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DECEMBER 11, 1964

The Local Education Commission met Friday, December 11, 1964,
at 2:00 p.m., in the Board Room of the Fulton County Administration
Building with the following members present:

Mr. P. L. Bardin Mrs. Alan Ritter

Mr. Otis Jackson Mr. Wallace Stewart
Mr. Allen Kiepper : Mr. Kenneth Stringer
Mr. Earl Landers Mr. William Teems
Dr. John W. Letson Mr. Fred J. Turner
Mr. Thomas Miller Dr. Paul D. West

The minutes of the October 2, 1964, meeting of the Local Education
Commission were read and adcpted.

SCHOOL SYSTEMS?”, which was presented by Dean Pierce at the October 2
meeting was discussed briefly. Mr. Otis Jackson moved that the
report be accepted and thereby place the Commission on record as
endorsing the position that the two school systems should be combined.
Mr. Turner seconded the motion which carried unanimously.

The question was raised concerning the number of Commission
members reguired to constitute a quorum. Mr. Bardin read the following
portion of Section 2 of the House Resolution No. 505-1246, “A majority
of the persons serving as members of the Commission shall constitute
a quorum to do business but a less number may adjourn from time to
time.” He then ruled that ten members would constitute a quorum
whether they were all voting members or not.

A letter from Mr. L. H. Newsome stating that he had moved from
Atlanta was read. Dr. Rufus Clement was unanimously elected to
replace hin.

Mr. Otis Jackson gave a brief report of the trip made to Charlotte-
Mecklenburg, North Carolina, School System on November 4, 1964. Mr.

Bardin and Dr. Letson made this trip also. Mr. Jackson reported that

all of the people contacted in Charlotte seemed to be well pleased
wit. the new school organization and would not exchange it for the
old structure. Mr. Jackson pointed out that combining the North
Carolina systems did not require as many changes in legal and
financial structures as will be required for Atlanta and Fulton

Financial expenditures have not been decreased through combining

the systems because salaries and other services have been adjusted

upward. Although operating the new system required more money than
was required for the two systems, the representatives contacted
believe that much better services are now being provided and that
in general, the educational opportunities are of a higher quality.

The public relations aspect of the consolidation was very important.
Considerable effort was devoted to forming small discussion groups
and other structures through which citizens were informed about
combining the systems. A complete written report of the process of
combining the two systems is not available.

A tentative budget for the years 1965-66 for the sum of $86,480
was submitted to the Commission. It was pointed out that $10,000 of
this amount had been appropriated by the Atlanta and the Fulton
Co..aty School Systems. However, approximately $4,000 was spent for
operating expenses during 1964.

Mr. Turner expressed an opinion that every effort possible should
be made by the County and the City to finance the Commission’s study
and that if funds are not available locally, then financial assistance
should be sought elsewhere.

Mr. Teem moved that the budget be adopted as presented and that
it be entitled a tentative operating budget. The motion was seconded
by Mr. Stewart and carried unanimously.

Places to secure funds for the budget were identified and the
urgency for contacting foundations early in the year was stressed.

Mr. Teem made the motion that the Ford Foundation be approached as
a first step in attempting to obtain finances for the operation of

the Commission. If the proposal is not received favorably by the Ford


Foundation, then other sources should be contacted. The motion was
seconded by Mr. Stewart and passed unanimously. It was agreed that
in the meantime, the respective local governments and agencies
should be notified that the Uormiscion mey ask them for funds to
complete the siudy.

Mr. Bardin stated that Cominission funds are now handled by the
Comptroller of the Atlanta School System. He stated that Mr. Holley
could continue to handle the funds but that Mr. Stringer, as Secretary—
Treasurer of the Commission ,would authorize expenditures and make
financial reports to the Commission. The Commission would approve all
large expenditures but out of pocket funds could be authorized by
Mr. Stringer or, in his absence by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

Mr. Thomas Miller moved that this procedure be adopted. Mr. Stewart
seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Dean Pierce then gave a report on the Interim Report which is to
be filed with the Representatives of Fulton and DeKalb Counties and
the Senators of the 34th, 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 4lst, 42nd
and 43rd Districts in the General Assembly of Georgia and with the
Clerks of the superior courts having jurisdiction in Fulton and DeKalb
Counties and with the City Clerk of the City of Atlanta on the first
day of the next session of the General Assembly following January 1, 1965.
Mrs. Ritter moved that the report be accepted. The motion carried

It was agreed that legal services be delayed until after monies
to fund the budget have been obtained.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

December 30, 1964

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