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May 21,

Mr. Everett Millican, City Alderman
City Hall

56 Mitchell Street, S. W.

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

Each time I arn involved in one of Atlanta's now famous traffic
jams on the expressway, I remeraber your vigorous battle to
defeat the Rapid Transit program in the elections last fall. When
I further contemplate the tens of thousands of hours that are lost
daily by irate motorists in Atlanta, I wonder how in clear con-

science you could have opposed the means of alleviating these
frustrating traffic situations.

At the time of your opposition you promised an alternative, but
Ihave seen no alternative and I think the people of Atlanta,’ from
everything that I can judge in conversation, are fed up with the
procrastinating, do-nothing policy which you have pursued. You

may be sure that the memories of these people will be long at the
next election.

Perhaps Ihave misjudged you - perhaps you have presented a
workable alternative. If so, 1 would certainly be glad to know
about it or any other plans that you may have as an elected rep-
resentative of the people of Atlanta to try to save the one thing

that can stifle Atlanta's growth, and progress toward a brilliant

Yours very truly,

Dear Mr. Mayor:

ing Atlanta one of the
of your lively interest and suPerb efforts toward making eee aie
ae a Aa etae cities, I thought you should have a copy of this lette

I have addressed to Mr. Millican. Bed Ag eed Cle

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