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200 AUBURN AVE., N. E.

June 10, 1969

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

At a meeting of some of the owners of the property on
Auburn Avenue between Piedmont and Butler Street, I was asked to
write to you and bring to your attention a condition that great-
ly concerns us.

For sometime, now, we have been interested in beautify-
ing our block and several of us have gone to considerable expense
attempting to do so. In spite of this, however, our efforts seem
to be in vain because of the dilapidated and unsightly building
known as #170-172 & 17h Auburn Avenue which is on the northeast
corner of Piedmont.

It is my understanding that before the title was
transferred to the present owner in September 196), the previous
owner of this property had received a list of violations from the
City. These violations were to be corrected and brought up to the
City Code or the building demolished. Due to illness and some
pressing financial obligations that prevented the owner from com-
plying with the Code, it was necessary to sell.

And, now, approximately five years after the sale of the
property, the building still stands and those same violations,
along with some additional ones, still exist. It seems that the
present owner is ignoring the violations he inherited with the
transfer of the title or he is not concerned about improving the
appearance of our Great City and particularly the Auburn Avenue

Without having mentioned this situation to any of the
other property owners, I attempted to bring it to the attention of
City Hall and made several telephone calls but to no avail. Each
person to whom I talked regarding this matter referred me to some-
one else in his department or to an entirely different department,
I am enclosing a copy of this letter with the hope that you will
see that it reaches the proper official as I am honestly at a
loss as to whom to contact.

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta

June 10, 1969

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I feel sure that you are interested in the facts
stated herein and will let me hear from you after having
made the necessary inquiries,

Please, Mr. Mayor, look into this matter and see

that some action is taken to improve the northeast corner
of Auburn and Piedmont Avenues.

Very truly yours,

Si Bg Father

(Mrs.) Nina King Miller


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