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Sundby, Journal-Constitution,11/23/60
' Excellent Position'
For Federal Funds, He Says
) The U.S. secreta ry of transportalion says Atlanta will b~ i
' ra n excellent position ., to get two-thirds of the money for a rapid
~a~sit . tern from the fede ral government.
- ·
.John \ olpe. former governor
of i\1assachu etts and one of the
front_-runners for the vice presidential nod at r~.&'.=:.{'
the 1968 Repub- i"" · ~if~~·
lican presid n- 1
i.::,::, .,.
ial convenli n I
_.,;:t~ ·.
":1~,/;at ~'.;~~ '"';:&,ti
-::::..,.:..1 '.;r..i.i.Y'~.-
lo address the
l l th a n n u a l
~!~i143.215.248.55I o~ ;l~~
~-1{/;ff>: ;]f
fere,1ce of State ,/
~~l J\.,M;.~
i ~-- e g i s 1ati,-e r~-~-~/1
John , ·011,c
The secretan:. at·a news conference before: his speech, explained the :'; ixon administrali n's SIO billion. 12-year public
transportation bill and said Atlan ta "ma~· gel the jump on
other cities· • fo · funds under the
bill. if the measure is approved
by Congress.
· He said the bill would author- .
ize him to make '3.1 billion 1
available 11nmeciia Lei_ LIJJU" ii.s I
being sign ed into law. The iederal money would be spent over
five years.
- He a l-o aid-Atlanta-;-~uld be
"in an excel! nt position" to get
a federal grant totaling twothirds of the cost o[ -a rapid
transit system because of the
planning (t ha done and also because it is one of ftve...'.'~eqJer
VOLPE POl:'\TED OUT, however, that under the proposed
bill no one state could get more
than 12 1~ per cent of the total
He also told newsmen the
Vietnam war i not draining
fund s he ha s requested for hi s
department and ad ded. "The administration and the di r ector of
the Bureau of the Budget have
approved the hrn transportati on
bills l ha, e requested."
Volpe a'.I· the two mea ures
he would like to see enacted include the 10. l-billion public
transporta tion bill and the ai rport-ai rwa>·· bill which would
provide S2 .5 billion for air-traffic
control and $2.5 billion for construction of new airports and explansion of existing fac,ililies .
He said the ad ministration is
concerned about in-fli ght
crashes and f -c l. th airport;iirways bill would h Ip diminish
th e po ibility of futur collisions.
¥. ith $2.5 billion of the airp.orl-airn·;:i>·s bill, Volpe explained. the fed ral government
" ould work towards d vclopmcnt of a fully automa lrd system e
iJ.:.:lU! ffic control s·yst m.
"THE OTHER . 2.5 billion
"\ould be used to help build 900
. ~1rports and expand 2,700 airfields around the country"
Volpr said.
Thf . secr~tary said the ixon
adm;f's(rat1on ~opes to restrict
the ~umber of mcomin g flights
a~ f 'e of the nation 's busiest
a1rpor_ts and to better control
.the fl _1ghts at 22 other airports
rncludmg Atlanta· .
I_n his remarks to the 800 legisJati:'e leaders attending the
fou11-day conference. Volpe
_c~lked ~bou_t the need for federa1-srace-1oca1 government cooo- !

eration in solving the nation's
"Much of the glamour power
and I prestige that once surrounded state Capitols shifted to
Washington in the pa st 25
yea rs," he said.
"And when the power went to
Washington, man y of the talented young men went also. I
Washinglon has been the mecc.a
forfyoung A m e r i c a n s who
wa 1ted lo dedicate their li ves to
ful jillment of the American ·
dr ~a m, " he added.
\ OLPE A10 there has been !
a trend towards reversin g the I
gro wing depcndenc on the fed- I
era! government in the past few .
"This new trend first became
stron e ly evident und r President J.ohn son," he added.
' 'But P residenl 1 ixon has
gone a slep furth er. He ha s proposed a prngram of revenue
sharing betw en Lhe stal s and
Wa shingto n. And, although it is
a mod es! beginning, it wi ll be
stepped up, Volpe said.

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