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Box 7, Folder 8, Document 7

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May 8 , 1968
Mi-. G orge V. Ne gu
Ex cutive Directo1'
South Bend Human .Relations and
Fai:r Employm~nt Practices Commi sion
City Hall Bu.tiding
214 North M in Stre t
South Bend, Indian 46601
Dear Mr. 6
M yor Ivan Allen ha
sked that I r spond to your letter
r que · ttng inform · tlon on Atlanta s Utb · n Co ition. I
a.m s ndlng you lnfol'm · tion which should an w r your fir t
two que tion .
To b p rf ctly tru.thful. w h v not fo:rma.lh: d the
Coalition b :yond thes initi t teps . Thi i b sic 1 ·
becaus th · City ol Atl nta h s op rat d for yeat.'s with
informal, unatructur d coalition of gov rnment,
bu in s
nd <;ivll right
roup • Ther ar mov
w y now to xt nd th Coalition beyond the ortlgi.nal
organis tlon, but nothing ls d flnit t thi point.
Sine r ly your ,
o ns

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