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This is an interim report on follow-up to the June 10 Policy
Council meeting.
June 14, 1968
Members of-the Policy - Council
John W. Gardner
Meeting with House _of Representatives Leadership,
June 11, 1968
Andrew Heiskell, Arthur Fle mming, Clare nce Mitchell
and I visited leading House members on June 11. We had
conversations with Speaker McCormack, Majority Leader
Carl Albert, Whip Hale Boggs, Appropriations Chairman
George Mahon, Minority Leade r Ge r a ld Ford, and Ways and
Means Chairman Wilbur Mills.
Although we talked about all of the various objectives
of the Coalition, we gave special emphasis to the desirability
of sparing the crucial urban programs in the $6 billion budget
cut. We also stre ss e d the severe and v e ry imme diate nee d
for the 75 million dollars for the OEO summe r job programs
and the 25 million dolla rs fo r He a d s t art.
We receive d the following reactions from the various
me mbers of Congress:
The Speak e r, Mr. Albe rt, Mr. Boggs . They did not wi s h
t"o ma k e any cuts in the u r b a n p r o grams a n d hoped the Ur b a n
Coalition would help the m p reve n t such cuts. They offere d hope
that, if the Re publican l eadership would go along, the 75
million doll a rs for jobs could b e r es tore d in the r e gular
supp l eme n t a l budge t. The Se n a t e would h ave t o a d d it.
Th e y f e l t t h i s c ould b e done e v e n though the Pres ide nt
h as not reques t e d it .
The y told u s tha t Congr ess will c u t approx imately thr e e
billion d o lla rs , l e aving the r es t t o t h e Pres ide nt, a nd fe lt
tha t the Pres ide nt would h ave wide discreti on to p r ovide
f u nding f o r u rban pro grams. ·
2 -
George Mahon. His attitude wa~ quite negative. He
said that the Kerner report had cqntributed substantially
to the unrest, and furthermore, the country could not
buy its way out of -riots. He felt that whatever was done
on the Hill would make no difference.
When we stressed the need for 75 million dollars for
the OEO summer job program·, he responded he had been told
by the Bureau of the Budget that there would be 40% p e rcent
more jobs this year than last and that although this was
not the best situation, it was "pretty good". He did not
explain how the Budget Bureau arrived at its estimate.
Gerald Ford. Mr. Ford said Congress would cut around
three billion dollars and the r e st would be lef t to the
President. He was somewhat optimistic about the 75 million
dollars for OEO summer jobs and stated that possibly this
could be accomplished. He stressed that it could be
accomplished far more easily, howe ve r, if the President
were to ask for it. He indica t e d that if it were to come
back from the Se nate it was poss ible tha t it could b e
sustaine d in confere nce .
Wilbur D. Mills. We had a long session with Mr. Mills
who state d une quivocally tha t the $6 billion could be cut
without touching any o f the crucia l progra ms f or the cities
and the poor. He told us th a t Congre s s would cut a r ound
thre e billion dollar s and sta ted further that cuts would
be made in resea rch and deve lopment and foreign aid.
He indicate d that h e favor e d the OEO p r o gram, and
at the same time said tha t it wa s in s ome troub l e. The
r e ques t i s '2 .18 billion dollars a n d h e stated t h a t Congress
probably would a p p ropria te two billion.
He said further tha t all n ew 11 s tarts 11 in public wo rks
would b e stopped. The hi ghway p r o gram would con t inu e ; howe v er , n o n ew dams a n d o ther s u ch public works projects woul d
b e b uilt. He said that t h e Bureau o f the Budge t and the
Preside nt agree with this.
I n add i t ion, h e said tha t h e be l ieved the Pres i dent
was fully aware of the need to provide full funding for
programs that affect urban areas.

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