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Rot-1~! ~1 JJ:c 2 f !:
This ~e~orandu~ describes an action process for improvir.s :he transportation
serving Atl2nta Ce::r,ter City ,.fr,ich n2s been developed jointly by Atlanta
age~cies a~d che Ce~ter Gities Transpo=t2tion Project Team.
T'he process
is called O:?ER./1.TIO~ E ·::'f ;:RCi::?T ai1d wi ll a r.umoer o~ steps, sta:c~ing
wich initiatio~ cf a new shuttle bus service on Dece~ber 1, 1969, which
will lead in successive steps to the eventual develo?rnent of a complete
trans~o rta tion syste~ for the center city as part of the region's basic
tr~n s?or t a tion system .
'i'::..·0r·::,; tKn:- ta::i.or:. an<l the Ur b:m Hass Tran:;port:1::ion J\u1,1in:i. s trator for u.ction
to h0J.p solve r,roblc:ns brought Oil by t he ::_;ro·~.·th c.ncl C:,p~nSi0!1 of CC: nter
c::.:: v .
co;.1bine the. cn -:::cgy .'.:!;:d resources of AtL.:nta 2~d th e Urb,::m Mass Tr ~rns it ,\c- ·
r.1inL;::,ration to c!ch j_eve
ser ies of specific action g.93-ls ove::r ti:nc.
Since 1960, Atlante:' s Cen ter City has gro,,m bey·ond . a:;_1 predictions. __
Duri::. ,> . t;1ese past nir.. ve.:11,·s
.,. c.
e ·
almost eight million sa·uare f ee t of office
spac e has been added co t he Atlar.ta Cent er Cit
.r u-'
an increase of 175 per-
The t rend i s expected to continu e , with both ple'1ners and dev e lopers
fo~esceing rapid urban ~xpansion -- p~rhaps at a rate leading all o ther
citi2s of compa rabl e si ze .
Planners anticir~te that emplo y.~cnt in the
centr a l city will doubl e within the next t wo decad es , a nd with redevelopment spa c e contiguo'-:1 s to the already hi~h2.y developed core, build ers a re
actively keeping p2.ce ,,ith their
-e--,. p f- ~
-~·--=t .: 0!16.
Sev e ral reasons for recent growth also insure it s ccntinuati6n.
o:: te:1 cor: s i cl 2red
t he natior. ' s next frontier for accel e ~a ted deve l o p2ent and eco nomic growth .
The city has beco~e the gatewa y to this rc g io:i. ' of vast potential,- a,1d. re·;,
tain s a position unpa r a lleled, in fact unchalleng'2d, by other_ c:::;:-eas of
u rba niz a tion.

1ore tha n four-fifths of the nation's 500 1-:: r gest ~orpora-

tio ~, s r-,ave est a blish2.d b2. ses in At l anta for operc.tions i :l.. the So1..'.theast,
and a re. expecr: ed to incr ea s e 'their de;:1an~s for space as the r eg io:c ·dev_~-1:ops.
As in the pa s t , location within th 2 reg ion ha s a posi t ive ef fect on gr6wth.
The c~ty i s neariy mid-center i n the Sou thea st Reg ion, ~nd with the exc~~tion o i wat er, enjQy s exc e ll ent s e rvice by all fo rm s of t rans portation~
As a c ent er for t j~ di stribu tio n o ~ scrv ic es and
t he rc:;ion.
Unl ess unfo r2scea bl e ev en t s occur, i ts l oca t ion wi ll beco::-.e
i nc~e2sing l y sig ~ific ant i n loc a tion d ec i sion s fo r bot h business a~d gov e r n·8ent growth ;)rog r ams .
·t-. i::ost si<:nif
ic«nt 0-:>:ro,;,,i t11· catal:,•st -·,
tl1e r0 1 i.1L~ J..onsnip
· · or~ 1 oc;1:;_ bus :i i1L~.;s
ancl gove:rn::-,ent 2.nd how they \-mrk together in direct i n~ cont:im.:~d ce~teT
city ccv.:::::top~2nt .
In &bstr.:1ct i on t:his is o f ten stated as the ,:busin0 s::; spi ...:
rit o f . :.\tla'Qta

' based on. ~ o pti~ism ste~:~1ing from a proud .ar1.C. S!)C:Ctcicula~

g:rl!;b"..:h record -- a ser..s-2 of certainty that ).tlanta h olds a key to the futu r e
·o ~ the Southeast.
!ri reality this means a stro ng and 2r t ic u lite bcsiness
CO:!'.:::t.:nity ,-mrking uitl: ~v erv.r:-.2nt to provid e _directio~ and coo :rdit:.aticn f o r
---._:nticip a ted l ev -2ls o: grm-1 th.
No ~here is the bus i n2ss-2 overn~ent relati on-
~ ip nor 2 e v i d e nt o r vi a bl e than in th e c e ~t e r cit f , f or a l l acknowledge
tha t i f this are a is to ~bs orb a doubli~g in s iz e of th e alr6 a dy h~~ hly
ci ,;:v2l op e: d core, st.:ch a pa :::-tnc:. s h ip is 1~2 q_t.::i.s it e fo-::: its prop e r g u i d e,!!~ .
r esa i n th e e c onon ic
Pl ac ning efforts a cce:pt thi s as a given .
m0 t rooo li t a n re n ion.
a n d h'O rk for it s continu ::it j_o r. with a n .'.lv o wecl d is tast e for a V.:ls tly d e ce n t ra l iz ed c i ty.
The " Re:g io nal DC:!ve l o:_:;:,1e nt Pl an '~ (1962) c a ll s for a str-o :1g .
cen :: ra l 2.r ea , wi t h th e City o f Atl 2n t a 's "1 98 3 Land Us e ? l a n" spe cii" ic a lly
ci t ir,g the c 2n t:r al a r ea es
11 •
so complex i t r e qu i r es a w2 ll con ceived,
well d e v e l o ped, 2nd we ll execut e d p lan of it s
O h'i:1. "
S'.:) C:Cic:! l t rans? o r t at ion
s t t.:dies h2.v e a l s o ackno,dedge d i:he c e :1ter ci ty as urri c u e &n d r e qu1t·ing ·-.__.;
- .-2 c::. f ic d e t a i l ed enal ys i s o f it s o wn .
To f u lf ill t hese spec i 2 l n eeds f o r
c e ,1 '.:er c i ty ? l a r.n ing , a.n eL:bora tc stLldy de s ign ( t h e CQ-;-,cral are a st1.:dy)
h a s ·c2c:1 cl e v e l oFed as a j oin t c ity- bes:;..,1cs s co r.-,r::u nit y atte:-;,p t to c h aY t th e·
cou -::: s a 2~d needs o f center city gr o wt h ~
PRO:iT.:-:~,; O? CO:;Gf.STION A?( D ACC ESS
Cente: r c ity growt h h as not, o f c o u rse, evolv e d wit t ~~ t c r e ating ? ro bl e~ s .
\ ' itb few c.:-:cept i o,1 s d c v c!lo1; i:1.::nt h; t 2 kC!lc pl a ce upo i1
lit t: l e ch;, ;·::-c-e J i,1:d
�sit r~EcrGndu~, agencies are busy at revising a plan which should win enthusinstic a2?roval.
Mayor Allen perh2ps best sums up such concerns in
his state:i:ent that, "We cannot accon..-.odate any ~ore traffic on our ·:.::·:isting street ~atterns.
And there is not enough money on God's green earth
to change st:rect patterns i:1 Atlanta."
G.:=ri,.~ lo:--:; rc.:·.::;i-. :~l2.::-.::-.~.::..::,- :~r~-
efforts have no~ included coordinated interi=~steps for relief of center
city conge:stio:L
Such steps are critically needed, and this progra~, along
with the Central Area Study, are designed for ju s t th~t purpose.
?rol>l e:'rr,s of co::g estion · a::d access are not jGst 2nticipat ed; there are
s2v ere proble~ s now.
A ;oo<l exa:.1 pl e
~- :J

.· c~'-e.~

G. in ti:e Atl"'":-.t:a JO\.!l·c, a l-
Co~~::: :i.t ui::io ,'l ~:--t icl e f ollo{,_,i ng the mid - day t r2£ f i c tie- up l a s t July 3.
Thu r s~ay , chok ing int e:--sec iions and clogg i ng ma in art er i e s in
the c i ty .
~~ d
out of
. manr publ i c t ransi t sc hedules wet e wrec ked as some bu se s
.c ,...
i '"'
a s long
a n how.r in ~otio nl cs s lines of si::-L":).e r i ng c a rs
Fr2eway p:co}:i;:1ity, t hen, and im~rovec1. ou ter c:::::-ea ar t erial st r ee ts
hi ve
v ast l y i ncreased the p~o p~nsi ty f or u sa3e of the automob i l e as a r::eans of
tr a n s~ortation t o t he c ent ra l city.
Center c i ty pa r king ~a c i:i~ies have
been g:cm-,ing to acco,:Lrno clat e th0 d er:,-2nci, yet s tree t pa t te'!:'nS rema in fix ec.,
often un~hl e t o pas s ~the
high v ol u~es o f both v ehicles ana p~Je s trians .
Over -c.::.i)Dcity i s
e l-. , c ( <./ ;.,
a f.J.ct c:.nd me2.sura ble in ho;,irs per day .
Given the c:z-
pected . growth :i.n the center ci~y with no :i.r::p rov<:;:nent in c:ccess1 t¾a~-:?..'.;~ ,
(./) ll"-1\e..
y coulcl be a r ea lity .
Cc,P1/11:9 tiecl a I/... cfcy C,c:)Y'._y e..r/-.1:ri-,
�Of S?~C~~l concern ar~ access pro1lens of ccnt~r city residcncial ~cig~bor~oods, ?articulrirly thos~ in ~odel city and NDP project are a s.
public transit is available, most resi2ents a~e considered _captive riders
wi.t:1 -specic.-1 ne2ds and der.~ands on _center city transportatior:.'.
_,. technic.::l
gr.2.:-:..: a?plic.2. t ior.. is now pe.-,din:; (EOA-:·Li\:{TA) :for study of neighbor~,ood
access proble:~.s not only within tl1e ce!lter city but to suburban e.::!_)loyz,e:nt
cent e rs as well.
It is anticipated that thi~ program. of interi~ steps
~ould be inst~u~ental in resolving thase problems.
The rapid transit program will of course r2lieve problem s of center city
access, yet an operational status is ye ars away.
Until -the~, congestion

mW-.d t',•l-1-4-},,1, .

con.tinu e s to ~oun~, and interi::-t progY.s.!::s for- i Lrpro'\1 :.:-.12r1 t
ov. e r shc. C.o;-;2d
by the desire to see the prim.:?.ry ra~icl trc.nsit system app r ov ed a nc oyera-_
tiona l.
As ?r ev i ously s t a ted, At lanta is currently cx? e r i2ncing sever e cent e r city
acc ess a nd cong2s tion proble~ s.
T~e rapid tr a nsit progr2s has yet to b8
approved by the vo te rs, and is at leas t eight to t e n years awa y f~o~ an
o f r e:l i ev:;.n 6 c en-t e r_· city co nges tion probl err..s .
to t his nee d f or a n i n ter im pr o~rara ha s ~een found t hro~sh the
DO':c' CCT? •
Uncoor2 i na t ed ~nd un nr ticul c. t ed i deas c.nd c oncept s for inter i ra
.................. _
solution s faun~ i n various pl ann i n3 and trEnsi t 2geccies have with t he ~i-
rect ~elp and inspir~tion cf the c ~~ter cities consottiu~ been rl ev 2l cpei
ccnt2r city access and nl!cvi~tin~ cong e stion prool2ms.
The first s:cp
e~ploys existin~ transit tech~olos y, local equipra~nt, and lo c~l'~ina ncin~,
2.n c:pplicati_or: of ne.F technology anc hardware as q p2r::canent cen-
ter city dist=~-~tion syste~ co~?lernentin; the proposed prisary rapid tran~
sit systes.
Inter8ediate steps er:,ploy_ irc1prov2r.1e,,cs on tcc1molo~y, harch,•arc,
and application, with v ar iou s arr&ngements of local-fc ~e ral financia l suppo:ct.
A key element, ne&rly re~uisiie for thC:-! succe s s £0:c
~ , will be the developrr:eni: of
the wa y.
Of'E ?MlON \NTl_'.:-~l:,fT
t*•"'·*·.::.~·::_; ; ~ ~ -
!;iOnitorir.g process for each step along
In thi s wa y the p& rt icula-.c charact eristics o.: : step c 2n
help rl2~ermine the program =or the ~ext.
\ NTf /:G c; ?'t°"
G_/4·:e c::::.o::-. ::::.·,-ce:.:.:..e::.¥.: is
C?F'S(~T Ic:, }J
d i vided ir,to three ;ener&l ste~)s , eac~1 b-..: ilding
u p0~-. the succ2ss of t he o:1e(s) b efo re.
By mainc:a i!1 in 6 the non icoring
syste:~1 i n c1 cl, stl!p , l arge qu an tit ies of ·inforr.,2tion ~-. 'ill b e: avail2b lc
for ;lan~ing the n ext.
Thu s , co~tinuous feedbhc k will s hape zr.d d i r ect:
service c haracteristics f rom i nitia l steps.
The initia l step i s divicied into two phases .
The fi rst ,_. _a 1 00% loc2.l e f: or·t,
i s S?onsored by both Qity a nd bu siness ccn~unity .
s ervic e by Dcc e!T'.ber l 2 high f:c e qu ency shutt l e bu s op e ration roi:ted t:htoi.:gh
the ce.ntcr city· and t er;-'.:inating a t existing 1forth c.,nd s··ou th par k.ins f2cil iti es located just ou tside the c ente r city.
The. service result s from a
jo int effo ~t betwe~n t he City of At l ante , Atlanta Transit Cornp~ny , and the
busi1")_ess y to pr ovid e i f.'2.ediate relief f or ce·.:1ter city co:lr,estio:1 .
The se::::-vice
aim2d prinarily at the ctiver co;;::::~1t e.r , with hopes of inter-
cepting hi3 a t the periphery parking f2cilities (both locat ed on the 2xpr2ssway systE::n) c:.nd bussi!:':g hin to cente:c cH y cJ:)loy::i.e.nt.
The shuttle service

\,•i_ LL't·.-ott t

_ ~
Curr· cn~.L-)•
and have proved most successful -- one,
•..,o ~
· opc143.215.248.55ion
. L
c s~?\'.
~L -ices
arc in
special application, is nuurly
an identica l service conce pt as this first ph2se of Step·r.
The service
is beir-g o:-;er2t2d betx,.::en Georgia State U::1ive~:sity, a· dow:1tow11 school uith
very limited parking facilities, and tbe sa2e south p2rking facility as
proposed in this first phase of Step I.
The other shuttle operation is the

'Shoppers S;:,2cic1l: 1 routed within the cer.ter c·ity, serv"ir,g m2.~or ratail

�i r:
i n th e fcr 8 o= a
G~a nt.
or additional routes,
, ::-. -:~ ,- 1
' - ......
.... - · ;
th e us e o f n or e par~ing f acilities.
tioi~s of S t: .::? I, and i s expc ct .:::d to ::-e qu i;:-e: cons id 2r 2.ble c apit.:11 i:1ve::s t::-.2nt.
I t i s :::.n t his step t h a t r,c,., t c ch::1ology will b e: er,:;_) lo y cd a r.d a 12.r ge
e :q 2:1siori of services ::,ut i:1.::0 c::.:2.:: t .
':r1e nc\·i tech nology will r:-.0:.:-e t h an
of i ~~rovements t o b e dev eloped •
.-"" ·.:·; ·•.-,1
, ·_; .-- .,_
- ~·_
- i On'-'
f o·~- f "-r.,d ,"'r.. ~" -l
- ~
·.::c1· .· c-<·
·s ··
r- ',,
~- '-'· · -·
, . .., - l
DC.· "1.· o ·r.~
, ; r.·, 1·..,
- Ll·.cc··.
. , t hi s
s t 2?) and wil l incl uJe not only C2pital s~ants for constr uction , bu:
tec~~ i ca l study gran ts a s we ll.
See p II c an a l so se e t h e init iat i on o f s ~2cif ic acce ss- l i~k-ups t o ·
t he ~od2l Cit ~es en~ ND? proj act a r eas , if the i r st~di2s find it desir~bl~ . i n ooe:r
at i on is a Model Ci: i a s s~ut t l e bus

The 2oni t oring pro gr 22 2 s deve lo?ed by t ~e CCT c eau will i n St 2? I ~
give ~ over t o loc a l agencies f or opera t i on ; whe~e it wi ll ~ot o ~ly be
Dain~ a i nsd , bet revis2d i n ant i cipct ~on of and pr eparat i on £or St2p I I I.

S;::ep III ~i: l bcco2e a par t of t h e lo ~gcr r ange transit ? l arin in~

�I ..,
the ~ltimate ~cal is to see ir~to cpcr2tirm c,
permanent s2co~dary distrib~~ion ~yste~a within the center city in
full cor.~pli_?::!el,t of the regicn-=.l r .~ pid transit · sys-c.e:,·:J'{.. , z.rcd er,,bodyi:1g
those -successful service a:pplic:ition~ of Stf:ps I ai,<l II.
The Step II
monitoring operation will be oriented ~ow~rds this St e p III systen conce?t, an2 the St e p III planning tim e frame ccc;atible with the lon~ ra~ge
prim2.ry syste:~1 progra:n such that cc;-,~ plii::entary, syst2r.1s ccc~ 02 insurec..
-- . ..

different facets.
l. c Policv ~-r~~ing :::1d Coorc.: iP..ation
O?er2tio:.1. L:tercept h.:,s been considered es part of the basic transportc.ticn
progren .of the Atlante- erea.
It is being d::SC:ussed and reviewed by tl-.e ?Olicy
c- - .-:- i1~• 0
1 a~ta
-' ·L,_._
Po".1.i·cy Co-.-,:"'_,_-i~._r..-,e"

-'-••L.;, or·~
,- ·--·t--"c,.._.,,,;.,
.<, c..,__ .•-,,.. _ u . .--,,
) i·nclu..:i;no
~ •(..:._. 0
and i::he_ Pl2.nnL1g c.!1.d Developillent Com:--:1ittee cf the City of Atla nta's Bo2.rd of
P.l<len:2n, a ::e:. the Bo~rcl of Directors of Ce ntral Atlanta Progress.
The t e ch nical
op -2::-.::.tior,,s of th2
.Atlc.nta R23~0T! !-:8 t~opolit2:1 Plan!Ling Co-r.-:..~ission.
':i.'h e Ce n t re. ::..
ope r at io::
sponsore d '
by t he City o f Atlan t a and Ce ~tr al Atlacca · P~ ogress a~d t he Metrop o lit~n At l i n t a
t\.u t hority, c:r~~1 the St2t2 }:i gL1\·J 2:y De pt.
c.~er..c ies
prir:,2ry r2 s p':> ili ty, u:1.d e r t his ove:.:-a l l poli cy fr ar,:2uork, f or t h e sp e: ci fic
lo r:;_; rc.-,,is plan:1ir.g o f p ub l i c t rc::us p o :?'.' tc:tion fs c i l i t ies 2.:id se:.---v:::.ces z.s the y
a ff ec;: ce~te= ci t y.
OIJcra t ion I nt erce) t wi l l b e tied i n to ~, g oir:g pla ::1n i:.:g
p rog r ~~s o f tnese ~gencies.

 :onito!:"i n '.!, -

During Step


of O;:i2.r2.tion Int2.:::ce pt , fr~2 CCT Tea::: -..,ill b e
r es pc nsibl e: for the t e chnica l wa r~"( r e ~ui::ed to r.:on i tor ope rati on u·:-,d er ·t:2 d i r e c t io,1
of a Wo rki n:3 Co::·,mi t tee c 0t-:.sis ting o f t he Cicy o f A:.: l a nt a , ~-:ARTA , C2:.·,..::.·al _L..tlE:-,t a P rogr ess , a::.d the Atlant2.. T:::- 2..nsi t Co:;:~-:,2:;1y .
In subsequ ent · s te?s , t h is tech:1ical worR
wi ll oe 2.:0s orbsd by _·l o c2.l agE.nci.:::::;, r.--,os t ~
th e Ce:1 tr 2 l Ar -22. Stucy .:ecS!.
Ini t iall y the City of At l a~ta will b2 t~e applicant
f o r fade::al
applications co~ing

c.irectly out of- Ope:c&:.:io:i Interc2? t,
The AtL:nt a Trc:nsit Syste:-.: will opera te t he service in t Le.
first step of Opera~ion Intercept.
The OJ eration of subscque~t s~rvices
will d~~en d . on the ~esponsibilities as s ~gned to v£~ious of the:: operating
e.sen cies cm;, out of the b us ic tr 2nsportatio:1. plar:; process.
-... __
The idea for this projec t was generated out cf the in~ craction
~2twe en the Center City's Project Team and various groups _in Atlanta during
Phase I of t he CCT Project.
Officials of tte Atla~ta Transit Sys~e~s, the

Cer.:::r2l Atl..::nta ?, the City Pla~n~ng Depart~en t, a::-..d 4"-~.;t..~ began
to develop ideas on quick ac tion projects to hsln solve so~e of the center
city's i r::o,edia te transportation ··. .
W½e n Phase II of the CCTP ~es £nnounce d by Secretary Volpe in
Se~Y~c~1ber 1~69, Atlc.nt.:?. was ready to r.,i:!ke
specific p:.-oposa l for
dia tc ac tion prog r an to nrovidc ah nll-~uy shu ttle bus se rvic e connect ing
ter to cli:iv e:!.-s o ff the c:<~n-essw;:y conr,e ctor- 2 n d downtm-m arteri2. ls before
the y r22c~2d the mos t congest ed areas.
The CCT Cafe Tea m me t
on Se; ~2reb2= 24 , were present ed with t ~c p:.coj cct conc ept , made fi 2ld i nS'.)ec cio,1s o f the propo s c-d r oute , ri-.1d gen-2::-,:lly cc1dor s cd t he ;_:n:oJ c~t a~_4=
suitable expe riment ·for Phase II of the CC~P .
A ~orki ~g t eam from the Atl a~t~ 7 r a n sit Company , the Ci t y of Ac- ·
l a ~ta (?la~n i ng Department ) , Central Atlanta Progress, a nd the CCT? began
to put tog2 thcr a co~pl ete progr~~ for thi s opera tion.
This inclu ded:.
?r0pa ration of an opcration2l plan by ATS f or a fiv2~bu s ,
a l l - day s ~ut t lc s e rvice, ope rat:.~g &t 10-~ i c ute headwavs l r om the t wo ?ark~ .


lo t s t h::-J ugh th e ho2art c £ the COi·rn t oi-; n a rea , includ i ng pl ans for
�I ,.J
?3iking lo t operations, oper utinJ costs, fares, uua r ev e nue c s t~ 2a tos.
Cle arance by the city for use of the t ~o publicelly cwne::<l
pa~kin~ facilities.
Tht: dm-: n::own business co77,:;:e:1ity, th-rough the ir org~ni z2tior-,
Ce:.1tr::::l .'-',.tl &,:ta Progress, . have 2greed to S'upport the p:roj-2ct fir.2.nci2: :..y
in the in~ e rin betwe en the time service will start on Decern~er 1 and the
ti;;,e lJXl'A will be e to su·;)'port the project throu:;h c!2~onstr2tion .s.r:.i
c2pit.:1l grants.
Pre~ a r at ion
thi s OPERAT IO~ IKTS~CE?T seraor&nden by the
worki~g group which is designed to obtain ill~A support a ~d g uicance for
The r:,2 ct ing with Ad.-r,i ni s tra tor \'a ill' a rre.::.l on :tfove:rrber
i s exne ct ec! to be t he l 2 st of the i ni ::ia l phase s o f the O? Cr 2 : ion.
---a r e
r- o ~-1
r e2dy to roll.
,I I.
P 2·:':::D:CXl'E .\ CT IO:N
On Dece2ber 1, At lan t a Transit will b eg in t he new shut tle bus
t hroug~, c e::ntr2 l c ity ;::ro:n the Stcidiu::: ~:-,d Ci vi c Cen ter- parking
fifty' c er:t f2"{"e will be c harged :f or this servi c e.
1 ·
.., •
I nclud ed in th i s ,-, ill
be the co~t of a l l-d2y pc:rk i ng 2nd rou~d tr i p bus fare .
Those p2sse~~ers
who use the bu s service wih:: ou t pa~~i~g will be charJed 15¢ ~er ride .
�ousiness cor.1ic:unity
\1:1 0,
in .2dditio11, v.'ill pick ur, the costs of pror:,o tion.
P.:irkin;; will be provi~l:!d by ::he c ity .
lks.::s . .:ind o;,cr2t ion s \·! ill
costs o:;: publicity' a re eX:J2Cted to run about
\ !2
Th2 net c0sts of O? e ration_, 2re expected to be 2.bout $~ , OGO per
vic:ed . by AtL1nt.:i. 'Tr3nsit.
mcm:n initially.
J12st prior to begiuning i:r:e s 2.rvice, the CCT ceari , working with
the A:la~ta age~cies, will develop a pro3ra~ of son ito r i ng the shuttle bus
s ervice .
This pro gr am will include:
s ~udi es of th e O?erations of th e s ervi c e , i~cl~ ding 0-D and
arterials :o d eccr~ine irnpac i:s.
Studies of the c ~rr 2ct anrl ~o : e~t i a l market for th e service,
i~cluding e nalysis o~ the char acter i s tics of t he current riders ..
Aualysis of the eco no::1ics o f the opera tion i nc lu d i l1i ·-cos~-s:,;::
and r ~venues , us er attit~2e towa r d fares , abili t y to pGy , br eak-even co s~ s
for se:rv ice, etc.
Stud~es of other .::,re2.s a:id ro:.iti:.:-,gs wheore simil ar shuttle
s ervice could be applied inc l uding an inv2ntory of fringe pGrking si:es;
route loc&ticns, new central city ~evelopraents, etc.
Analysi ~ of the oppc:..c-. : Llnities fo:::- new U :chl~olo g iu, l ilnova-
t io ~ a t s~b s c qucnt s tag es of the pr oject , includ i ng new v2hicl 2 s, s2p2r 2 te
�1-J·.,.•,'·. ·1 ·,·-·..;•
l, .( \,1.·1~• ,
J)'-.'l1':) l- ~
•' .•·. \l1\l•·r·
<· t··1L
<.. , •,1,!
• 1\
l1 ,I
-- ,·1l]l. ·'t·
I I :• ',
Jt>J 11' l

Assistance to ~:lanta in preparing applications ~or fE:cleral
For this ,:i.on itori,,g opcratio:.1·, the CC'I' At lan-ta tear:1. h a s requested a bu-!get of $75,000 frc::-, the fl.!nds av ..: il2ble to the CCT Project for city ?'l'.'G~ ccts.
Alo;:1g wi t~--. this ::-. onitorin~ effo :- t, Atlc:.nt a ho? es to have t he
Centrel Area Study plann ing progra~ in full operation during De ce~bei.
T~e st a rt-~~ of t~is proz r a~ is depend ent on the a pprova l of t ~e t e c~nic a l
st udies gra~t a pplicu tion for $300,C JO ( $2CO,COO f rom i he fe d eral gov ern~
cossOnity through Cen: ra l At l ant a ? r o;~ess are co- spo~soring this p=ogra3
,.,:,.ich i s €=:-: pec t ed , a long with t h2 ?L:nnin3 ac t :i.vit ic:.; of A:·S.P C, A).TS , .:..:-.d
~~R7A, to pr ovirl e the ov e r a ll plnnn i~z f r 2me~c=~ f or sub sique nt s t~ges of
O?E:<...-:\.°J::IOX l);'.i.'ERCEPT .
t 1::ai11
expc:: ct-s t o worl< along u i th tl'-.e CAS p::o-
prove3 e;:1ts :;_:1 Central Atlar...:a a~G t o develo? syst~ms to o!)t a i:i. b .:L... ~--::-:abo~t t ne co~ditions af[ ~c ting i ts ? rc s2nt ar.d f uture dev elop~ent.
CCT Atla n~a t2a~ is re~uesting a t otal of $87, 0 00 fr om ~ ~e CCTP budg2t f or
cit y project s f 9r this purpose .
As s~~ing the gen2ra l endorser-.ent of [~<TA fo r O?~R..'\TIO:,
I :.\"TERC:::?7 ,
the workin3 g.::-oup ir. Atl2ntc1 Hill b e;i:'.
lo prepare
appl icat ion s f o r- f u::.ds

o car:::-y tte oper atio n pasc .the i~itial three rront h start -up per io6 i n to

t he co~~inua tion of t~e Ste? I and the d 2v eloprn2nt of Steps II ind III.
h'e exD~ -::t these a!_)pl ic 2tions to :JC of t ~-10 kines initi2lly:
�11 new bus e s tha t c2n be used to expand ti1e shuttle service ~u the l~tter
stag2s of Step I co s upplc~cnt or rcpJ.ace t he e x istin~ equip~cGt tha t will
·be put into oµeration i ,!lmedi2tely.
We no w esti:n.:ite the cost of the bus(;S
and other equip~e~t to be approxima tely $500,000.
A de~onstrzcion grant &ppl±cation to provid 2 the funds re-
"c;_ui-:- ed to t2st out r.ew a nd inproved ;;; ..c.: ttl e service to allow :or c:-: per:...mentation with f ~rcs a n~ ch arges to provide additio na l ir.duc emen t s for
p~~r ons to permit promo tion fo r exp and ed s ervic es , to provid 2 whatever rei ~h urseraen t is re qu i red to the Atla nta Tr an sit Co~pany for un r e covered
cost s of oper&ti~g th e serv ic e , a nd to bagir. the p ~ocess of des i g~ i~g new
~q u ipment , ~ ehi clc s , sta tio~s , righc s of way t hac will be need e d f or St e p II
of t he o~era t ion .
We expe ct tha t t his initial d e~ons t r~t io n wi l l co s t a p-
. pc· - -- i·-,-::t- -:-. l y $?8.u'"' 000
V .o'\.
•· • ' - \.- \.:.,:

It i s ?Oss ible t hat o t he r ap; lica tion s nay be f or thcoming fro3 this proc 2s s.
I n any c 2. se , ,,Je · wou l d lit 2 t o requ:::s t t h e.t U?·'.'~'A allow
O i.l :!'."
,,or:c:.r:.g t ea~ t o
k ee p in v e ry clo s e tol!c h with various of t he UXTA s te.E f , to s e c\ '.:he ir a d- ., ..
v i c e and guid a~ce on the proper and reo s t sui t ~bl e wa y t o
tions .
We also a ,1tic:.p a te tha t U:-ff.-\ i t se l f r.:ay want to i.: se the
c; ....
c- ~
J... - ' L.
l. .....
o :E O? : :i:L:\T IOi:\ l:'\TE:lC~PT t o t r y ou t so:ne new types of _v ehicl e s t :·.2t
r ent l y ~va ilabl e a nd sui t able ~or this s erv ice.
2 ::-e
cur -
~ e f eel tt ~~ cl ~s e ~orking
rel.~. t i on s with L: -:TA s taff wi l l be esse:-ttia l dt,ri ng this pr o.:'.: e ss .
Dui·ing t h:'..s sa2e per io d we expec t t"ha t ~-:..\RT:\ will b egi:-.
'.: :1.:;
te ch-
ni c~l wor k req uired to d e t a il the reg ional r ap i d t~ansi t iys t2~ p ian~ i n~
h2 :5
un der cons:i.<lcr2Lion .:.n appl::.cation for a tech,:ic.::;l stecl:f.e:.,;
grant of$- - - - - - for th i s pur pose.
J6st a s with the CAS planning pro-
the regional transport a tion planning body in Atlanta, th e Atlanta Atea
Tra~sporia tioi St ~:dy, and will be reliant on and sup?orted by th e Atlanta

2t-::-o;,olit~n Reg iona l ? l.:rnning Co,!1;nissio!!, ,-:hich ,-, ill in sc1re coo r dination

of key inp..; t s to bo th ?:?.·oces ses.
'I'h2 CCT te &fil will he l p thc.s 2 2gencies,
z.s :requested, to d evelo:J 2.nd syster.-,2 tize v2.rious element s of these work
pro; r a~s 2~d o~tputs.
Ey t he fir st o f ::--:.:tr c h 1 970 we 1·-'0"cl:l.d hope to h the de::-.0::-,s t-::2 -
tio n ;ra~t ~P? li ca ti on ap?roved which wil l a l low ~o r con t i~u&~ion .:.~d improvc:::2r:t of tlic s e rvic e .
As s oon as possib l e ' we w::i,1 l d hope to ~12ve the
ca~ it 2 l gr=nt a ppl i c£tion a pprov ed in order to. pe~~i t t h2 earli Qs t .no s si-.
bl e d.e liv.:::.- y of n ew bu ses .
wi ll co nt ir,u c its r:·.onitoring opernt ion s on t:-iis
prov ed and expancl ed ser v ic e .
Ptior to _he end of ti s contra c tual oblig a -
t ions in J une 1_~70 i t wi ll - - eoo~-L
St ep I of OP:-:'.::L".TIOX.S IXTE~CEP'i' fo r .:'~~ J. .s.:1.t a
v cl u a t~ ~a E~~ r~su l ts of
_ .. ,..:::,

Thi s r epo r t wi ll
cont :re:co:::,::2nda f ions f or Ste p II .s:nd III b f the . O:?E~.ATim~ , and if fca - ·
sib l e wil l p;ovide a basis f or _supJleffien t ar y or a<lditio~al 2pplic~t iona
to G~ITA fo~ de~onstrations and ca pita l grants.
These mig~t cover:

c:.d3ptabl2 to the n e eds a f this p3. rticul a~. s e r v ice tt:a n co nve:1ti.o·.-,.:::.: buses.
Dev 2lop:r,ent of e:-: clusive rig hts of way in central city <llon·~
with S?ecially designed station stops anrl ot h er facilities.
Exp,::rnsion of s e rvice to p faciliti es i n othe r locations
outside t~e central city bus adj ecent to ex p r essways or major arterials.
Re l a tion o f : hi s servic e t o centra l city re sid e n tial na~g n-
c·,, 1 (..-., .,..._ 1... y the mod e l cities ne i g hborhoods.
borhoo<ls, ,..;-' C::.~ .,,.- ~.;
~- -
Ar:. thi s point i ,1 t h e O? C: r~ t i o n , ,-:e s hoi.: ld b e a bl e to d e t er::, ir.e w:.2ther a
s iv e l anes , acd s t a tions will p=ov i de
syste~ to h a ndl e the c e 2 r -t2r~
gro •.-;th in c o:;:.":'.uter tr c:f fi c to CO\·n,toc-:r:1 ex:::ec ted a s a r esult o f co nt inL,ed
c en ter city d e velo pmen t.
We s hould b e a ~ l e to d e t ermi n e how a f i n~l f orm
o f t ~ is s erv i ce c a n beco~e a b a s ic par t of th e trans?o r ta:ion s y s t em for
<low:1t ow"G. .
T:ie CCT t e aiT, will a l s o set u p p ro c e c.c!r e s to tra ns f er i t s r..oni-
to r- i ng o pero.t ion s to l o c a l o rg2.::i z~~:: i o:'.s b efo r e
i s ter;:nir.ated .---
As a r l-su l t oi . t h i s eff o r- t, we ex?ect to hav e ~cicli t i o n2.:=. .o.pi!. i c a -
t icns £ o r S t ep
c1L,Ju t two y e ~rs.
of 0P.F~\TI0N n-:;Tm~c:PT
i ,1 1). i.:::-.
is a n ticipa t ed to l as t
\,:~hi l e it i s too e:n r l y to estima t e c os t s i:o r t,h esc, t lw i r
r:10.~1,itucc 1:·ti g h t b e as f allows :
Technical St ud ies
Dc:i:ons·:: r 2 t ions
$8 0C> DOO - $1,500,000
Cnp:i.tal gru n t s
$2- 4 r.:illion .
�- ,·.
Step II would j cgin wi:h :he acceptanc2 by U~~A of thc s 2 s up ple-
mcntary or addi{ i on~l grant requests.
This would start the process of
des :.gnir.g and devclcpil:g nc:w v2hicl.2~, 9 .::: tt:ir.,; up c:,:clu si·Jc r::.3h::s o i: ,_.,;;,.y

- . - tn::..s
' . ?roves Gc::Slrc.
' ~-· . bl_2 ) , putting
. st2 t 1-0;-.,
. J p_._c:.t·p:,;Jrr:i.
~r. , 2na oc"e;r rc=:ciin
. -.
- .
antici:iar:2 Step II ,·7ill involve ::-.ore const::-uction 2nd invest2 ~:1t ::_n faci-
Ti,e p;.·i:,.cipal .f ecitu:::-e c f Step II ,,~2-y be the . dcvel o;,:-:i~:,t o f r.:::~; vr:hi-
cles desi.~ncd for this servic2 -- 1:-1 ith lo,-,e r pl~tf oYins > r:~o r e
s.2.-rvice tDc:. t fits i:: tnC:! o~s t
~tc., in ord e r to dev e lo? the kind
I n add i t i on , we a~t i c i ?2 t e t ha ;
-- ch&~~es mi ght b e made in sidew2l~s a~d s tre ~~s to pr ovide 3?2Ci a l t~ r~ou ts,
2r.d oth2r fc:. cilit i e s t ~a t n 2 y prov e ne c essa r y.
During the d 2velop~ent and 0 ?2 r 2t ion of PHa se Il~ a ~onitor i ng
·Th i s coul·d b e---:--
pro gra~ s imil ar t o tha t conduct ed in Phase I wil l g o on .
th2 r esr,or1s i bility of th e CAS progr 2;-,1 ,.,:, i ch will have. b e en wo rkir.g wi:::h t ~e
CC~ tea~ dur ir.; Step I.
D-..i-.:-ing t;, i s s ar:ie pe!: iod , AATS 2~,d ?·L-\RTA will be f i r:..in9 up the
b asi c p la~ a nd p~ogra~ f or the reg io~a l ra?- . ~r ansit sys t em .
sub- c:.:-ea pl 2r.:-_:!.c~ proce:ss wi ll b 2 c'. ev elo:)i-:1g the S?ecifics
c~ty sys t c~ r equi red to suppl e~ent
c ~2
t he ce::. tc.r
bas ::.c reg iona l s ys ~en.
This wo=k
w:!.11 TCGvide t he b2 sis fo r a s pecific l on~ te rm plan·
.. .
cS.i.1 G
c0:1t2::- city · circulation, which ':!ill inclucl~ t·J1c b2.sic
p20?le r:over syste::,s to C:ist:ribut e trav2l .:.: rs within the do,, ntm-.1 r. are.:i to
, .
and from rapicl transit stations ,
':) .: l .; ~.; , c...,
- uC.J.._..:.,. .L _ _(:!:-' > (..i,.!1

-:cy · dow,,towr: cente-:..·s; 2nd pedestri2.n, goods, v.:.:hic.:lar · r,1ovc:.,C!r!t, and offstr e et pnrkin~ faci l ities.

This system plan will also i~clude a specific
ti~e phase action progr am for imple3 entatio~ and sp e cific plans fer organi.zation3l responsibility.
This planning will result in about two-three years in re~uests to
1:-iTA for th e i::.::ile2 2ntation of v.::rious p<::.·;: s of Atl2r..t~' s basic plar! .
r:-.ight ir...:.:lude:
i CC~n i c a l s tudy gr c nts
do de~ailed d2 s ~gn of s peci :: ::_c

a cil:'..ties.

Cap ital gr2 ~ . . for co~~ t r uc:ic n b f these i a cilities.
·Demo,.s t r 2. t i on graats fo r te s t i n~ out new "~ eople rr.over"
faciliti es re cui r ed as ? c r t of the b ~s i c pl a n.
-. . ._
Thi s 2: o f ir.prov2r.:Qn t s fo r a c ent e::- c i t y s yst e.n ( exc lusive o f the
sys t en ) will proba b l y c o st in
r;-, ill i on (,-.rhi c h sho ul d
che cke d ~vith :-~\:ZTA) .
P'."I.,'.,_S::: :i: II OT<' OP2RATIC:-l I };TERC::PT
i n to t h2 J2velopment p=o g:::-a,:: :Z or i r. pler. e:n tin3 ti,e h::,s ic pl ai1.
1·:e exp e c t the plc. ,, to b-2 i:,:pL:: :-.,on. t e:d
�...... -·---···

. ... .; . ·---~---;:--
in a specif ~c tim~-?ha sed s ~~ucncc so ch2t there will be n conti nuous
of p1:El.sin:-;; in n..3w e~er,,2nts to t he basic do~-;nto,;.;!", clistr ibut i c .·. sys-- ·
tc~ acd phasing uu t others, ~nclu<ling s~~v ices cstabl ish(::d 2a r li0~ i n
· OP~~R..'-1.TIC~; I?\'C::'.RCEPT tlnt \;ill no l'ong e r b e need<:=c.
the ? la:1 , w~
c 1•,·-olo
,,·c_. 'fo'
r cer:ter city circulat ion ~-1ill be ci ev e:l o _?ed
expect tha t new ~.,

ur, 1· c;
i. ..
a~d te s ced in t h is p~ase , including po ssible noving bel t s or coa vey0=s to
p~r: orm or s ~?pl e~enc the fu nctions of t he shuttle bu s of ?hasa I 2nd t~a
more exotic fa cilities oper2t ion in Pha se II.
i s viewed as
pro c2ss w~ i c h ties t oget he r in a s e n s i ~le way raany pieces of circulation
system dev2~op=ent f o r centr a l At l anta .
We see t~i s as a uniq~e apprcac~ ,
bl2ndin~ action ~nd pl 2nning into a m~tu~lly ~o~patib le and supportin~ ?roc ess which i s able to respond to the needs of a growing cen tr al Atlan ta
ov.e:::- !::::.r.:2 .
U:.·f'I'A ' s SL!pport for t :-iis whole oper.:::t:ion will be k2y to it s
Atlanta ' s a 6 e~cies have alre ~d y be~un the tooling u p process for

Serv i c e wi ll i ::deed be O?erat i ng b y DecE::-::jer 1. - ·Fro.n···now
on , · ~-,e ,-:·ou ld like to rs2.::.ain
cl os.:: co:it cct wit':1 the UHrA sta:;: r
a h igh l evel of : co0:::dinc1tion in prepa-.::-ing and e:--:ecuting the subs eqcs::-,t
s tS?S i ~ t~e process.

�OPERATIO~~ I l'f f D.C~PT
m ~f:\ :\ctioi1 on
l·b'1ito r ing &
Sho ;_-t Rc:.nge
P l a nn i :1-2;
E~ s i c ?la n~i:1g
Xov 19" 9
Pro3 r2~ sc~o outlin~s
01?Ef<..:\.'.r IO~ . Il':TE?CEPT
St e p I
A7S st.:ir: s slm~tle
Gcn e r 1 1 endorsement of approich
at mrrA meetings
in Kovc::-,ber
Ik e 1969
CCT Team st &r~s
mo nitoring o~erations ( see work
pr ogram)
f irst
p:coj ect .;;
'61..1 s s2rv1. ce using
cur re~ t ly &va ila ble \;

c qu i p;:ie nt
Ci t y ~ske s ap~l i c~tio-i1 c:o E ·G'A t o buy
n ew buses (including
. !
·- - - ·I
so?:J.e cxp2ri:-.".er!ta l
CAS ?rogr&~ beg ins
proc~ss c:C G2,12lcp i 1-!;
b c pl::i:: · 2.:':.d progr.~:n
fo -.c C2:1 t !:"&l At:Lc.nta
wo143.215.248.55ng wi t h CCI tea2
(l:!t'.IA Tec"r-,,: ical st-1dy)
v e h ici2s )
\~ .....
J. .C 1 ..._
~ew conv e~tio na l
bu s12s d2li'\'er2d and ,...,.-"'_ _J
1970 put i n to c p~~at ion
CCl te2ms continu ~s
racnitcri~g 2 Qd helps
prepar e bas ic p~osr2Ds
for Ph3ses I I and III
· ( tests conduc ccd on
exper i m~ntal vc~i c les )

 :.;.1<.T.\ oc,rs ins 2r:d ~oLr:c.

of cetail0J r,:2~~ in8
of basic rapid ·c r ansit
syst e_:1 CL--:.-~Ti'l( ':'.2chnic2.l
Study )
J..: ,1e 197 0
, '
,;·-- - -I
t o E -',T,\ for 2. d:::.~.:onstrat i on program t o
t es t out n ew h& r dwa re &cd =ou tings 2nd
St ep
exD2.c::l servic e
ATS o:: :.:.:.":.'."fi'A expand
£. :. ::.·\ 1 :ice
a s de terD~ned ~n t ~~ Ge2onstr2.tion proj ec t .
J~:; e- 1972
.., _ _r
Ste:p II I
0?..:··:.·~·,tio:: of per,1.1a·~~n~ sy ~te:~ ~or Cen-
At lants agenc i es
car=y on with nonito :::.:.,:.i ectivities
and interire pl &nning
C1~S-~-:..~:..~~·~- d2cj_Q2 0:1
b2sic pl 2~ for Ce~~ ~il.
Atla~ta, i~cluCing
l in2 h~ul ~~d dist~ibut:ioi:1 syst2:::
C:i.ty ( or ~1ARTA) r!1ctl-;.es
~~pl i c atio~ f or capitEl gran t s f or constrectio~ of Cent~al
At lanta di strib~ tion
syst2~ ( inclcding peopl e: .:::ov (:rs )

J t!/tJ &!/l1
C //c'7 P-7
Progri.'1.'. } :2rr.o outline s w~ole str2tegy for
m-:TA enclo!'."scs bc.1si~ progra:n
~ov. 10-20, 1969
ATS st;;r ts s h~:ttl e bu s s e rvice with currently
SV 2. il& Ole e qu :!..p,,1ent
Dec. l, 1969
CCT ~ea~ st s rts mo nitor ing opera tions (first
)rejec t s in wo r k program)
Nov. 24-~0c l, 1$ 69
CAS p~c g r a n p=oc2ss o f deveJ.o?ing ba si c pla n
and prog r a~ f or Cc~ tra l Atl a ~ ~a working with
t e··.,-,
( l,s

·l'.°'\'i7 S r·,

q--., .~ 'J_1'.._..;' l.,~1-: , : ; " ·\ T ~
i -:,.,T)
..:.;_J. :.
.J ~1r...,;"'"'7
!.}.,_ F:::
_ _. ._, G'~
.1,'. \_~:_'\
7, 1969
.1. ; l..
1 .. _ ... ....
C~ ty reakc s a ; ?li c~t ion f or c u;i t a l and de~onst rs iion fo r Pha se I t o C~~A t o buy new bus e s
(i"i1c:ludi:!g e:::~?eri:aent~:l vehic l e s > if -:.·a.;. SO
-~, - ~ A
de s ires )

D2 c . ·
1969 .
,-ot1·1ci or ,.:; .,, -., ·,] r. --l ·:-·-o.~
" Cl l
1..::L ]111l
'-- '-* ....._
s ~ud i es r eqJi r e t to p lan ~ ~ d ~c cid2 on b a s ic
r :iJ id tr~"1s it sys t 2:n ( AS SC;:~i":: S U:-:T.-\. TECrl~I CAL
· v",..,-" .\
.. ..... -1..\. .J. ...
,:.:. i,·
~ ~ -.:-:-
? -n·
......,_.._ (._,. _
J z.n- ~1~r 1970
ST UD~ES GRJ:u-;;'i')
8. - As re s ul t o f. 6, ATS g et s deliv ery o f n2w bu s es
ar..C :_:, u ts thi::~:1 :I.."r:to op er .::-~t i or.. 0~1 s :-..u ::t l e s cr-
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~fa r - :,:;, r 1 978
CC'!' c: 02.~ contir.uc s r::or,it oriug a _n d he l p s pre pz,.re
b 2s ic pro,;ram for Phases II 2nc: III c..: 0:i?:ER...\TIO~
Ci t y ( o r :-IP.n.TA)""2s a pp l ic:::tion to 1I'.1TA f or .
a trat i on proj e ct for ?~as e I I of INTERCE?T - - p r o;; r 2.:.1 invo l ves t 2 st s of n2u :,2.rdu2re ,
ro~tings, serv ic e expansion, i i f2asi~ le
Jun2 197 0
11 .
CC1 p:oj e ct e nds
Ju::e 1 97 0
At:; (o:- NMff).. '.) c ,~:10.n d s shut t l e sc:r-v ici':! u pon rec e ip t of dcno~st!'."ation gran t , begins operat i ons
wit h new feacu=es
13 .
1970 t o
Ju ~:e 19n
An nro~riace Atlanta agencies ( CAS ) continue monitoring
activ ities as par t of t he d c~o~stracio n project
J t: ne 1970 to
June 1$72
C.--'.S-~·fARTA co~:·!_)lete i-. .)rk on o ,, Ei.c pL.n, incl;.!ding·
syste::1 for· Cc:1t~.:"!l ...:lantc=c 1-: i:::-1 line h .:::ul c:.. ;.1d
d~s~ r~bJ ticn :eat~ ~2s (su~w~y , pe ople movers,
J2.1:-Jun('! :'..972
�n2lls, street, pedestrian goods ~ov22ent systcns,
15~ 1.)';")onn
,,, (
~-:..~ ~
l\. \..Ji\..c'-:1-'!
appc::rt~:r.::;, etc.), incJ..udi:1g TI:·~E .L._., ..
~.:oval t,y loc&l 2.ut:10~:ities)
1 ,.
?-!AR'I'A ;;;,::.:-:-:: c.!?plica::ion for C2'.")it..:: grants
for constructio~ of basic Ccntrnl Atlancn distri-,-,, ~,.,
·b <..:.!':iC'--6
- - ·· ·' o ,....
-·- C-:.' · "l)n,',G"'
b .,-;on
... T~~rr.
_ _Li, JL "0
.... '~
l-C... U....J
.. .1.\.\.J
Jur:~ 1972
Operations bc;ia on con~truc~ion &~d operation of
parts o~ system, incluciing p~ople movers~ etc.
-. . ._

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