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WAl. T.::RS
441a DAv1osoN Avc:r-uc:
May 21, 1969
Mr. Everett Millican, City ..A.J.derman
City Hall
56 Mitchell Sti·eet, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia.
Dear Sir:
Each tirne I arn involved in one of Atlanta's now f amous t raffi c
jams on the expressway, I remernber your vigorous battle to
defeat the Rapid Transit program in the elections last fall. When
I further contemplate the tens of thousands of hours that are l ost
daily by irate motorists in Atlanta, I wonder how in clear conscience you could have opposed the means of alleviating these
frustrating traffic situati ons.
At the time of your op p os iti on you promised an alternative, but
I have seen no alternative and I think the people of Atlanta, · from
everything that I can judge in conver sati on, are f ed up with the
procrastinating, do-nothing policy which you have pursued. You
may be sure that the mer.nories of these people will be long at the
next election.
Perhaps I have rnisjudged you - perhaps you have presented a
workable alternative. If so, I would certainly be glad to know
ab out it or any other plans that you may have as an elected representative of the people of Atlanta to try to save the one thing
that can stifle Atlanta I s growth_ and progress toward a brilliant
Yours very truly,
Dear Mr. Mayor :
u erb efforts toward makin.g Atlanta one of the
In view of your lively i~t~re s t and s::
u should have a copy of this letter which
greatest of American c1t1es, I thoug t yo
.. - - 1 1 ~
• ~
,;,,a-I have addressed to M r._ Millican.
~ , , - 7 -- - - ~

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