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Aegest 14, 1869

Pinance Committes of the Zoerd of Aldermen
Honorable Milten G. Farris, chaizman

Homerabie Cherles L. Davis, Birectox of finence
&tlante, Georgia



Gentil emens
The City of Athants Personae] Hoard at its meeting todsy ~~
ef Buiiding faspe: tor: .

4 i ‘ wy \

Create two (2) positions of Building Inmepecter 1, eo
Selary a 46, $260~$320 biweekly ($562~3693 PT eel
moathiy). —

These © positions are being created fox the purpose of
iuitiating enforcement ef the new sigu ordiaance.

ie. lessify position Mos. 531 and 341, Budldiag Inspector
ii, Seiaty Kenge 47, $271.00-$335.80 biveekiy ($557=9722
monthly), to Building Inapecter i111, Selary Range 46,
$282.50-%9 346.00 biweekly (9612-$75¢ monthly).

Secommené that theat positions be reclassixsied im order te
equate them with other positions performing similar duties.

Reapect fully,


Birecter of Personne)
CFs ire

ec: embers of FeFsonnei board
Mewhers Gi Fiuance Committee
Mx, Micheel Yxroneal li
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