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September 22, 1966
The Local Education Commission met in the Conference Room of the
Administration 3uilding of the Atlanta Public Schools at 10:00 a.m.,
September 22, 1966, with the following in attendance:
Connnission Members
P. L. Bardin
J. H. Cawthon
Rufus E. Clement
F.d s. Cook, Sr.
Mr. Alan Kiepper
Dr. John W. Letson
Mr. Thomas Hiller
Mrs. Alan Ritter
Mr. W. L. Robinson
Mr. lvilliam If. Teem,III
Fred ·J. Turner
Dr. Paul D. West
Consultants and Staff
Dr. Truman Pierce
Mr. Ja,.~es Groton
Mr. A. C. Latimer
Dr. Curtis Henson
Minutes of the April 27, 1966 meeting were unanimously approved.
The Ex:ecutive Committee reconunended Hr. Sanders to fill the
unexpired term of Hr. James White. Hr. J. H. Cawthon made the motion that
Mr. Marthame Sanders be appointed to the Commission. The motion was seconded
by :Mr. Fred Turner and passed unanimously.
A letter of resignation was read from Dr. James L. Miller, Jr. The
motion made by Hr. Tom Hiller that the resignation be accepted was seconded
by Mr. W. L. Robinson and passed unanimously.
Dr. Pierce reported on the proposed plan of work entitled "Provisions
for Creating an Atlanta-Fulton County School District". He stated that the
section dealing with the legal work had been discussed in some detail with
Mr. James Groton and that the steps as outlined seemed to be adequate
at this tim.e.
Following Dr. Pierce's presentation, Mr. Robinson made the motion
that the repor t be received. It passed unanimously.
Mr. Robinson stated that the method of electing school board members
for the new di ~trict should be clearly defined. He made the motion that the
report s t ate that board members are to be elected on a school districtwi de basis by the qualified voters i n a special, non-partisan election. The
motion was seconded by Dr. Clement and passed unanimously.
Dr. Clement made the motion that t he proposed new 3oar d of Education
consist of nine member s - one member from each of nine subdivisions of
a pproximately the same population - all elected by the total electorate.
The motion was seconded by Mr. Ed Cook, Sr. and passed unanimously.
Dr . Clement made the motion that the wording in the plan of work be
changed to read, Board Members will be compensated at the rate of $300
�per month with the chairman being paid an additional $50 per month.
motion was seconded by Hr. Robinson and passed unanimously.
It was suggested that the report contain the statement that any seat
on the Board of Education vacated for any reason will be filled by appointment by the Board until the seat can be filled by a regular school board
election which will be held every two years.
How the length of office for the initial aoard will be determined was
discussed. Hr. Robinson made the motion that a conunittee of five members
be appointed to make a reconnnendation to the full Conunission on how the
length of term for each Board Member of the initial Board will be determined.
lll' • . Bardin, Dr. Pierce, and three other members appointed by }fr. Bardin
are to serve on this Cormnittee. The motion was seconded by Hr. Tom Miller
and passed unaniinously.
Mr. Fred Turner made the motion that the plan of action -as amended be
adopted by the Cormnission. The motion was seconded by Hrs. Alan Ritter and
passed unanimously.
Mr. Cawthon made the motion that Dr. Lyle Johns, University .of Florida,
be . employed to ·make the necessary . s.t udy in the area of f ina.nce. The ·mot ion
was seconded by Mr. Torn Hiller and passed unanimously.
Mr. Tom Miller made the motion that Dr. Willard Elsbree, Emeritus
Professor of ~ducation, Teachers College, Columbia University be employed
to conduct the necessary study in the area of personnel and that if he is
not available, the Executive Connnittee have the authority to select a
substitute. The motion was seconded by Mr. Fred Turner and passed unanimously.
In all cases, the rate of remuneration for each person who works for
the Connnission and the tasks to be accomplished will be approved in advance
by the Execut iv~ Connnittee.
It was agreed that a copy of the amended Plan of Action be sent to
each member of t he two school boards.
Mr . Grot on and Mr. Latimer outlined the work to be accomplished in
the legal area . The Connnission agreed that the lawyers be given t he
author ity to st art work as outlined in t he following t hree areas:
General Power s
Revenue from sources other than Local School Tax
3 . Power t o Incr ease Bonded Debt and As sumption of Bonded Debt
The lawyer s are t o keep t he Commission i nformed about progress, cos ts, and
proposed next steps. The Connnission will select and appr ove each additi onal
item to be studied before act ion i s taken by the lawyers .
It was suggested that Dr. Pierce and the lawyers proceed as expeditiously
as possible and that the Commission meet again in approximately 30 days to
hear progress reports. At the October meeting, plans for an interim report
will be discus·s ed.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m.
Approved By: ____________
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Recording Secretary

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