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LOCAL ErUCl\.'T'i.•:.; C0Mr1ISSION
OCTOBER 2, 1964 _
The Local Education Cornmis sio;·, me i: Friday, October 2, 1964, at
2:00 p.m., in the Board Room of the Fulton County Administration Building
with the following members present:
Mr. P. L. Bardin
Mrs. Alan Ritter
br. R. H. Brisbane
Mr. Otis M. Jackson
Mr. Wallace H. Stewart
Mr. William M. Teem
Mr. Alan Kiepper, Ex Officio
Mr. Fred J. Turner
Dr. John T,f • Letson, Ex Officio Dr . Paul D. West, Ex Officio
Mr. Thomas M. Mille r
Mr. James White, Jr.
Minutes of the July 31 meeting of the Steering Committee were read
and approved.
Minutes of the July 31 Local Educat i on Commission meeting were
read and approved.
Minutes of t he Sept ember 10 meeting of t he Special Committee f or
Legal Services were read and d iscussed .
Dur ing this discussion, it was
pointed out that t he Commi s s i on has an unemcumbered balance of between
$6 ,000 and $7, 000.
Concens us seems to be that a contractual agreement shoul d be
drawn between t he lawye r s and t he Corrnnission .
This agr eement should
s et forth t he dut i es , expec tat ions and obl igat i ons of each party involved.
Also, a copy of the minutes of the September 10 meet i ng of t he Special
Commi ttee should be sent t o each lawyer.
The point was made that the only financial commitment to the
lawyers is that the Commis sion wil l pay them on an hourl y rate f or
services rendered.
The total cost of their services will depend upon
the number of hours they devote to the work of the Commission.
are no mininrurn fees, retainer fees or other such fees involved in this
-2Local Education Commission Minutes, cont · d
Dr. Pierce was asked to identify services other than le~al which
are needed.
He stated that the legal and educational aspects of the
study are so entwined it is hard to say exactly what can be classified
specifically as one or the other.
However, it seems appropriate that
the Commission should design the desired new school system first and
then have the legal counsel describe the · legal steps required to create
the system.
The degree to which legal and educational aspects are
interwoven were pointed out by citing the retirement plan for the
new system or the amortization of the existing bonded indebtness of
the two systems. Again it was pointed out that the final report of the
Commissiofi rrrtist be a package plan which includes the totality of
dissolving two systems and creating a new one.
Mr. kiepper asked if it would be desirable or necessary to secure
servic~ or a management consultant firm to help with the organizational
sthibture of t~e new system.
subh s~rvice~.
He pointed ·o ut that some systems have used
The reply was that there are many kinds of services
needed ahd that this may be ope.
Nashville-Davidson County used the
service ~l ~ fuah~ge~ertt consultant firm ~hen they combined tha two school
Mr. TUrrler then made the motion that the Commissioh approve the
action of the Special Committee concerning the seledtion bf tlie two lat-lyers
on an hourly basis; however, the hourly rate must be approved by the
before services are requested.
Mr. White seconded the motibh
which was approved unanimously.
Dr. West stated that various news reporters are being advised of the
meetings of the Commission, but that apparently their schedules are
preventing them from covering the Commission meetings.
Dr. Pierce reviewed the brief he had developed as a result of the
charge received at the last regular Commission meeting.
However, before
giving a detailed analysis of the brief, Dr. Pierce stated that if the
report is accepted, the question of whether merger is desirable will be
Attention then can be focused upon describing the kind of
�-~-Local Education Commission Mi1111t c., _, C!'.,:t ' d
new school system needed.
He al~o stated that the brief in its present
form should be -treated as a tentative and confidential document.
point in the brief was then
revit,·;rnd and explained in consid~rable
detail by Dr. Pierce.
Official action by the Commission concerning the brief will be
taken at a later meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at . 4:00 p.m.
October 5~ 1964

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