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Aid Jo~Coy;;n
Seen by Volpe
Atlanta in 'Excellent Position'
For Federal Funds, He Says
he U.S. secretary of transportation s;ys Atlanta will be in
eXCfilJlent position " to get two-thi rds of the money fo r a rapid
1t system from the ferleral govern ment. .
John Volpe, former governor
of Massachusetts ,and one of the
front- runners for the vice presiaential nod at
the 1968 Ri;pubUca n w esiden- '
tial convention
was in Atlanta ~. ;a i
S aturday night .,.
to address the
llth a n n u a 1

neeting of the

"THE OTHER $2.5 biUic
National Co n-"
"".0 uld be used to help build 9(
ference of State
~1rports an d expand 2 700 aii
t e g i s I ative
f1elds around the c~un try
J oh ,{ Volpe
The secretary , at a news conoltsaid.
T ' secretary sa id the Nixo
ference before hi s speech, exadm nJstration !hopes to restrid
plained the Nixon administrat~e umber of incoming fl ight.
tion 's $10 bi ll ion, 12-year public
e of the nation's busies
transportJa tion bill and said Atf~;por_ts iand to better contro
lanta " may get the jump on
fl!ghts at 22 other airports
other cities" for funds under the
me1ud111g Atlanta 's
bill , if the measure is approved
I_n his re marks ~ the 800 le isby Congress.
Iat1 ve leaders attending 1h
He sa id the bill would authorfour-day c o n f e re n c e V l
ize him to make $3.1 biJJion
talked abou t the need fo~ fe~e~~
available immedi ately upon its
al-sta te-local government coopbeing signed into law . The federal money would be spent over
five ye;.;;;a;;;
.cs:..:..·- - .,.._ _ _ ___
Heafso said Atl anta would be
"in an excellent positi on" to get
a fede ral grant totaling twothirds of the cost of 1a rapid
tra nsit system because of the
plann ing it has done and also because it is one of ~~r
~ s."
VOLPE POINTED OUT, however, that under the proposed I
bill no one state could get more
thia n 121/2 per cent of the total '
He also told newsmen the
Vietnam war is not draining
funds he has requested for his
department and added, "The administration and the director of
the Bureau of the Budget have
approved the two transportation
bills I ha ve requested."
Volpe sa ys the two measures
he would li ke to see enacted include the $10.1-billion publi c
ttansportation bill and the airport-a,irways bill which wouid
rovide $2.5 billion for air-tra ffi c
control and $2.5 billion for construction of new airports and exlansion of existi ng fa 'lities.
He said the ,administration is
on c e r n e d about i11-flight
rashes and ff!els the airportairways bill would help diminish
e possibility of future colliions.
With 2.5
i lion o the airrt-airw.1ys bi ll , Volpe exlained, the federal ,government
uld work towards developent of II fully automated · s-
ic control
eration in solving the nation's I
' 'Much of the glamour, power
and prestige that once surrounded state Capitols shifted to
Washington in the past 25
years " he said.
"And when the power went to
Washington, ma ny of the talented young men went also.
W~ hi ngton has been bhe mecca
fo young A m e r i c a n s who
w _ted to dedicate their li ves to
fu 11lment of the American
dr m," he added.
VOLPE SAID there has been !
a trend rowards reversing the I
growing dependence on the fed;~!;sigovernment in the past few
"T s new trend fi rst became
stron ly evident under President ohnson," he added.
·'But President Nixon has
gone a step furthe r. He has proposed a program of revenue
sharing between the states and
Washington. And, although it i
a modest beginning, it will be
-_!:pped up," Volp said.

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