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NEW YORK; N "Y" Ma y 2 8---Beginni ng July 8 ,- a. b a.s ic cour se in
reading skills wi ll b e t ele•ised from c oast to c o a st in 30 lessons of
one-half hour each "
This th e latest o f a se ri e s o f pro j ect s initiated
by the Manpower Education: Institute to enable wo r ke r s
including the
unskill ed employed and the unemployed . to advan c e themselves. in the
ranks of American La bor "
While designed t o benef it vi ewers of all a ges 0 from school
dropouts to college g r adua tes, the co~rse is be ing timed for maximum
availability to the 1,000 , 000 young men and women who wi ll be
participating in summer youth p r ograms including job t raining in
business , industry and gov ernment offi ces "
The National Broadcasting
Company, cooperating as a public service , h as scheduled the program
to run Mondays thr ough Fridays from 9:30 to 10 Ar. M, f o r si x weeks
on Channel 4 in the metr opol i tan area a nd from outlets in other
cities .
It will make the program a vaila ble to other affiliated
stations wherev er loca l c ommunity participati on is indica ted "
This city 1 s f o rmer Commissi oner o f Labo r
James J . McFadden,
national dire cto r o f the non - p r cfit Manpower Educa tion Institute ,
announce d that th e reading skill p r og ramp along with the summer
youth job p r oj ec t , h ad the f ull suppo r t o f th e un ited l abo r movement,
business o r gani zations a nd the city administration .
Harry Van Aridale,
Jr . , pres ident o f the Central Trades and Labo r Counci l , AFL-CIO is
chairman of the Manpower Education Institute .
The television s eries, to be k now as "Read Your Way Up", will
include b asic reading skills, speed an d compr ehension in reading,
word mastery; readin g for pleasure, and effe c tive use of libraries
and re ferenc e materi ,
ln ~nno·,.ing t he. p :rog :r a::n ,
McFad de n
!!Almost everybody - :r·eg-:J.:-d:-ess of hew :-:ff':-:.h o ::::- how l i ttle formal
educ3.tion he h as h ad can impr.c·•.;e h is readi.n ·; ek:..11 and ge t gre a ter
benefitE frc :rn the p r i.n t ed wo r d ,
skillsr i mp r ~ '-.rement wi l l
On ce h e has ·:J-3.~:r.ed the reading
co.:ns e ver.y d,::ry wi t b. prac:::ice ~"
Fo r many of t he u nemployed o.nd the unsk i l .1 e.d r readin g
defi ciency has blo cke d the wa.y to emp:Lo ymen t and job a d vancement.
This l-_1.appens when job 3.pplicants a r e ·J:1.ab l e to c omprehend
readily t he p rinted ins t. r~.c:tions f o r op e r a.ting p r ::::icedures
cautions o r other material.
The National Alli ance o f B~.sinessmenf coope- ::: a wi th the
Insti tute 5 h as circul ariz e d a 1 l employers co:)pe:· i n the
natio nal summer job p r og:::-amf askin·g t hem t e> p rovi d e viewing
f ac i l i ties on the job to Fe :~mi t
hou .... progr::1 ms .
their t rainees · t


watch the half-
I n Ne w Yo . . . k, where the Comme~~ ·e and Industry
Associat i o n has calle d t he p r o gr a."111 t c the at tent 1 on o f 3 u900
companies r such bu siness leaders a s Equi. table c
New Yor k Telephone
and Ch a s e Manhattan Bank a r e among t h e m.~ny- t h a~. wi l l
no t only
enable t h eir summer trainees to. view the c o lo ::· pr•_ 3ra!C1.s b ut wi ll
p r o vide supplementary i.ns t r ucti o n b y s ta ff members o r other
educator s.
The Ci ty a dmin ist~ation h ere, wh ich is p u~tin g 1 5 , 000 youths
in sum.1'1le r munici pal jobs P i s p r o v iding te l e vi s .:..·::m ,riewings · f o r all
of t h.e m e xcep t those in s catte:red fie 1-:3. c.ssi ~n::r.en c.c, , as i n pa r ks.
The Ci ty 1 s Ur b an Co r ps . o f 3 f 000 cc l .:'..e. g e students, will
gi v e an additiona l hou r o f supp_ementa~y assistance fallowing each

�READIN G SKILLS " " , ·, 3
hal £ -hour TV p r og r am t'J t he tre.i ne e s i n c ity o..qeE ci eE "
Mayor John V. Lindsay i s tak i ng meas ure s t c b r!ng tte benefits o f
the i mp r o ved rea.ding skill s t o tho·c..sands who a:.:-€ o u ·, e the summer job
t raining p r ogr am "
He has d::. rectcd the Ci ty O s
H "...1:.11:,.n
Re Eour ces Administra-
tion to i n form all wel f are clients of the t.ele--7 i s .i.·::m. serie·s and t o
notify t hem that they can obtain , free of cost , ~ r eadi ng k i t with
cour se o u tlines , lesson. r eviews and supplementa.:::y r eading i nformation o
The kits will be giv en out at all welfare cent ers.
The p r ogram will b e
made a vai l able also to patien ts in munici p a l hosp i tals, and inmates of
houses of d e ten tion and o the r institutions .
Ma.ny of the companies in the summer job p : : ·. Qg:!am pro rid i ng the
re a ding kits free to their trainee s "
Indivi d ual home ·n·iewe r s may obtain
the ki ts by sending $2 . 50 to Box 31 0, Grand Centra
Po st Office 1 New Yo r k
10017, f o r the entire 30 lesson s .
The curri culum h as been prepar ed f o r the ·Manpower Education
Insti tute b y some o f the nation's leadi ng educators a nd spe ci a l ists in
readi ng skills .
of edu cation o f
The consultan t s , headed by Dr. c -yde Weinho l d , Director
t he New Jersey Department o f E:l. >J.~3. ~-i on and Robert H.
Co ates , Di rector o f School District of Phila d e l phia r a = e Dr. Nila B .
Smithi Di s~inguished Service Professor , Glassboro ; ta t e College;
Eleanor T . Smi th , Library Services Program Officer o f the U. S. De p artme n t o f Health , Education and Welfare; Be:-ni~e A. M.o.c.Donald c Coor dinator
of Adult Services, New York Public Library; ChLis Mc Hone y, Director of
Education fo r
the Department of the Ar my ; Gladys Alessi o f the mu.nicipal
Welfare Education Department, a nd Professor Ann McKillop "
Th e p r og r am will .be given by Dr , Melv : .n H~',;,,a.z:ds f Ch a i r ma n
o f the Re ading Departme_n t
and Dire ::; t or of the . Re'3_d :;_ng Improv ement
Center, No r theaste r n Un i versity, and fo r mer professor at
New Yo r k Univ e r sity ' s readi ng cen te r n

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