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City of Atlanta and Fulton County Boards of Education
155 Garnett St., S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

April 12, 1966 {7 wt

Mr. Earl Landers, Administrative
Assistant to Mayor

Atlanta City Hall

68 Mitchell Street, S. W.

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Landers:

The 1966 Legislature extended the life of the Local Education
Commission "to continue the study of the desirability and feasibility
of combining the school systems of Fulton County and the City of
Atlanta...". The resolution further stated that:

It shall be the function and duty of said Commission to
continue the study of the educational systems of Fulton
County and the City of Atlanta including the portion thereof
lying in DeKalb County for the purpose of considering the
desirability and feasibility of combining said school systems
and to submit to the General Assembly of the State of Georgia
as hereinafter provided a plan or plans together with proposed
constitutional amendments and legislation for the combining

of such school systems and such plan or plans shall include
any changes in political and administrative and fiscal structure
of either or both of said systems which the Commission deems
desirable and feasible.

I am, therefore, calling an organizational meeting of the Commission
at 10:00 A.M. Wednesday, April 27 in the Fulton County Board of Education
Room. There are a number of important decisions which must be made
concerning the activities and the responsibilities of the Commission. Your
help in making these decisions is sorely needed. I hope you can attend
this meeting.



P., L. Bardin

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