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SEPTEMBER 10, 1964

The Special Committee appointed to determine legal assistance needed
by the Commission met at 10:00 a.m., September 10, 1964, with the following

in attendance:

Mri P. L. Bardin Dr. John Letson
Mr. J. P. Groton 5 Dr. Truman Pierce
Mr. Otis M. Jackson Dr. Paul West

Mr. A. C. Latimer Drs Curtis Henson

After the meeting was called to order by Chairman Bardin, Dr. Pierce
was asked to review the legal services needed by the Commission. He
pointed out that the present study of the Local Education Commission must
be much more pointed and specific than the previous studies. Legal steps
necessary to abolish thé two existing school systems and to create a new
one must be deseribed in detail,

Since Mr. A. C. Latimer and Mr. James Groton have worked together
for years and are already involved in the study, it was agreed that they
be employed as the official attorneys of the Commission, however, the
Commission reserves the right to employ additional legal counsel at any
future time.

The lawyers will develop a proposed budget for the legal services,
and Dr. Pierce will draft a total proposed budget for the Commission.
Financial assistance will be sought after the budget has been approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

September 22, 1964

Recording Secretary

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