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Box 5, Folder 17, Document 34

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Ce cil A. Alexande r, Architec t, Chairman
Dr . Sanford S. Atwood, President , Bmory University, Co-Chai rm2.n
Dr . Benjamin E. Mays, President, .Morehouse Colle ge, Co-Chairman
Charles He ltner, Attorney
Donald Hollowell, Regional Director, Equal Empl oyment Opp ortunity
Honorable Luther Alverson, Judge, Fulton County Superior Court
Construction and Design
Dr . Edwin Harrison, President, Ge orgia Institute of Technology
He r man Russe ll, Contractor
~-:orelaEd Smith, Dire ctor of Urban Planning Project, Southern Regional Council
Re v . John A. Middleton, Pr es ident, I orris Brown Col le ge
Henry F. Alexander, Builder
Jfu~es ~ oore , President, Atlanta Labor Council
De an Har ding B. Young , Atl anta Universit y
Lee Burge , President, Retail Cr edit
Butler T. Hende r son , Assistant to Dr. IIays, Morehouse College
Mills ~ . Lane , Jr ., President , Citizens and Southern National Bank
A. H. Ster ne, Presi dent, The Trust Comp any of Georgia
Gordon Jones, Pr esident, The Fulton National Bank
Joseph Earle Birnie, President, The National Bank of Georgia
~~on- Prof i t Funds
A. B. Padget t , Executive Direc t or, Metropolitan Foundation of Atlanta
Hamilton Dougl as , Attorne~,r
Rev . 'lilli am Holme s Bor ders, Pastor, Wheat Str eet Baptist Church
Dr. Rufus Clement, President, Atl anta Univ ersity
John Wilson , Pr es i dent , Horne VJilson Comp any
Albert Love, Executive Vice President, The McCall Corporat ion
Sco t t Houston, Jr., Exe cutive Director, Wesley Woods Apartments

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