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WV / those present were:


O. C. Hubert, Chairman
William Dalton, Vice Chairman
Charles Skinner, Vice Chairman
Stephen Styron, Vice Chairman
Harold Budreau

A. R, Brickler

W. B. Bryan

Charles Clynick

Tom Duncan

George L. Evoy

Harry Fox

Elmer George

Billy George

Ed McGill

James Golden

Otis Hathcock

Jack Houston

George H, Jones
Iverson H. Lord, Jr.
Tom Patton

Walter Phillips, Jr.
H, Eston Reagan

M, F. Smith

Andy Springer

H. C. Thompson

W. M. (Bill) Williams


June 8, 1966

Georgia Motor Club (AAA)

Georgia Rural Letter Carriers Assn,

Georgia Motor Trucking Assn,

Georgia Hotel-Motel Assn.

Turner Advertising Company

Portland Cement Assn,

Southern Bell Tel, & Tel, Co.

Automobile Manufacturers Assn., Detroit

Atlanta Journal

Georgia Motor Club (AAA)

Georgia Branch, Asso, General Contractors

Georgia Municipal Assn,

Visitor (son of member)

Georgia Mobile Homes Assn, and Georgia
Oilmen's Assn,

Ford Motor Company

Travelers Protective Assn,

Georgia Assn, of Petroleum Retailers

Georgia Tire Dealers Assn,

National Highway Users Conference

Georgia Oilmen's Assn,

Georgia Automobile Dealers Assn,

Atlanta Automobile Assn,

Travelers Protective Assn.

Atlanta Traffic & Safety Council

Georgia Assn. of Petroleum Retailers

State Representative, Hall County

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Hubert, who introduced Iverson
Lord, Regional Representative of the National Highway Users Conference,

Eleventh Highway Transportation Congress:

Reports of committee recommendations during the Eleventh Highway Transporta-
tion Congress in Washington, D. C., held in April, were made by members who at-


Rapid Transit:

Charles Skinner, Chairman of the Legislative Committee, explained a resolu-

passed by the last Georgia General Assembly that proposed a constitutional amend-
ment to allow the state to help finance rapid transit. The proposed amendment,
to be voted upon in the next general election, declares public transportation of
passengers for hire to be an essential governmental function, It limits the ©
state's participation to not more than 10% of the total cost, The resolution, as
written, does not threaten gasoline tax funds, which by constitutional amendment
must be used for highway purposes,

Governor's Safety Committce's Testimonys

State Representative W. M, (Bill) Williams, Chairman of the Governor's Com-
mittee on Traffic Safety, repcrted on his committee's testimony before a U. S.
House Committee hearing on preposed federal automobile safety legislation,

The committee hearing was told, Williams said, that a federal agency to lead
the way for traffic safety is necessary for uniformity, However, Williams added,
Georgians do not want federal control; just federal leadership. The federal
legislators, Williams reported, were told that a till submitted by Georgia Con-
gressman James Mackay is superior to the administration measure, Williams ad-
ded, however, that there are portions of the President's bill that the Georgia
panel agrees with,

Industry's Position on Safety Bills:

James Golden of Ford Motor Company, in Atlanta, predicted that compromise
legislation would come out of U. S. Congressional proceedings on federal safety
standards for automobiles allowing the states to participate in setting the
standards, Golden said industry wants the states to utilize their know-how in
the field of safety when standards are set and that federal authorities should

Golden predicted, however, that the Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission,
which already has been setting standards, will not be utilized by the federal

It is wrong to conclude that the states have done nothing in the field of
auto safety, Golden said, Then he enumerated many safety features now on auto=
mobiles that came about through states actions,

It is also wrong to conclude that the industry has done nothing, Golden
said, There would be many more deaths on the highways if industry had not been
attacking the problem, he said.

Other business:

Chairman Hubert declared that construction of perimeter roads would be a
good alternative to rapid transit, They would keep through traffic off downtown
stretches, he said, and allow local traffic to flow more smoothly. He urged the
conference to consider three points for future programs, They are (1) finish
perimeter roads, (2) start planning more outer perimeter roads, and (3) plan for
additional traffic now on freeways, including overbuilding in downtown areas and
extra lanes for other portions,

The Atlanta Automobile Association was approved for membership by the Con-
ference »

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