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Educational Televil: Program - "Read Your Way Up"
As part of our effort to inform local urban coalitions of
current developments in the various program areas, we are
pleased to pass on the following information.
Beginning July 8, a basic course in reading skills, to be
known as "Read Your Way Up", will be televised in 30 lessons
of one-half hour each produced by the Manpower Education
Institute and the National Broadcasting Company. There will
be five weekday programs each week for six weeks. NBC is
making the program available to local affiliated stations
which choose to participate. Study kits for practice reading
will be available at cost through TV statio~s carrying the ·
program or from the Manpower Education Institute, 405 Lexington
Avenue, New York City. We believe "Read Your .Way Up" is an
impress ive attempt to reach a large target group with a useful
You may wish to urge your local NBC station to carry this
program and to assist in local publicity efforts for this
In addition, you may wish to consider supporting
free distribution o f the reading kits to induce wider participation.
If you have any questions about this program please feel fre~
to contact the Manpower Education Institute, 405 Lexington
Avenue, New ·York , New York, (Area Code 212 - 867-9405) or
James Kelly, Program De v e lopme nt Unit of The Urban Coalition,
1815 H Stree t, N.W., Washington, D.C., 20006, (Ar ea Code 2 0 2 638-6674).
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