with the Committee.

Land Acquisition Panel - This panel is still in the process of thoroughly
organizing. However, as a result of the first meeting it was decided that two or
three real estate men would be added to the group and this is in process at present.
Meetings are planned with the Atlanta Housing Authority and the Federal Housing

Construction and Design Panel - Three architects have been gained to
work with the panel in carrying out its functions. The panel members have organized
and have scheduled regular monthly meetings and are beginningtto plan their program.

Legal Panel ~- Two attorneys have been added to assist in the work of
the panel. The panel members are working in three areas at the present time:

(1) Research and examination of the laws dealing with FHA housing,
particularly the requisites for obtaining FHA grants and loans;

(2) Study of complaints and problems concerning the enforcement of

the Housing Code; and

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(3) Research into the part of the law particularly concerned with the
Grant and Loan Program being restricted to urban renewal areas.

Public Housing Panel - This panel has met once and dt that meeting
the members were generally acquainted with what is going on in public housing.
Mr. Sterne told the group of many of the programs the Housing Authority is
presently engaged in.

Public Inforraation Panel - The panel members have met with Col. Jones
and Mr. Alexander for a briefing on the overall program. This panel's function is
one of informing the general public and to report fully through the news media what
the Committee is doing. Until some definite action is taken by the Committee and
the function of the Commitéee is a little better focused, this panel will not be able
to really move forward on their pgogram.

Col, Jones distributed up to date copies of the inventory of the various

projects/have been proposed and provided members of the press with a summary
of this report. He reviewed the summary with the committee and discussed in
detail some of the ppoblems the Committee is encountering in getting these projects
underway. The major problems include;

(1) Attitude of home owners toward apartment units;

(2) Zoning; and

(3) Determination on the location of housing. FHA prefers that such

housing not be located in areas concentrated with one group.

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The group discussed possible solutions to these problems but no
positive decisions were reached.

Col. Jones also told the group of a meeting Mr. Alexander has requested
for a special meeting of the Board of Aldermen for the purpose of inviting builders
and developers to appear before them to discuss their problems from their points
of view. He added that Ut would be helpful to have some members of the Executive
Group at this meeting also. Mr. Land of the Land Acquisition Panel said that
his panel would definitely be represented at the meeting.

Col. Jones requested each of the panels to elect permanent chairmen
and vice chairmen as soon as possible if they have not already done oe.

Mr. Clark told the Executive Group members that his panel (Public
Information) is always open to committee members for any suggestions or
recommendations as to how the public information program can help further the
goals of the committee. He also recommended to Col. Jones that the information
contained in the summary of the problem areas be made available to the press.
Col, Jones agreed with Mr. Clark and advised that he would take up this matter
with Mr. Alexander.

Thee being no famther business the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

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