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Ja.nuary 28, 1969
The Local Education Commission met: at the Instructional Servi_ces Center
at 11:30 a.m. ~n Janua!"J 28, 1969 with the following in attendance _:
Voting M~mbers
Mr. Walter Allen
Mr. J. H. Cawthon
Mr. Davis
Mr. Dick Lane
Mr. Devereaux Mcclatchey
Mr. A. B. Padgett
Mr. Marthame Sanders
Mr • . Wallnce Stewart, Cha.irri1an
Mr. Kenneth Stringer
Mr. William Teems, III
Mr. H.B. Watson
Dr. Asa Yancey
Ex-Officio Members
Miss Eleanor Burgess
· Dr. John Letson
Mrs. Helen McGinty
Mrs. Lucille Perrino
Mrs. Anna Pearl Scott
Mr. Dave Clark
Mr. Jchn Ferguson
Mr. J olm Grindle
Mrs. Dorothy Guy
Mr. Nick Powers
Mr. Jerry Wootan
Curtis Hensen
Mr. Wallace Stewart stated that there were two primary purposes for the
one , to receive the various reports and two, to decide what to do with
Before r eceivmg the report from Mr. John Ferguson, Mr. A. B, Padgett reviewed the authorization granted by the commission to his committee to secure
·professional assistance in studying the leg-9.l structure required to merge the
two school systems. He then introduced Mr. Fer guson who gave the report. Comments and questions concer ni ng the report follow.
A questi on for further consider ation was that maybe the Board should be
composed of enough raembers at large to match those elected from the rcspecti-re
districts plus one additional member al: large so that there would be an od.d
number. This would give both the representation from thepeople plus other
feature.s desirable for a schcoJ. board.
The statement in Section 12 cor,.cerning aturnal vs. contimdng contracts needs
to be clarified.
In SE·ction 14 dealing with purchases over $1,000. shouJ.d be stated so that
it would not be cumberson or b'urdensom upon the board chairman who, as it is no'.·!
stated, would have to sign thousands of purchase .requests.
C~ncerning land and other trust ftu1ds, an expression was macie that it should
be determined if complications or difficulty '.·rould arise if an attempt were made
to transfer the title of such property -f::o another school system such as the new
one being proposed.
Section 20 should be changed to state that the county could not levy taxes
on property inside the city limits for school bond purposes. ·
The trustees for the pension board for the City of Atlanta teachers c.:::.nnot
be abolishea. since the pension covers all cit y employees jncluding teachers.
It ·was stated tha.t November, 1970 would be the earliest date to vote en a
constitutional amendJnent, therefore, there did not seem tc be any und1.1e haste in
presenting reconunenda. tions to the local delegation.
The question was asked, what does the Local Education Commission do now with
all the material and data gathered and compiled to date?
Mr. Dick Lane made the motion that the Local F.,ducation Commission, throug'h
the executive committee, forward a copy of all materials from the Local Education
Commission to the chainnan of the Fulton Coun't'J and DeKalb County delegations for
study and appraisal. The motion was seconded by Mr. Walt Davis and passed 1mani-·
rnously. A cover letter from the cha irman of the commission is to accompany the
report presented.
Mr. Powers then gave his report concerning teacher benefits . He gave an
analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each aspect of teacher benefit programs in both the Atlanta and Fulton County school systems along suggestions
to improve coverage in each system.
Both Mr. Powers and Mr. Ferguson are to make corrections identified during
the meeting and send corrected copy to the chairman of the commission.
Meeting adjourned at 3:15 n.m.
Appr oved By:
Recording Secretary·

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